Monday, July 30, 2007

"For the sake of your Italian machismo..."

It's official. I'm now a Harry Potter nerd. Hear me out. Last week while you read the blog, I was talking about buying the first book. Well, in a matter of a few days, I wiped that book out like nothing. I'm usually not a speed reader like some, but that was probably the fastest I've read a book since I got ate up with it. I still don't get how some can read it in like one day, but you know. Saturday night comes along and I just had to get out to Wal-Mart for the second installment. I go to Fairmont Wal-Mart and they didn't have it. So I rolled to Eastpointe Wal-Mart and they had one hardback copy left, so I had to load up. Here's something I have to admit, that maybe only the weird Potter fans can understand. I couldn't wait to get home to start reading, so I read 20 pages before I made it home. Told ya I'm a mess, but it's great reading. If you're like me and didn't think it'd ever be for you, and you're a reading person, I say go for it, give it a shot, despite what my buddies say, hah.

Some of my buddies are into the books, but not many. I knew I was going to have a field day getting them going once I said I was starting to this stuff. For most that know me, I'm usually really laid back unless something sets me off, which is rare. I can take a joke and give back at the same time, all in fun. A thing I like about Potter, is of my crew making some funny comments. I figured, it has to be good blog material, so I went with it. It has me cracking up that they're worked up about it, but I knew that going in and that it'd get some opinions going at me about it, so here's some great quotes that you should enjoy:

Kasher: "I am boycotting all things Harry Potter. Too much hype right now and it doesn't really interest me."

Chiphead: "I don't get why people go retarded over fucking children's books like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings."

Blahah was one of the guys on our message board that I had guessed read the books before. I was wrong on that one and this is what he says, "yeah im not a big fan of the harry pothead thing. have not read any of the books and only seen some of the 1st movie, thats it. in fact, im offended you would group me into that category bird, how dare you"

TyLaw with a classic: "Bird you'd better go get laid right now, otherwise this harry potter shit is clinching the gayest in the empire title for you, it's just too far"

Blahah once again: "he's right bird. for the sake of your italian machismo...stay away from the potter!"

The_Freak: "No real Italian would read Harry Fuckin Potter."

August 8th is a big day for me. Yep, that's right. Real World: Sydney starts that night at 10:00 PM EST. The previews are already out and it looks good, but that never means anything. So far in previews I've seen this redneck dude running around with a hat yelling about something. Then this whiney chick shoves this other chick down. She gets on the phone with someone and says how she hates the other girl more than anything in the world. Come on, give me a break you filthy drama girl. She'll get what's coming, probably some rich girl who can't handle herself around normal people in a house, imagine that. Of course I'll have detailed reports on my thoughts on each person when this season begins, gotta love the drama.

A softball update since we didn't have a game last week. Friday night we played a team that smoked us earlier in the season with a 10-run rule. This time, we held our own. We didn't win, but it was 9-4 and we played pretty good I thought. For the first time all year, I played a different position. Each game, someone takes a turn sitting out for 4 innings or so to keep book if more than 10 of our team shows up. This game was my turn and I go in the game into right center. Not much action there, so I'll be good to go to my home of leftfield the rest of the year that I have on lock. No game this week, but a doubleheader on the 10th. Then a game on the 17th and then playoffs start. We're 4-7 and need to win out to be .500, doh. Fun times indeed.

The blog after this one will be the Atlanta trip. I'm heading out of the mean streets on Thursday evening sometime. It'll take us about 10 hours to get there and I go the back way through Kentucky and Tennessee. 80% of that drive is straight in the middle of nowhere and tons of Waffle House options on the way down, can't go wrong with that. Maybe we'll find the one in Tennessee we found a few years that was the dirtiest Waffle House ever, yet it was the best Waffle House ever if that makes sense. Stuff dripping from the ceilings, waitress all pumped up to be working, you know how it goes. I'll be doing the driving, so hard to tell how much I'll scare Ozzie and Maria, but I'm up for the task. I'll come up with a way to write down any good happenings in here of course, no worries there. I may lose 10 pounds in the heat there, something I don't need, but everyone on the trip is excited to go, I know I am.

A quick note of my HD/DVR setup. I know I've been missing out for a while, so I'm finally with times on this. I got it hooked up on Thursday and it's rock solid. On the HD side of things, it's pretty cool to check, for example regular definition ESPN and then flip over to ESPNHD to see the difference. I thought it was a load of crap over the past few years when people would say how good it is, but it's well worth the get. Now I believe it. Baseball is off the charts on HD. You can see truly how old people look, the detailed lines on the grass, and things you never even thought of when seeing before. That's how I am anyways. DVR is also pretty good, I'll get my money's worth out of that, so like I said before, if you have some bum shows that I normally might not watch, let me know and I may check em out. Not too bad that you can tape two different things at once either at the same time. I guess this paragraph was bigger than the quick note I originally typed up when I started, but oh well.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: Another Kasher contribution here. This is Part 2 of Japanese Tetris that people were big on not long ago. If you haven't seen it, you need to take a look:

Bird's Song of the Week: Crank Dat by Souljah Boy. This is the song with some bum doing the dance:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Happy happy time.. The last day of July we'll do. Tuesday, July 31st. Who do we have? Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, he's 49. I wouldn't have guessed nearly that old. Actor Wesley Snipes, 45. Ironically, with all of my Potter talk, writer JK Rowling turns 42. Superman Dean Cain, he's doing it for his 41st, but I haven't heard his name in a while. 1989 Heisman Trophy winner Andre Ware, he's 39.

2. Here's today's fun fact, porned out style. Courtesy of, we have this gem: "Women who went to college are more likely than high school dropouts to enjoy both the giving and receiving of oral sex."

3. I was telling my boys and maybe I said it in here too, who knows. I've come to a conclusion. Amy Winehouse is a dude. She literally scares me when I see her. What's up with that crazy makeup and then the weird eyeliner deals out of the corner of her eyes? Ugh.


Shell said...

hey Ed

I have a cousin that loves Harry Potter, He read all the books and he jus recently bought the last one that came out, I've saw some of the movies, they werent too bad, I got into them a bit, If ya do August 8th birthdays, put my moms up please :) thanks, Just made me think bout it when ya were talkin bout the show that starts then. I havent been keepin up with ur blogs, bad slacker right here but I usually try to catch up so thats what counts right? lol well take care and have fun in ur part of WV. :)

chiphead said...

When you get to the ATL don't forget to check out the Claremont Lounge.

Anonymous said...

So you read the Harry Potter books while you were driving? That can't be safe. You'll be through all seven of them in no time...I'll put over/under at August 22. - ManDingo

Not Kate said...

I understand, Bird. I had stayed away from the whole Harry Potter thing (thinking it was fantasy, kids stuff, probably terribly written)....

But some of my friends were really into getting this last one on the day it came out and having a 'reading party'.... and I didn't wanna be left out, so I got it too. And I was totally into it! Turned out it was actually only me and this one guy reading it, so he came over to my place and we sat round drinking tea and having snacks all afternoon.

I've seen the movies, so I kinda followed, but this guy was sitting on my couch, and I'd ask him questions any time I got confused by fancy magic words and who was who.... My flatmates all refused to believe that we were sitting up there with the door closed in my bedroom just reading, but we seriously were.

I seriously read it in two days, stayed up til midnight reading it on sunday so that none of the kids at school would spoil anything for me the next day :)

I'm a late convert.

DirtyKash said...

Good mention of Dean Cain. I was just watching some old Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman DVDs.