Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wheelchair Backflips

What's up blokes? Things are going great here on the Eastside. In this latest installment we'll chat it up about new developments with a project Corndog has with movies, singing shows, Harry Potter, being online too much (not me, can't be true), and whatever else the fans demand. So awayyyy we go..

People of all ages lined up Friday night at midnight. What was that action? You know all too well and don't need me to fill you in. I wasn't part of it, but I'm missing out on the Harry Potter hype. I've decided to possibly start reading these books to see what it's all about. This week, I'll pick up the first book and I'll find out if I get hooked. I love to read, but not sure this is my cup of tea. Everyone who reads that I chat with says that I'll get hooked and then some. Of course I'll update the masses on what happens. Almost 30 years old and I'm going to be reading about some dorky little magic kid who does I have no clue what. I honestly don't even know the storyline I'm about to jump into, but I am a little curious.

Any movie fans out there? Pretty much everyone reading should have an interest in this. One of the blog's favorites, my boy Corndog, started a new project. What he has going is a movie blog, but it's not just your average movie blog. He'll watch movies with the wife and then in his own funny way, he'll give a review telling you whether or not to rent, buy, or not even bother with. His opening post has me cracking up and he has one since that as well. I'll paste the opener to Corndog's Movie Corner. After that, I'll give the link of course:

Hey Corndog, What's this all about?

Well, I'm glad you ask. This is the brand new Corndog's Movie Corner.
I got this idea from the internet legend himself, and master of the blog, Bird33. That's right, Mr. Bird. If you have had internet connection for more than 2 hours you know who I am talking about, and you probably have him on your Instant messenger or Myspace.

So far after his initial post, Corndog has reviewed Premonition with Sandra Bullock. Also he took time to review Shooter with Dirk Diggler, Marky Mark, Mark Wahlberg, or whatever you know him as. How can you go wrong with Dirk Diggler shooting guns? You're right, you can't. I just answered the question for you. Anyways, please visit Corndog's Movie Corner and don't be afraid to give him some comments. http://corndogsmovies.blogspot.com.

On the TV scene, after watching the singing shows last week, they're both pretty good. If you're too lazy to read last week's edition, those shows are The Singing Bee and Don't Forget The Lyrics. They're cheezy shows, but I bet you'll end up liking what you see. As far as the TV here at my house, I'm going to soon journey into the world of HD and DVR land with my DirecTV. I may be a little behind on hooking that stuff up, but now is as good of a time as any. Time to pimp my section of the house out.

A lot of people are accustomed to seeing a blog around here every week or so. Sometimes one comes out a day or so before the week mark. Sometimes it's a day or two afterwards. There's no rhyme or reason, but once people start asking if a new blog is in the works while I'm online, I know I have to man up and get to work. Take for example this message I just got from Kristina in the mean streets of Huntington: "no new blog?" That allows me to drop an early birthday message. So if you see her out there, send Kristina a Happy Birthday on Saturday, July 28th. You might even see her out partying like a rockstar if you're a blog follower in the southern part of the state. Hope ya have a good one down there!

Last Wednesday was another one of those nights where I was ate up online. Most would say that's everyday for me, which is probably true, but Wednesday I did it up big. I was online a decent bit earlier that day, but from 8:00 at night till 6:00 in the morning, I barely left my computer seat for 10 straight hours. Sad, I know, but what else is there to do? Jas, that's the night you turned into heroin, so I'm blaming you for that, hah. Always a good time doing the late night chats. I always say there's a bit in this space for everyone. Some of the inside stuff people may not get, but I have to throw in some of that for the loyal readers.

Corndog (yep, he's at it again) had an idea late at night a few days ago. He was going through every blog I've done, starting in May 2004. I've changed up the style a lot since then, so I'm always willing to try something new. Back then, I didn't have many pictures and posted more times per week. With that, you got smaller posts, so I think it evens out. Since that we've added the ending that a lot seem to like and look forward to. If I don't hear comments from my regular stories in the body of the blog, everyone seems to have an opinion on the Dirty Thug Ho of the Week and also 3 Quick Thangs. Little things like that keep this place rocking.

What's in store for upcoming episodes in here? July is nearing the end and even though not a ton has went on the past week or so, it'll heat up. Mario's Fishbowl is back in action this Friday at 8:00 after a week off. If I'm correct, we have 4 more games left on the season, we need to finish strong. Also, during the first weekend of August, it's time to head down to the ATL. Road trip! I'll be road tripping with Cousin Ozzie and his chick Maria. Also coming down for the action is Kari and Matty Cakes who are doing it in style by flying. I hope to get in a Braves game on that Friday and then we get to see Big Ashton get all excited for his birthday party on Saturday. Plus, we'll get some high quality true sweet tea, me and Ozzie might set a record of drinking that during the weekend there. The only complaint I have about the ATL is that it's insanely hot, too much for me to handle, like sweat dripping off of you 24/7, for real. Howevahhh, I can deal with that, no biggie at all because it'll be a great time indeed, I'm pumped. Gotta remember, this is the guy (me) that is weird and wants big snow all the time rather than way hot weather, so my opinion on the weather doesn't mean much to the average person. Another plus to the Dirty South? Everyone down there is nice. I mean everyone. Some pure southern hospitality, good times. Up north, people are dicks. That's my theory. Take my advice on that one.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: http://www.myspace.com/da_baddest_bitch

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: I think this is some impressive stuff here. Everyone knows I'm a big fan of seeing crazy backflips and things of that nature. Now we got a dude in a wheelchair doing backflips, I kid you not. The backflip attempt is at 2:30, but this entire video I liked a lot. Maybe it's just me. http://youtube.com/watch?v=o7f1Aa-Y1x0

Bird's Song of the Week: Hood Figga by Gorilla Zoe. That's the TV title of the song anyways which cracks me up with the edit and since I'm a whitey, that's what I'll use in here too. Check it out, pretty good: http://www.mp3.com/artist/gorilla-zoe/summary

3 Quick Thangs:

1. What's up with birthdays this week? We'll try Tuesday, July 24th and see what happens. One of the greatest power forwards ever, future NBA Hall of Famer, Karl Malone, he's 44. Barry Bonds, soon to be baseball's homerun leader and quite possibly the best player of our generation, 43. Actor Kadeem Hardison, he's 42. Former Celtic, Laker, UNC baller, actor Rick Fox, he's 38. J-Lo and her ghetto booty, she's also 38. WWE Diva and former Playboy cover girl, Torrie Wilson, she's 32. Actress Anna Paquin, who I think is a little hottie, she's doing it big for her 25th. In #basketball news, the ever elusive Don-G turns 25, while Mighty Mouse, she's 22. Going old school there. About time we have a pretty good list. Our last few have been worthless.

2. I heard a stat the other day on The Tony Kornheiser Show. A study estimates that by the year 2015, 75% of the United States will be considered obese. You kidding me with that mess? If exercise was easy, everyone would look good. It doesn't take much, once you get started, you'll be fine. But you're not going to get in shape sitting on the couch and crying about it. Hey, maybe it's not the nicest way to put it, but it needs to be said.

3. You want a wacky fact? Here's one for ya: Locusts eat their own body weight in food in a day. A human eats their own body weight in about half a year.


DirtyKash said...

Happy Birthday Kristina!

Kristina said...

Hey Ed! Thanks for the early happy birthday wish. Have a good week.

Ozzie said...

I do like my sweet tea and I know Ed does too, but it reminded me of the "tea chugging" contest Cork and Walz were supposed to have. We still need to set that up. It would be classic. We'll give them about an hour or two and see who can drink the most. Also, I'm pumped for Atlanta.

August Summers said...

nice, it was interesting...don't worry, im really your blogs still :P