Sunday, May 20, 2007

Great Bowling Story, iPods, + Rob & Big Return

Ok, it's time to rock this thing out. I'm getting used to the weekend post as that always reminds me to get one in. I don't always stay on that pace, but it's worked recently. A quick preview for this edition is that we'll talk about American Idol, my summer leagues, Cracker Barrel, iPod action, an absolute classic bowling story from Posey, the return of Rob & Big, and whatever else we feel like cramming into this space. You know you're intrigued by the madness that is about to ensue, so let's get this thing underway:

Earlier in the week I had an off day, so I figured I'd get up early for once and take care of business. None of my crew was home from work or awake, so I strolled alone, fine by me. I was craving Cracker Barrel out of nowhere, so I went to Fairmont to load up. 4 pieces of french toast with peaches on them (yum) with some bacon, 2 over easy eggs, and orange juice. I felt like a fat boy, it ruled. That kick started my day. For the locals, a few quality waitresses on duty up there at least when I was there. Kristina and Breanna, if you read the blog, head on down to the mean streets of Shinnston, hah.

That segues me into a trip to Morgantown to Best Buy after getting my belly full. I've been bored to burn a hole in my pocket and get something, so an iPod it was. For the past few weeks, I've argued back and forth on whether to get an iPod or to get a different brand of mp3 player. I ended up getting a black 30GB iPod and am really happy with the choice. I thought it'd be tough to figure out, but it's simple. The music speaks for itself, but I'm big on the podcasts, mainly all of the ESPN and wrestling stuff you can get for free. I'm a huge sports radio guy, so if I miss The Thundering Herd that Colin Cowherd does (one of the best sports radio hosts out there), I'll be able to get the podcast that night or soon after. It downloads in no time and you're on your way, simple as that. You'd be surprised what all type of podcasts are out there.

Hopefully my boy Posey won't mind me posting this story, but I absolutely love it. Him, his wife Scherri, Spank, and a few others hit up thug bowling in Fairmont (Mid City for the locals). They asked me to go, but I was lazy and just didn't feel like doing anything. He gets home and sends me this classic and I'm rolling:

Posey (9:59:36 PM): i got thrown out of the place because while we were bowling Kierstn was throwing a ball down the lane next to us. when we went to pay it was $11 for me and scherri and $11 for kierstn

Me (10:00:07 PM): Hah hah!

Posey (10:00:03 PM): it was stupid

Me (10:00:20 PM): Did Spank go nuts on em?

Posey (10:00:16 PM): no i did

Me (10:00:31 PM): Can't blame ya.

Posey (10:01:41 PM): i asked the guy if you could squeeze a toothpick up the guys ass to charge a 22 month old $11

Posey (10:02:19 PM): had me all fired up

One thing that has me pumped for this coming week is a return of a show. Yep, to the Rob & Big fans, I know you guys are all in anticipation for Tuesday night as well. 10:30 Eastern time, the show that has no point at all, but it sucks you in because it's addicting, is back. These guys crack me up and you can't help but to keep watching. I know I'm not the only one that feels this way because a lot of my buddies in town and also online are huge fans of this duo. If you haven't seen yet, now is your chance. Don't say I didn't warn you when you hear about the hype.

Speaking of MTV shows, another season of the Real World is over. The Denver season is in the book. After a slow start, I was into this season a lot. Drama really picked up and I was hooked. I watch anyways, but you can't go wrong with the storylines they gave us. Brooke being crazy psycho and flipping out on the smallest things, Jenn being a dirty thug ho, Tyree busting up chicks (not cool), Colie being even dirtier than Jenn if that's possible, Davis being the gay out of control drunk, Alex being a manwhore, and Stephen being the moralist who at the end of the season was all over Jenn, go figure. That's the season in a wrap. Good times to be had. I've been watching since Season 1, so I'm ready for whatever the next season has in store for us.. Also, I'm not sure what the name of the show is, but it's one of those MTV shows where a regular bum gets a prom date with a celeb. This goofy guy ended up getting a date with Rhianna. You have to watch this one, pure hilarity. Trust me, it's worth seeing.

It's time for another fingernail rant. What do I mean? Right now, mine are straight up killing me. Half of them I rip down till they bleed. If not, I'm either biting them or picking at them. You'd think if I did that a few times, I'd learn and not want to do it anymore. Just a habit I've had forever, you know how it goes. The next day, it's brutal on ya, but that's part of the game.

This week is the finale of American Idol. There is no in between with this. Either you're hooked to the show or you don't watch at all. You all know where I stand, I'm a mess. Last week, I was surprised like most when Doolittle got the boot and told to get her stuff and head home. For the past few weeks, I predicted that Beat Box Boy Blake would be a goner, but I've been proven wrong. I think he definitely picks up the chick votes who are all over his nads. With the finale, I won't be mad however it ends between Blake and Jordin. If I was a betting man, I'm going with odds that Jordin is the champ this year. We shall soon see.

I've been playing an insane amount of ball this week, which is always good in my book. I'll start with last Sunday. We had a summer league basketball game and lost 50-24. That night, only 3 guys showed up and we had to pick up a fourth. Tuesday I played outside ball at the courts and it was some fun battles. Wednesday, another summer league game, but due to the rain, we played inside on the bigger court and that always rocks. We got beat, 50-34. I'm the type that wants to get out and run as fast as I can since half the people around here are so far out of shape it's a sad, honestly. I don't pride myself on being a marathon man or anything or even a great basketball player, but as far as getting out and running with the ball on the break, I like my chances. Thursday night it was a battle at School Square. We had 10 guys exactly and went to a 7-game series, getting our money's worth. Friday we were supposed to have a softball game at 9:00, but we got rained out, doh. On Sunday, I have a softball game at 10:00 AM (yeah, weird, I know) and also a basketball game at 6:30.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: This is one of the better ones I've seen. Thanks to my boy Don-G for finding this gem. It's a short clip, but you have to see the end of it to see this kid get mangled, just nuts:

Bird's Song of the Week: My 64 by Mike Jones, Bun B, and Snoop. Also, in the video if you find it, there's an appearance of Lil Eazy-E as they give tribute to Eazy-E. Good stuff.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Let's try birthday for Monday, May 21st. Mr. T, he's got his chains on for his 55th, wow. Eric Nies of old school Real World fame, 36. Pothead NFL player, Ricky Williams, 31. What a pile of garbage. Nothing really worthy there and that's all I have. However, I'd like to send out birthday wishes on Tuesday to one of my girls, Mustang, hanging in the mean streets of Michigan, Happy 20th!

2. Quick Fact: Nearly 20% of stolen cars had the keys in them at the time, nice.

3. I'm sitting here talking with Cork about fantasy baseball. He gets me to tune into chicks softball on ESPN2. Brutal stuff, but for some reason we keep watching. These chicks are mostly 8'7", but some of em don't look too shabby I gotta admit. The pitchers are usually quality. In person I'd probably think different, but you know. Yeah, we're dirty old men.

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