Monday, July 09, 2007

Bring it on in to Omeletteville!

How's everyone doing today? Hopefully you still have your fingers in place and didn't blow them up for the Fourth of July melee. Things are going just fine here. On a scale of 1-10 on the happy meter, I'm probably about a 8.75 at this moment, which is usually higher than most people ever register. Why's that? Everyone else whines like babies, even if they're having a good day, we don't need to hear that junk. I'd rank it higher for myself, but gotta save some room for those days where I'm at a 10 on the scale. In this latest installment, you'll get to hear about yet another trip to PNC Park, new CDs, thoughts on Hooters girls, Bobby Light, Dru Down telling people how it is, playing Wii till my eyes bug out, and MUCH more!

Where to start? I'll just let the fingers direct me to a spot and we'll go from there. Where do we land? In Pittsburgh for a Saturday trip to beautiful PNC Park. Before you ask, we didn't get to dance with any 400-pound fatties or anything of that nature. It wasn't a trip like that. This one still rocked though. I went along with my boy Spank, his Uncle Charles (nope, not the same Uncle Charles that Bone Thugs always talk about, but close enough), Aunt Marie, and cousin Calvin. Outside of me and Spank, the other three had never been to a game before, so they were in for a treat. Pittsburgh is a terrible team, but as I've preached on here for years, you have to get to PNC Park if you haven't experienced it yet. Just one awesome stadium. I always talk about randomly seeing Shinnstonites in Pittsburgh when you least expect it. It happened again. While walking down Station Square to go eat, we see Craig Baker and his chick out of nowhere. They were on their way to the Def Leppard/REO Speedwagon/Styx concert. I can see Bake just jamming to that stuff right now. Then at the game, I heard someone yelling my name. I look up and it's Nick Barron, so I went to chat it up with him for a bit. Can't go wrong seeing locals on a road trip.

Before we went to the game, we ate at Hooters. Chick quality this time at the restaurant was probably about a 7 and I'm being generous there, not that great. Our chick was 6'2" anyways, no joke. Plus, she had these mangled eyelashes. Of course her tits were popping out, but that still didn't hide the fact that she was an amazon with weird eyelashes. A few others had great bodies, but mangled faces. Too many dirty tattoos in this joint too. However, there were a few top notch ones in there though that put the others to shame. Pick of the restaurant for me was this little blonde (and I'm usually bigger on dark hair) that I'm guessing was about 5'4"/125 and stacked of course. Looked natural, so forget that fake stuff if you're keeping track at home. So you didn't have the anorexic look going on there, something to her body, an actual good face, thumbs up here. As far as food, it's way underrated if you ask me. I ended up getting a flat iron steak sandwich and it was out of this world, go get that bad boy the next time you go.

Now over to ride the boat to PNC Park. I won't bore you a ton with it as we need to get to other stories, but they played the Cubs that night. There were literally more Cubs fans at the place than Bucs, I'm serious. Ted Lilly, pitching for the Cubs was taken out late in the game after playing great. In something I haven't seen before in person, the crowd gave him a standing ovation. This wasn't your normal standing O that the home crowd gives out of respect, this was Cubs fans going wacko. Then during the 7th inning stretch, instead of the "Root root root for the home team..", the place erupts with the "Root root root for the Cubbies.." The stadium was filled with blue shirts and I have a new respect for Cubs fans, they're maniacs. At the end of the game (Cubs won 7-1), you saw signs with a huge "W" on them from the Cubs fans as they held that up to show the win. People walking out of the stadium doing Cubs chants, it was a sight to see. Oh yeah, how'd the people who went to the game feel about their first trip? Loved every second of it. I came home and for some reason didn't go to bed till 9:00 AM. Yep, the moral once again, I'm an idiot.

If it's not being online and all ate up with that, I'm going into a zone with video games. Yep, we know I'll never grow up. Anyways, on Sunday, me and Spank played Resident Evil 4 on Wii till our eyes popped out. We played for 10 hours straight, nonstop like a bunch of fools. Spank had a classic line when he left around 4:30. He goes, "You know how those reports say if you play for 2 hours at a time, you got a problem? Well, what does that make us with 10?" Well said. An excellent game though and the time put in shows that. I'm not sure what the next game purchase will be, possibly Madden 08, but I haven't made up my mind on that yet for next month.

For those that know my music tastes, you'll know I'm a big Dru Down fan. Most reading may not know him, but he's a Bay Area rapper who has been around the game. He does pimpin' rap and it's worth the check. Also, that's where my AIM name comes from that I've been using for the past 10 years or so if anyone didn't have a clue who chats to me on there. The MySpace fans, you'll know how some pages get taken over by hackers. I'm not up on that, but Dru Down's was messed up the other day till he got it back. He sends out this bulletin, which I thought was funny. Here it is in Dru Down speak (it's another language), exactly how he posted it up, which cracks me up:


For those who don't know Dru Down songs, I'm sure I lost you in that paragraph. But hey, there's something in here for everyone. And if not, check out his page:

Due to this space, a lot of my buddies who haven't watched before are now huge Rob & Big fans. I'm telling you, it sucks you in, it's an awesome show. Anyways, this past week featured some great stuff indeed. The crew made a low budget video and in it was none other than Uncle Jerry. Yep, Big's Uncle Jerry from Mississippi that they hung with at the reunion. Rob was bored one day and created a character based on an 80s R&B singer. They went to wig shops, got suits, etc. Rob's R&B name is Bobby Light and this week's Song of the Week has to be that, so stay tuned for that later in the blog. I guess if you don't watch the show it won't be as funny, but who knows.

We're due for a few new CDs to the collection. Let's see what we're rolling with..

Canibus: From Whom The Beat Tolls. A lyrical assassin, so if you're into lyrics over club type rap, you'll be into Canibus. Fans of his already know of the feud he had in the late 90s with LL Cool J in that they both had diss tracks. I haven't listened to all of this yet to give a full opinion, but from what I've heard, it's good, he delivers.

Crunchy Black: From Me To You. This is Crunchy's second solo CD since breaking away from Three 6 Mafia. I read this CD was put together without Crunchy's consent, so that isn't cool, but they picked good things to release from this. On a side note, Crunchy does one of the best G-Walk dances out there. No, not C-Walk for those familiar with the West Coast dance. Memphis people argue that it's a spin-off from their dance, but the C-Walk guys say theirs is the real deal. Funny argument.

Pastor Troy: Tool Muziq. Atlanta rap here. Troy I'm big on, but he's not for everyone. He's the type that always has crazy energy going. Not a lot of Atlanta rappers bring about the mean side, but Troy can pull it off in his rhymes. He doesn't have a bunch of people on this CD and that's always a plus to me. It's fine having people on your album, but not every single song like some guys are into these days.

T.I.: T.I. vs T.I.P. More Atlanta rap on this one. I highly recommend this CD. After several listens through, I don't think it's on the level of older T.I. stuff, but it's still very good. Ones I'm big on from this include My Swag and Touchdown. Touchdown features Eminem and it's legit. These two work real well together and the chorus that they each have a part in flows so well together. Also on this are Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, Nelly (where's he been lately?), and Wyclef. Go pick this thing up.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: Thanks to Corndog for the contribution on this one. The SNL fans will know this, but I never saw it at the time it aired for some reason. I think it's a hilarious skit personally, but what do I know. Omeletteville with Justin Timberlake:

Bird's Song of the Week: Dirty Girl by Bobby Light.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. We gotta start things out with some birthdays. Tuesday, July 10th. Baseballer Andre Dawson, 53 years old, time flies, dang. Former San Fran 49er Roger Craig, he turns 47. Jessica Simpson is now 27. I don't have much else for birthdays, it's a brutal list. That's the best we can do, I'm sure the next time we do birthdays they'll be better. Boo to July 10th.

2. I just saw a story on TV on the local news here. Apparently this dude on I-68 killed 5 people in a wreck and injured several others. Come to find out, it's this guy's 4TH DUI. You kidding me? I have no respect at all for that, zero. There MAY be a lame excuse for someone that gets one the first time, but my stance on that isn't too supportive. If it happens a second time, I think the license should be taken away for good, no questions asked. Ride the bus, take a taxi, walk, we don't need ya on the road. But 4 times and they keep letting him drive? Forget that. I'm sure my take on that is way more strict than most others, but just how I feel.

3. Today's fact you might not know? An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.


jenn said...

hey i like reading ur blogs......... just to let yas know on ur b-day list its july not june... lol....


c-note said...

nice read Beegs ... Surprised you didn't run into Clay & Nolan at the game on 7/7. Brenna caught a foul ball at the game as well.

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