Saturday, June 09, 2007

Dancing Fatties at PNC Park!

Yet another weekend in my exciting summer life. Usually it's not too exciting, but I can't complain since I don't really have to do anything worthwhile for a few months. Or at least nothing other than just kind of hang out and do my thing. The power of words can make it seem like I'm the busiest guy in the world though, I like that. Last Monday was one of the best trips I've had to a Pirates game, so most of this blog will feature stories and pictures from that action. I'll also have a little thing on my crazy hours online, yet another softball game, and whatever else we feel like talking about.

Time to set the scene for Monday. It was my boy Posey's 29th birthday and we did it in style. We leave the mean streets around 2:30. Then we go to the mall to pick up Walz. After that it's a trip to Go-Mart for gas. That's when Posey let me have the reigns to the pimp van since everyone else wanted to drink. That was probably scary enough for those guys since they probably drive better drunk than I do sober, but I think I did rather well, the van was smooth and I didn't mind like I thought I would on the driving part. After that, we go to Morgantown to pick up Cork. So on this trip, we have Posey riding shotgun, while Walz and Cork man the middle section and guard the beer cooler. Meanwhile, I'm drinking my Vitamin Water, eating candy, and they're pounding beers. What a combo, my crew rocks. Enough of setting the stage up, it's time to get to Pittsburgh where we really got our pimp on. Well, I guess there was no pimpin' since I was the only single guy of the group and the chick quality on this trip was pathetic unfortunately, but them's the breaks as the saying goes. So instead of that, we got our swagger on instead. Onto Pittsburgh we go..

We get into town and always ride the boat over across the river. Much easier on traffic and you can't beat it. You can see us in the first pic, boarding the boat for whatever that's worth (Cork, Walz, Me, and Posey in that order). Since nobody was at the game, they just took a small boat (Good Ship Lollypop for the locals) to get us there instead of the big fancy ones. We waited till we got there to get tickets and we got some of the best seats I've had. We had outfield bleacher seats, first row right on the wall. We were literally right behind the left fielder. That meant that we could cuss the left fielder all we wanted. Brady Clark of the Dodgers had a bad day because Walz was on him like no other. Our section was cracking up at how Walz would dog him every single inning. One thing, no matter how many games I go to and sit out there, I'm always amazed at how much ground an outfielder covers in the majors. If you've never seen it up close, you have no idea whatsoever. I thought I covered a lot of ground playing outfield in my softball league, not even close to what these guys do, it's nuts.

And then the story that totally made the entire trip. Me and Posey (yeah yeah, the use of I should be there, but that sounds like a rich boy talking and that's not me) are the type that will just talk to any random bum to start a conversation. Whether it was people in our section, to the old lady at the gas station (more on her later), to people on the boat, we didn't care. My boy Spank always laughs on road trips of how I'll be one of the last people to come out of the gas station, with a handful of candy and see me talking to some random bum. Hey, I like to ramble on in person like I do in here, that's just how it goes, fun stuff. My moral? You get some awesome stories from the weirdos out there. Try it out.

Anyways, I got off track for the story that made our trip. As we sat down, Posey was next to this 400 pound dude who I didn't think was quite right. Naturally, Posey is going to have something up his sleeve and starts making this guy a buddy of ours. Right from the start, I knew we had gold on our hands. Later in the game, we saw this guy in a section by himself with his shirt off and waving his shirt. The light went off. That's when Posey came up with the plan to stand up, take his shirt off and get things started. He convinced James (me and Walz kept calling him James Howard for the locals since he reminded us of a classic like that and his name was really James) to take his shirt off and do the same. Our section LOVED it. Posey was calling them spaghetti and meatball and the crowd thought it was the greatest. I was literally in tears, guess you had to be there, but I did get a few pics of the action. How can you go wrong with a guy that is 140 or so and a guy that is at least 400 jumping around with their shirts off and getting the crowd fired up? That alone was worth the price of my admission.

On the way home, it's a late night stop off Exit 41 to Waffle House of course. One thing I always wondered, why doesn't Waffle House sell shirts and other things at the store? That'd sell like hotcakes, or waffles if you will. Their website has a few awful camo outfits, but I want some quality regular shirts instead of that mess. Bring it to me Waffle House. I got the ham and cheese omelette and it was pretty good indeed. You can load anything up with a bunch of cheese and I'm going to like it. Then we stopped at a gas station on the way home. Posey asked this old lady worker what he could do for hiccups. She said to light a match, toss it in a cup of water, take the match out, then drink the water and you'd be cured guaranteed. That's a new one to me, maybe it's common to everyone else. My opinion on that theory? Old ladies are usually good people to trust, so I'll give that a try one day. You should live by that too, how can ya doubt a nice old lady that is just trying to help?

Summer has just began for me and my hours are totally screwed up. A few nights ago (or I guess it'd be morning), I went to bed at 9:30 AM. I haven't been to bed before 6:30 AM for the past 4 nights or so. What do I do? On Thursday for example, I'm online WAY too much, but that's my style, you all know it. I wake up at 2:00. I get in a quick run and a bite to eat. I'm hanging online from around 3:00-5:30. Then I roll to DQ to get the most underrated burgers anywhere, home to eat it, and back online by 7:00 PM. After that, I'm online straight from then till around 7:00 AM. Basically I was up that day for 17 hours and in my computer chair for 14½ of those hours. And it's been like that for most of the week, I'm a mess, hah.

We were to have a softball game on Friday night. No dice. I get there for a 6:00 game and a minute after I pull in the lot, rain goes nutty. I drove up to Morgantown for nothing? Not good. But it wasn't a lost trip because I rolled with Cork, Cork's chick, Cork's Mom, Cork's sister, and Cork's nephew to Roadhouse. A lot of corking going on there. I'm usually not a huge baby person (I'm sure it'll change if I ever have kids), but between Posey's babies and Cork's nephew, they're the type of babies that don't get on your nerves by doing nothing but whining and screaming at the top of their lungs. Quality kids as we like to say around here, those I can handle for sure, so props to them. The ones that don't shut up, not for me, hah. Just my honest opinion, that's what ya get around here. Some of life's best advice.

I've been rocking it as far as my running schedule goes recently. In the past week and a half or so, I've ran 4 different places. I like to switch it up everyday for a change. Eliptical, treadmill, on my town's rail trail, and my school's track. All give a little different workout too, so we'll see what goes down. Nothing crazy, but hey, it's getting out there and actually doing it.

This Sunday has everyone jizzing over. Why's that? I'm one of few who never got into The Sopranos. Not sure why, just didn't. Weird for a Tally to not give a Mafia series a chance. I'm sure I'd love it if I ever watched, but I haven't had HBO in a while and no desire to rent or buy the DVDs. Howevahhh, everyone and their brother is having an opinion to what the finale is going to be like this Sunday night. You ask 50 people, you'll get 50 totally unique answers to what drama we'll see. That kinda has me intrigued, even if I've never seen a full episode in my life. I don't see this being the "end" as I think they'll leave an opening if they ever want to make any lost episodes or even a movie. I say Tony goes down in a blaze or glory. I'm not going with the Scarface ending or even him siding with witness protection. I say whoever is in on the hit against Tony is going to get sprayed down with bullets. The end will have Tony depressed since he lost so much, but he'll be big pimp of New York and Jersey. But what do I know, nothing.

This is turning into a pretty big post, so I better get to the bottom half of this thing to send us home. Already in the next edition, I should have stories of Kierstn Posey's 2nd birthday party (the rowdy madness, feel it!), a Saturday night trip with the crew to Red Lobstahhhh, and whatever goes down next week. Stay tuned!

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: A Pimp Named Slickback:

Bird's Song of the Week: Dedication by Jammah and Ruffnick. Yep, another hot one from my boy Jammah, a fellow blog reader, and his crew doing it big in Turkey. I was putting on his message board, the piano keys gives me a West Coast/Dr. Dre feel and you can't go wrong with that. Fast raps mixed in with some slowdown stuff, check it out. or go to the MySpace page at

3 Quick Thangs:

1. How about some birthdays for Sunday, June 10th? Yep, I know you can't wait either. The bearded wonder, former NFL QB great, Dan Fouts turns 56. Politician John Edwards, 54. Actress Elisabeth Shue, 44. Actress Elizabeth Hurley, she's now 42, I wouldn't have guessed that. Biggie Smalls' ex chick and R&B girl, Faith Evans, 34. Ice skater Tara Lipinski, 43 pounds and 24 years old. Also 24, for the #basketball crew, it's an old school guy from #baseball and that would be Dodger, turning 24.

2. Today's Fun Fact? Most tropical marine fish could survive in a tank filled with human blood.

3. Just watched a real nice 10th inning war between my Yanks and the local Pirates. I know my boys aren't any good, but it's still fun seeing my boys take on the team that we get basically every game for on TV in my area. 10th inning, Bottom of the 9th at Yankee Stadium, bases loaded.. Jeter steps up to the plate.. That's when I started getting cold chills as the fans were chanting for Jeter. Game winning hit. Yeah, you all hate the Yanks, but that's how I'm ending this post anyways. Jetahhhh!


Anonymous said...

Super effort this time. I hope the Waffle House was better than last time because that was the worst food I ever had there. "I gotta make these sammiches!" Yep, I think you and me will be the only two guys in America watching the first hour of Spurs-Cavs instead of the Sopranos finale. Later - ManDingo

Anonymous said...

hey Ed! I been slacking in reading your blogs but I caught up a lil bit and realized ya did June 10th birthdays and didnt even put me there, thats jus messed up lol jk, I still know I couldnt keep up a blog, I cant even remember what my account on here is, take care hun