Sunday, June 07, 2009

Joel "The Vanilla Guerilla" Przybilla

Here we go! We're back in action for another edition. You were waiting all week to see what was going on around town and now it's time. Well, that just sounded good, you probably weren't that pumped to read the latest, but it is a good time killer you have to admit. What do we have in store? We have Posey's birthday bash, reading something that will surely drop me a level on the manhood scale, a Sandlot kid beating up his chick, a sleep schedule that has been a mess, a few new CDs, and a lot more as usual.

Thursday night it was big action in the mean streets of Shinnston. How so? It was a celebration for Posey's 31st birthday. The setting? None other than The SportsCenter, not to be confused with the ESPN version. Scherri had planned the big bash for a while now and told me the time to show up and all of that. Everyone knows that I'm not a bar guy whatsoever. Normally it's not my crowd at all and I feel real uncomfortable most of the time in one. Usually I just hate being 2 feet away from someone and having to scream and yell for them to hear you, standing on top of other people, being around drunks when I'm one of few not drinking, or having smoke blown in your face. This night however, and I'd admit if I didn't have a good time, it was actually way better than expected and I enjoyed myself. You're probably wondering why I had fun in a bar, but I'll explain myself..

First off, when I walked in and my crew was there, they didn't know what to think of me actually showing up in the first place. I told Posey he's a good buddy and I wouldn't do that for too many people. I was glad that my buddies were excited I showed up rather than me feeling out of place. I know, for those who know me I can ramble on and talk to just about anyone in most settings. A bar never was one of those places, but I manned up and went to the bash. Not that I'm too good to walk into a bar, but most know that's not my environment. The SportsCenter was totally different. For the locals, I hadn't been in there in probably 20 years when Patsy was running the show and I was a little tyke and it was totally changed. There's a ton of room in there and you don't have music blaring to where it stops you from having a conversation. This was more of a pool hall, old school style, taking you back in time. Ward was running the show and he was quite the host. Yep, the same legendary Ward from the old East Shinnston Gang way back when, a good guy indeed.

We were saying my town needs a reality show and this place would be a good scene for it. In our little hole, this place had guys showing up from 45 minutes away or farther just to shoot pool at Ward's. I still never quite understood while they migrated here of all places, but that's the irony. I had fun just seeing some total characters and I could write a book just on those guys alone. There were some legit pool sharks though and it cracks me up that people pay $15 a month to lock their pool sticks up here. Apparently I also learn that people can pay $2000 for a stick. I'm also the only West Virginian that hasn't played pool before, imagine that. A big plus for me is that the place wasn't packed, wasn't loud one bit, and I didn't have to put up with babysitting any drunks, it didn't get out of hand. Just a quick guide, some characters we had in the house was a strung out old school druggie, a group of serious pool sharks that wouldn't say a word to each other as they played (I found that strange), a legitimate Mexican in Shinnston of all places that randomly fits into our crew, and even an Italian (Clinten) that was thought to be of Mexican descent by the Mexican himself. Confused yet? You should be.

So I'm laying it on the line. Aside from coming home and having to shower again after smelling like a dirty smoke factory, the birthday bash was a successful trip. If you're driving through our town out of nowhere, feel free to stop in and see the characters that Ward has to offer at The SportsCenter. When a guy that almost always hates a bar scene is recommending a certain bar, it must be pretty unique and worth at least one trip if not more. I joked with Scherri that we needed to set up a Monopoly game at The SportsCenter and I'd be a regular. We did bust out the checkers and chess boards though, I didn't expect that. Even if I don't drink, I'm not above making myself a dork by drinking Coke and Mountain Dew while eating birthday cake in a bar. Posey, good times you old man, hope you enjoyed the birthday!

Ok, it's time to admit something. This will take the manliness level down in half, but I'm not afraid to say it. If I worried much about what other people thought, I'd turn into someone so miserable like a lot of people do, but that's not my style. I took heat for getting into the Harry Potter saga late in the game. I was wondering what all the hype was and then once I started reading the series, I couldn't put it down. Now enter Twilight. Yes, I know what you're thinking already. You can't wait to bust my balls on how I've given into what is thought of as a girly book series. I'll admit, when it was first out and people were all about it, I didn't think I'd like it one bit based on the storyline, the same thing I said about Harry Potter. Now? I picked this thing up on Friday and haven't been able to put it down. I've heard some other guys who have actually ventured into reading it say the same thing. I say if you're into reading, give it a try. I haven't seen the movie yet, but the book is top notch thus far. Normally it's sports and wrestling books for me exclusively, but I can branch out if needed.

Who all has been keeping up with The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel 2? If you have, you've been getting drama week in and week out. It never stops, you get some high quality entertainment. This week coming up is the finale and it can go a lot of different ways. I won't bore anyone too much with this, but if I had to pick a winner? I'm going to put my money down on Evan. I also want the percentage of these guys that are juicing. I think MTV makes it a must that they need to be oozing of roids before getting on this show. Some of these guys are animals, I just wish my boy CT would've lasted a few more shows. That leads me into saying that you better gear up for June 24th or else. Why? New season of Real World and this one is based in Cancun. I'll be sure to bore you with my opinions of the cast once the season starts.

If you've read along in this spot for a while, you'll know my favorite all time movie is The Sandlot. After a while, you begin to wonder every so often if any of those kids made it big. Most didn't when you search around. A few had some ok roles through the years, but nothing major. They've been keeping low key for the most part. That is until we get to recent news from the character known as Yeah-Yeah, Marty York. This happened on Easter Sunday, so a lot of you may have already heard about it. I haven't though and was sent this link from Chrissy in Webster County. Sure, the girlfriend hit him with her shoe, but that's still no excuse. When that happened, he wanted to play Chris Brown and bust up his chick. Get out of here Yeah-Yeah, go do some more roids so you can be a tough guy and punch out chicks. I can't have much remorse at all for a guy who does that, but figured I'd pass along the story:

As I write this part, I have two days left of work. The kiddies have been finished for a few days, but I have a couple left to tough out. No biggie, it should be easy days and then shut down shop for the summer. Then I'll be pumped to sleep in and have too much time on my hands. The sleep schedule is still whacked out, but I'm used to that. Thursday night with work in the morning, I go to bed at 3:00 to start things off and wake up at 6:00. I passed on a nap after work and just laid around, figuring I'd get one later in the evening. That didn't happen. If reading Twilight wasn't making myself weird enough, how about the fact that I finally went to bed on Saturday afternoon at 1:00. Yes, you read that right, I never learn. I had been awake for 31 hours before I went to bed and had been without sleep for 52 of the past 55 hours. That's not healthy. That's something a person strung out on meth would be capable of. It wasn't like I was doing anything major. Between watching some games on TV, reading, and being online for that stretch, that's about it. Although I was doing other things at the time, I was still at my computer chair for the whole ride. From around 7:00 on Friday night until 1:00 on Saturday afternoon, I was online. 16 straight hours. That has to be up there with one of my all time records, although nothing to brag about at all, there's not much else happening in my town. The moral of this story, I'm online entirely too much, but there's always something to get into.

Not that many care, but some are into the exercise gig like I am and so I'll mention a new supplement purchase. As usual, if you could care less about this, just go to the next section. It was time for a trip to GNC and I wanted to switch some things up. I was off for about a month or a little less of taking anything and now we'll cycle some new in. I'm talking like I'm on the juice, Yeah-Yeah style, but that's another thing that I'd never touch, so I stay with the basic supplements. I got some fish oil gel tabs that is more of a vitamin as opposed to strength gains. It helps with fatty acids, a chance to reduce heart disease, healthy cholesterol and blood pressure, supports joint, brain, and skin health. The next I got was L-Glutamine. I've been wanting to get this for a while, but never have for some reason. It's a balancing amino acid that helps with alertness, retaining energy and muscle production after a workout, and immune system help. Lastly, I got a huge jug of amino acids. These are by far the biggest pills I've seen, they're monsters. I have to crush them up to take them. Even if you cut them in half and take them that way, they are still too big. With the older stuff I've mentioned in the past month or two, I'm still on Taraxatone which I love and finishing up Aplodan, while using chocolate Pro-NOS as my protein.

Time for another visit from Corndog (that's your boy Ashley) as he sets an internet law:

Corndog: When referring to your own myspace page, should you refer to it as "my myspace" or can you just say "my space"
Bird33: I wondered the same..
Bird33: I think we'll just go one my.
Corndog: when i just said "there are pictures on my space"
Corndog: you knew what i was talking about didnt you?
Bird33: You got it, there's your answer.
Corndog: Sweet. we just made up an internet law!
Corndog: Internet Law 3,334,694,231: When speaking of your own Myspace page, it is totally acceptable to refer to it as "my space". 05/30/09 submitted by Corndog and Bird33

Just a few CDs to mention this time..

Eminem: Relapse. For me, there's both good and bad about Eminem's latest after not having anything out for 4 years. The good is that for the most part, lyrically he can still bring it. Being away that long in the rap game, for a lot of people, they wouldn't be relevant anymore. Some say Em isn't relevant now, but he's still a big name and people are interested in his stuff. Another good is that Dr. Dre is involved and when he's around, it bumps things up to a completely different level. The weird part to me is that just about every song on this CD talks about how Em used to be a big druggie messed up on pills and doesn't seem to rap about much else. If you like the dark and demented raps, it's still here. You also get Em calling people out and for some reason he still bashes Christopher Reeve as much as ever, even when he's dead. Some of my favorite songs of this setup? Insane (lyrically the best on the album in my mind), Bagpipes From Baghdad (the Mariah Carey diss in where he trashes her and Nick Cannon something awful), and Old Time's Sake that even has Dre rapping some in it.

Freeway: Philadelphia Freeway 2. Three years since his last CD and I can't be anymore happy. For those who know me, I'm a huge Freeway fan and feel he's never got his respect due. I'd put the first Philadelphia Freeway CD in my top 10 ever, possibly top 5, it's that good. How does this one stack up? He stays true to his style and I'm giving it a thumbs up. If you've never given Freeway a time of your day, now is the chance, don't miss out. I'll even steer you in the right direction. Crack Rap is the best on this CD and you can also try to find Gotz 2 Be Tha Bomb and Streets Won't Miss Em.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: We go to Arizona Jas again for another. What's she have to say on this one? "this is my vote for dirty thug ho. She isn't the dirtiest, and she's mildly attractive.. but she's got some skank in her, fo sho". Here is our girl this time around:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: This one comes to us from Jodine in the mean streets of Jersey. She sends us a Dating Fail video that is worth the watch. Apparently this dude is very romantic, wants to tie his chicks up, and designs video games. Enjoy.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Birthdays for Monday, June 8th. We start with Joan Rivers, who might be walking dead for all I know at 76 with plastic surgery gone bad. Nancy Sinatra, the first child of Frank, she's now 69. Boz Skaggs, known for being in the Steve Miller Band apparently, he's 65. Keenan Ivory Wayans, the second of ten Wayans kids and oldest of the famous ones we know, he's celebrating his 51st, dang. Baskeball ogre, Big Country Bryant Reeves, 36. Tennis chick Lindsay Davenport, 33. Rapper Kanye West, 32. Hottie Maria Menounos, 31.

2. Today's fact? "Two-thirds of all the men and women who have ever lived past 65 in the entire history of the world are alive today. On a sidenote, Florida, Montana, and a few New England states seem to have more of this group of people."

3. Another fact? "In late-1600s Puritan society, a child over 16 convicted of cursing at a parent was sentenced to death. Being a stubborn or rebellious child also earned you a death sentence."


Kristie said...

Weird point about the "Sandlot" kid, we just watched that movie at achool on Thursday. One of my kids brought it in, I had never seen it before.

Great blog as always, hope you enjoy your summer!

Ms. Jazzie said...

Lol! Great blog... awesome reading material while my co workers are blabbing away since they dont know anything better else to do. I must agree with some of ur relapse review. Old times sake is an awesome song but I must say the best songs are hello, underground, and old times sake.

I was excitied that you guys had ESPN Sports Center...then you clarified. LOL! Good times can never go wrong with the bar scence my friend.

Anyways awesome blog!