Sunday, May 06, 2007

$400 Pillows? Big Ballin' Indeed.

You know what's crazy? The price of bedding. Yeah, I know. That's a weird way to branch into the latest blog, but I do like to keep everyone awake. Anyways, I found a few rich boy things that are just ridiculous. Maybe some of you big ballers reading can afford this, but check out this "Grand Bed" going for $6500 King size: Unless that thing is going to make my breakfast and give me daily massages at the snap of a finger, that's pretty crazy. Granted, you're in your bed a bunch and need a quality one for sure, but that's extreme. At least for Shinnston standards.. How about this one? You want a fancy pillow? To go with your "Grand Bed", you can also get the "Grand Pillow". A $400 King size pillow. You kidding me? Check it out for yourself: I don't know what else to say on that mess. Maybe I can do my best messed up Cuban accent, a la Tony Montana, and pull this one to some random dirty: "Hey baby, wanna come over tonight and get to know my $400 pillow on that $6500 bed?" The cheap stuff will have to work instead.

My car was in the shop the past few days and I had to borrow a lender. They gave me a 2006 PT Cruiser to drive around in. Even though that's a newer car, it's a total piece of crap in my opinion. I can now see why those things are only around $15,000 brand new. They look fine and unique on the outside, but the inside doesn't seem like it'd be too durable. Maybe it's the just the model I'm driving in, but if you want my opinion on the PT, a big thumbs down here.

The first softball game was on Friday night for my league in Morgantown. We're playing for Mario's Fishbowl for those familiar with that in the area. Of course, I'm rocking out #33 and we're green, so that works out perfect for me. We're also going with the green Brewers hats. We might not be great so far, but we look good doing it at least, dressed to the nines. We ended up getting beat 13-11 in a thriller. Tough to start the year out with the loss, but we feel we'll be fine for the rest of the season. I played left field and batted 1-2 with a single. It's a blast though and we play all through till August, it'll be a nice long season. We're off next Friday, but we're back in action after that. Right now, our infield is pretty solid, but our outfield is brutal. We have a few guys that were out last week that should help, but we need to tweak our defense a bit. I was disappointed I didn't get nearly as much action in left, but that should change. I much rather like playing defense than offense in softball, that's just me. And as I stated before, it can't hurt to play in a co-ed league. Sure, the talent isn't much, but you at least get to stare at hotties (I'm sure not all will be) bouncing around doing their stuff. On our team, we have Miss Morgantown or some title. How can you go wrong with that? You can't.

In other league news, summer league basketball starts up soon. It's always an unorganized league in my town, but I figured I'd toss my name out there to see what's up. This also lasts most of the summer, so I should be a busy boy with softball, basketball, and working out. Good times right there. I'll have more on that later and when the games are soon enough. I won't bug you with that for now, but stay tuned.

Another trip for some hibachi action was last weekend. This trip only featured four of us (Me, Mudcat, Ozzie, & Sweet Pea), but it's always a great time. You can't beat that food and I never leave hungry. Everytime I go, Ozzie, Fortney, and Spank get excited because I end up giving away a lot of my stuff I can't finish. Those guys can put it away. Sweet Pea surprised me too as he can straight tear the food up and he's just a little dude like me. I got to ride alongside Mudcat for the trip and with how his brakes were acting (screeching all the way, Saved by the Bell style), I wasn't sure if we'd make it too far. We survived though, that's all that counts. Once again, I'm sold on the filet cooked medium rare and scallops combo. I'm salivating just thinking about it, so I better go to another topic before something drastic happens.

Anyone get to see the De La Hoya/Mayweather fight on Saturday? If not, Mayweather ended up winning by decision. Boxing is becoming like wrestling in that anything can happen and that's not always a good thing. De La Hoya controlled the entire fight and definitely was more aggressive. Mayweather kept running like a little girl and still ended up winning on the judges' cards. I watched it at Fleece's crib (real nice setup out there) along with Nolan Ryan, Spank, and Chooch Bell. Fleece's dog Max is about as good of a dog as someone can have. He's not running around like a madman, barking, or any of that in your face. Spank was feeding him chicken tenders, giovanni meat and Habenero Doritos all night, he tore it up. A fun time to be had for all, but we were just fired up that the decision went in the favor it did when to us it seemed obvious that De La Hoya won. Who knows. First boxing pay per view we've gotten in a while. Hopefully boxing can make a comeback, but that's asking a lot, it's been in the dumps recently. We also got in some Guitar Hero action in, that's never a bad time. Fleece jams away, probably the best I've seen in person. I'm just fair, but it's still a blast regardless.

The work scene? For the rest of the year, I have a 6th grade science job. The teacher that normally has them is out for surgery, so I lucked into that. The first week went pretty well. Middle school kids still need slapped, but this group isn't what the average 7th grader is, so I'm happy with that with 6th grade instead. Less than a month or so and the kiddies will be done. After that, bum time for a bit, you can't beat that with a stick.

A quick paragraph on sports/wrestling. Today, my boys ended up getting Roger Clemens back to the squad. We need more than him, but he certainly can't hurt since he's a freak of nature, all roided up and in his mid 40s. That shouldn't happen, but it does. My Yanks are a mess, they need all the help possible. It's only early May though, no worries to panic. It's looong season.. Also, wrestling action, and it won't concern too many people reading. Howevahhhh, Ring of Honor Wrestling (ROH) is now going to enter the pay per view world this month. That's big and hopefully it gets the word out to how good of a wrestling promotion this really is. People would be surprised the names that have been on ROH shows. Trust me, I blow way too much money on ROH DVDs (don't even want to think of what I put into that), but it's worth it and then some.

A requested shoutout for the fans reading along at home. Just giving a hey out there to Melissa in the mean streets of Wisconsin. Like I always say, we go worldwide in this space. You never know who I might shout out next. Much appreciated to reading.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week:

Bird's Song of the Week: Naw Mean by Baby Boy Da Prince & Mannie Fresh.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Fellow blog reader Clark Riley.. if we gave points for impersonations and voiceovers, Fortney and TJ have it down exactly. If they do the impersonation, I'd think it was Clark if I wasn't there with them. Good times, that never gets old. Clark is hours away and still seems like he hasn't even left town.

2. Birthdays.. Monday, May 7th: Volleyball legend Sinjin Smith, he's 50. Robbie Knievel, he's doing his 45th. Owen Hart of wrestling fame would've been 42, RIP Owen. 80s Pornstar diva, Traci Lords, she's still slutting it up for her 39th. Not much of a list, but that's all we have for you, deal with it.

3. Fiery Habenero Doritos.. those things will rock ya, but they're awesome.


Stephanie said...

WOW! I read that whole thing. You should be someone who's on the radio like a news caster!!! lol!! I'm so bored and it's 5:45am. WOW!!!! I'm going to get off here and blow dry my hair. Bye bubba!!!


Chrissy said...

HAHA, nice blog, Just to get a nice sleep in something comfy has to be worth a down payment on a car LOL..Id take a down payment more then a bed I'd sleep on the floor! Nice blog always love reading!

Walz said...

CJ vs Fleece in a Guitar Hero battle!