Sunday, July 01, 2007

Completely Caucasian

The guy is 35 years old, he has to be. You've all seen it. I'm talking about one of the newest Taco Bell commercials. I can't be the only one confused at it. Anyways, I'll set the scene quick before really opening into this blog. The commercial has this 35 year old guy eating at Taco Bell with his mom. Next to him are these chicks that I'm guessing are in the 18-20 year old range. The mom gives hints to the girls that her son is available and he gets embarrassed. He can almost be these girls' dad and his mom is trying to hook him up with them. Not that there's anything wrong with him pimpin' the younger girls by any means, go for it if you can, but I just thought it looked funny for a national TV ad.

It's over a week old, but I haven't weighed in on it in this space. Even people not associated with wrestling have heard this story. The one on wrestler Chris Benoit killing both his chick and his son and then hanging himself. What a bizarre story that had a horrible ending. This is from a guy you've always heard over the years of being a family man and having a ton of respect from everyone. There's still more news coming out from this messed up story as it gets more wild by the day. I've seen a zillion different opinions on this situation, but I might as well weigh in with mine. As far as his personal life, there's no excuse for that and I don't think anyone can justify his case in that one. We all know he's jacked up on roids, but there has to be more that was wrong with the guy. Secondly, I'd be lying if I said that I wouldn't be able to respect his wrestling career anymore. We'll always think of him killing his family upon first mention for the rest of our lives, but inside the ring, he was one of the best to ever do it. He was still at the top of the game before he killed himself, but check out some of his early/mid 90s work from Japan during the Super J Cup for example. Simply awesome as the Pegasus Kid. There's not much else I can say on his personal life though, we know he royally screwed up his friends' and family's lives.

On a quick note, most know already, but I'll be starting a full time teaching job in the fall. I'm pretty excited about this one and got the job I was after too. I loved being a sub, but my only complaint was no benefits. Other than that, I would've subbed forever since there was no responsibility other than being a glorified babysitter and you'd be in different places each day. I don't know many details on my new setup, but I'll be part of the Alternative Learning Center. I'll be dealing with the behavior problem kids who basically get booted out of their home schools. The smaller classes should be nice, but I'll have more on what my actual schedule is later this fall.

As most know of me, 98% of my music is rap and R&B. I don't change styles up too much and listen to a ton out of those genres. However, since I've been running just about everyday, I was willing to try some different things. To me, most of the time rap is laid back to me, even if it's mean rap if that makes sense. I run to a lot of rap, don't get me wrong, but I needed some things out of what I normally listen to that jams. No, I didn't want any death metal to where I can't understand one word they say. Then again, people tell me that about rap music in that they can't understand it, so I guess it all depends on what you listen to. Anyways, I've been on this kick for some older Rage Against The Machine and AFI. I've always liked the few Rage songs over the years (and the lead singer looks like X-Pac for the wrestling fans), but you're probably wondering what AFI is doing on my iPod. Yeah, I know, totally not what one would expect with me. First off, I'm not even sure what these weirdos are. Anorexic, emo, who knows. I wouldn't want to watch videos of them, but I admit several of their songs have a catch to them, except when anorexic boy wants to try to act mean and scream for some reason. The only reason I knew of these bums in the first place is due to wrestling. How so? When CM Punk was in Ring of Honor, he came out to Miseria Cantare from AFI. Since I watch too much wrestling stuff, I guess those entrance songs get engraved into your head eventually and they grow on you. Just something to try when I run this week to change things up. Ones I recommend are Silver And Cold as well as Dancing Through Sunday. Thanks to Jas for sending a lot of that stuff to me. You're becoming a regular in the blog and I'm not doing it on purpose. Like I always say when mentioning my buddies, I gotta give credit where it's due. She's also aboard the Africam craze, how can you go wrong with that late at night?

It's time for yet another softball update. There's things in this blog that are totally random to keep people on their toes, and then there's the things everyone comes to expect. Friday night, winner winner chicken dinner! Yep, we put it on WVU Foundation, 9-6. Our defense was rock solid. I went 2-4 in that game as the leadoff man, 2 RBIs and 1 run. I even almost took out some chick at 2nd base with a slide that I was safe on. She'll have to get out of the way, I'm not about to slow down. Next game is on Friday at 8:00 against Chico's. We're now 3-5 and are playing respectable. My average is up to .333, it's getting there. It's not a great look, but if you're that bored to check out standings in our league, go here: Our league is at the very bottom, Lower Coed, where the dirties play.

Of course the greatest day of my entire year was this past Thursday. Yep, as noted before, that was the NBA Draft. Honestly, that is always my favorite day of the year, I know I'm ate up with the NBA, but that's how I am. I won't take up much of your time with it, but I have to write a small bit if nothing else. The Celtics had the #5 and #32 picks in the draft. With the #5, they sent it across the country to Seattle along with Wally Szczerbiak and Delonte "Redz" West. In return, we got Ray Allen and the #35 pick. First off, I'm for this trade, even though most are bashing Ray for being a broke dick that is aging. He's only 32 and it's not like we're stuck with his contract for a long time. We have 2 years to test out this experiment and he's 32 years old. Sure, his ankles are banged up, but I feel we now have three legit offensive players in Paul Pierce, Ray himself, and one you need to pay very close attention to and soon, my boy Big Al Jefferson. On the side we sent, Wally had 2 years of $26 mil left on his contract and he's always hurt. Lastly, my boys can't do any worse than they did last year, so I'm willing to take the chance here. In our other two picks, we got Gabe Pruitt (6'4"/170 out of USC who is way skinny and isn't really a true PG, but who knows) and one I'm excited about just because he's a character is Big Baby Davis (6'9"/289 out of LSU). As a plug, in its 11th year of existence, the one and only Boston Sports Guy has his Draft Diary up. If you haven't read these before, they're excellent. This one is shorter than usual, but still check it out:

New video game news for me for anyone interested in that. I've been due for a while, but I didn't just want to get a game for the sake of throwing money around, Pacman Jones style. However, this was one I couldn't pass up. The latest game to the collection is Resident Evil 4 for the Wii. The great thing about it is the price, only $30 for a brand new game. I never did get around to playing RE4 for GameCube, so now is my chance to play the updated version. I went to Fairmont Wal-Mart on Friday and they were out. Then I make the trek to Eastpointe Wal-Mart and they had one copy left. My lucky night. This is one excellent game that is an absolute MUST buy. On Saturday night I played for 5 hours straight with hardly leaving my seat, my eyes were bugging out. Then Cork saved me by stopping up to hang late in the night and he did some battle in Guitar Hero II while I just ate and relaxed. RE4 is straight up gruesome stuff, you get a nice storyline, and the Wii controls are real smooth for this one.

A quick Rob & Big update from this week. What went down? Rob was getting the itch to get back onto the pro skater circuit. They made the trip to Florida and fun was to be had. Upon getting there, they saw this gator in the middle of the road, out of nowhere. So they started jumping over it with skateboards and then Big and his fatty buddies were just running and jumping over it. Sounds childish, I know, but you can't admit you wouldn't find that enjoyable. Then (in their rental car I'm guessing) Rob was driving and ripping donuts into the grass of this park. Again, some good entertainment. Last, we had some skater dude pulling off a nude 540 on the skate ramps. Then (another Pacman Jones reference coming) after he hit it, Rob and his boys started making it rain with cash and letting the fans fight over it. Good times.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: Sometimes they're not always filthy skanks, but every now and then we put some that actually aren't quite as dirty, yet pull the hot look off. You get some randomness, never know what kind of chicks we're going to put up around here.

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: This was from Kasher about a month or so ago, but I never got around to posting it. Here is some Japanese Tetris, a nice game show clip here, you'll enjoy it:

Bird's Song of the Week: The_Freak gets another chance to get in the blog this week. I asked for a song recommendation and he has one for us. Time Is Running Out by Papa Roach. He calls that the White Boy Song of the Month, so we'll throw in here for good measures. He also is credited with the blog title this week and the photoshop pic of me with the roid dude's body, he's putting in extra hours. I haven't heard the song, but I'll take The_Freak's word for it. Sometimes it adds something different with other people contributing to the blog:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. How about some birthdays for Monday, July 2nd? Hard to believe July is here. First up is NASCAR driver Richard Petty, 70 on Monday. Larry David of Seinfeld fame, he's 60. One of my favorite baseball players ever, Jose Canseco, 43. Singer Michelle Branch, she's doing it for her 24th. Last, we have crackhead Lindsay Lohan, 21 and scarred for life.

2. You know what gets me? People that do nothing at all for exercise, yet complain because they look horrible. Then they'll ask people who workout how they keep looking all little and stuff. You can't get ripped up sitting there eating Doritos all day and drinking a 12-pack of pop without doing a little something. Imagine that. I can understand big people who complain even if they workout and can't cut weight, that I can deal with. But to cry your eyes out because you can't lift your finger, get out buddy. Make yourself useful.

3. As I'm typing this up on Sunday evening, my town's fireworks show is going to go down in 3 or 4 hours. It's funny to me because it seems that's where all of our town's money goes to. Granted, they put on an awesome show and people come to my rinky dink town to watch it from towns around us, but still. How about getting us a basketball court that isn't 30 years past its time?


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congratulations on gettin the job!!!!!!!!!!!

c-note said...

Ed ... Sorry, this is sick, but I thought I should share it with you since you addressed it in this latest blog.

"Chris Benoit Murders: In a horrifying new development, it looks like Benoit may have used his "signature finishing move" to kill his own son. This is sick beyond words."