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Go Mario's Fishbowl!

June is here, time to welcome the summer in with style. Although I'm not a fan of hot weather, it does let me be a bum for a few months, so that's always a great time. In this edition you get to hear how our softball team did, Real World talk, a great email I got from Sidell about meeting Kevin Martin and some dirt on WVU football coach, Rich Rodriguez, book chatter, a trip to PNC Park coming up, as well as the traditional bottom half of the blog filled with random action to be had. The mood today in here? Pumped up and happy, pretty rare for me not to be. That and I didn't type up the entire blog this week and lose it as I did last time around. Away we go..

Let's hear it for Mario's Fishbowl! Yep, our softball team had a doubleheader on Friday night in Morgantown. I wish we'd have more doubleheaders, but we don't have too many. The first game, we got beat down. That team had some crazy good infielders. Their third baseman was unbelievable and they had this chick at shortstop that could flat ball. On our level of play that our league is on, for the majority, the chicks can't do too much. Hey, I'm honest. Call me sexist or whatever, but I'm just stating the truth on the talent I see when we play. This chick though, she was all over it in the field, I was impressed, so props are given. You ball, you get props. If not, you don't. Easy as that. Second game? We had a rematch with the kiddies from Brock's Oil. They had this dick who was pitching and he thought he was so big and bad. We had him to the point he was throwing the ball into the ground, crying to the ump, and all sorts of funny stuff. So we kept egging him on, getting him riled up and it worked. The rest of their team was cool cats, but not him. We got our first win of the year though. We may be the worst team out there, but hopefully we can start something up after this win. We might lose a bunch, but we look good doing it. Decked out in high quality gear, we do it big, no joke.

My game? I LOVE playing the field. I rock it out in left-center and have a lot of ground to cover. I got a lot of action (covering the field and getting action, starting to sound like I'm big pimpin' instead of in the outfield, but you know how I roll) in this week's game and made some fine catches if I must say so myself. Batting is a completely different story. I'm a good contact hitter, but I can't seem to stop from popping up into the infield or grounding out to the wrong spots. If I can get on, my speed can get me a long way, but I gotta get there first. And I have zero power. It'll come along though, defense wins championships. Our infield D is very solid, our outfield is pretty much bad bad times as a whole, but I handle my side, Gold Glove style. The other side... eh.

Now that Real World: Denver has ended, it's time to get right into something else. Usually we have a long break between seasons, but they're pulling extra into the bag for us this time. For the Real World: Las Vegas fans from 5 years ago, you better start watching the Reunited season of that cast. That cast was probably the sluttiest of all, but it did bring good drama. The first episode last Wednesday night had the triangle of Alton, Irulan, and Arissa. Chicks getting in each other's faces with the guy in the middle, good stuff. And I find it funny that these people are pushing 30 years old and they're crying about stuff that happened 5 years ago and letting it affect them. Either way, it makes for awesome TV for us. Some of them have kids and a family now, some are back in Vegas to party like rockstars, and Trishelle is still one filthy dirty, but she's probably the most famous of this bunch.

I'm going to take a short break and let my boy Sidelli handle things for the next few paragraphs. One of my funniest buddies, he always has stories to tell. He lives in Myrtle Beach, but is from our neck of the woods for those who don't know him. The first paragraph deals with NBA baller Kevin Martin and Sidell made sure to mention our fantasy basketball league to him, that's classic. Then the second paragraph, the WVU fans will get a kick out of. It's for their boy Coach Rod getting his swerve on with chicks. Here we go:

This week was the annual "Black Bike Week" down here. It traditionally follows the Harley week which was last week. For the last two nights I waited on Kevin Martin at my bar. He and like 4 dudes hung out at my bar in Malibu's drinking Grey Goose. I had a chance to talk to him at the end of the night tonight (Saturday). He's a real laid back soft spoken kid, I told him about our fantasy league and that's how I had recognized him. I didn't even tell the guys that I was working with the past couple of nights who he was until after tonight was over because people often tend to act like idiots when they get around celebrities.

But that's not all. Thursday night WVU's own Rich Rodriguez was in Revalution's a night club next door to mine. My boy Jeff Byrd (who Clark has met) works at Rev's and comes over to my bar and says, "Hey, I think your boy is in my club." Byrd's a Pitt fan so he wasn't sure if it was him or not. So my manager Jeremey, who is a WVU grad and I walk in to Rev's and see Double R double fisting what appeared to be vodka cranberrys, wearing stone washed jeans circa 1988 with all white nike running shoes and a navy blue polo shirt tucked in tight, surrounded by 3 hot chicks, none of which were Rita Rodriguez, dancing like the whitest white dude ever. It was rather amusing.

Just wanted to fill you guys in on the big to-do's down here in Myrtle Beach.

Most reading assume I'm online for 95% of my time or playing video games and don't do much else. While that isn't totally false, I can bust out the intellect side of things every now and then to surprise some. I'm a huge book person and have a big collection of sports/wrestling books. The latest is one that the baseball enthusiasts need to pick up. For the ESPN fans, you'll know Tim Kurkjian for sure. His new book, Is This a Great Game or What?: From A-Rod's Heart to Zim's Head - My 25 Years in Baseball. I'm about a third of the way finished with it as I type this and it's tough to put down. The amount of baseball that Kurkjian knows is ridiculous and he has some awesome stories. Go pick this bad boy up. The next book on my list to pick up is from NBA benchie Paul Shirley. It's titled Can I Keep My Jersey?: 11 Teams, 5 Countries, and 4 Years in My Life as a Basketball Vagabond. Shirley is great. For those who don't read his blogs or hear any of his stories, you're missing out. I'm an NBA nut anyways, that's what I live for, but you get a funny perspective from things he's seen over the years. That's the latest book report.

Speaking of baseball, it's time for a trip to Pittsburgh. On Monday the 3rd, it's my boy Posey's 29th birthday and we're celebrating by going to scenic PNC Park. We tried to get a big crew to go, but half of our guys ended up backing out (doh!), but we're still going anyways. As I'm typing this, it's Posey driving his pimp van, Cork, and myself. We have a few guys that are still a "maybe", so we'll see. I think we're rolling out around 3:00 for a 7:05 game against the Dodgers. Nobody will be there, it's a shame for such a nice stadium. In the next blog, I'm sure to have a report of what went down.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: If any of my buddies send me something, I give credit around here. That's how it goes. This one comes courtesy of us from my girl Jas way out in Arizona and she's given us a few in this category before. The girl she linked to is kinda weird with fetishes, but she's busting out and doesn't look too bad I admit, so we're going with her, good choice:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: For some reason, I can't ever get enough of seeing some good thug dance vids, so we're back with another edition of some C-Walk steps. Murkee in this one tears things up.

Bird's Song of the Week: 16 Bars Freestyle by Young Buck.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Who do we have for birthdays on Monday, June 4th? Quite a few local legends in this one, so be ready! Former NBA baller Xavier McDaniel, he's now 44. Actor Noah Wyle, 36. Actress Angelina Jolie, Happy 32nd. As noted above, my boy Posey is rockin' it out for his 29th, good stuff! Blog reader and #basketball legend, Corndog, Happy 27th man! Earvin Johnson III, one of Magic's kids, is 15 for whatever that's worth.

Sports fans, join our message board. The original Lobstah II got overloaded with bandwidth. We're trying to figure out what's up with that. Until then, you know you want to rock it out on our boards at Lobstah III. Just register a name and you're set. Thanks to the great ManDingo for setting this up for us.

2. It's time to recommend another game, yet again from This one is called Blocky, so I hope you enjoy it:

3. 35% of people who use personal ads for dating are already married. Cheaters are about as dirty as it gets in my mind, but I'm not the one who makes the facts up, it's the real deal. I'm just here to let everyone know what's up.

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