Saturday, September 18, 2010

"It is hard to take you seriously when you're a grown woman with a Kermit purse."

Our topic this time around comes from The_Freak, he's getting all the credit on this one.

It's been a busy last few weeks. I've been places near and far. Well, mainly all near, none too far away to make it seem like I was outside of the mean streets for a while. Hopefully everyone has been enjoying the fall season, football beginning, and fair and festival time. What does this edition hold for the readers? We'll go over the Tally Rally, Jackson's Mill Jubilee, fantasy football, Gatorade, a Dougie dance gone wrong, Tanger Outlets, movie review, and reality TV just to name a handful.

I'll bounce back and forth on dates here. The Saturday of Labor Day Weekend I hit up the Tally Rally with Whitney. The Italian Heritage Festival if you will, it's a festivus for the rest of us. There wouldn't happen to be any of my fellow Italians at this place would there? Nah, who heard of such a thing. Anyways, the food here is a key reason people go, it's about as good as it gets. The stop we did this year was by getting Demus' hot tally sausage sandwiches. They were $8, but worth every bit of it. It was a lot bigger than a regular hoagie style in our area and was loaded up with tons of cheese, sauce, and peppers. I wish I could've tried more food that night, just so much to choose from. Another hit are the frittis, people make a killing off of these. Mom made these on Sunday for everyone, so we didn't have to worry about it on Saturday night.

Anyone and everyone was there that night. We joked that 90% of the flag football league were there in the streets. I even ran into a good bit of free agents making their push to get onto a team. Requests to hype it up online to get players signed and I was on a mission. You'd take two steps and you'd run into someone coming up to you, it was like that the whole time. A little crowded, but that's how it always is and comes with the territory. Around 11:00, the cops started to shut down the streets, which I thought was early. You could still be out there, just not in the middle of the street. That's when the crowds migrated to the bars and basically you're stuffing the entire late night festival crowd into two bars. I'm not a bar guy as everyone knows, but I'll make an appearance every so often, even if I don't drink. Kathy was so shocked she had to get a picture of me in one just to have proof. PJ Kelly's was so packed that you couldn't even move. We hung there with our crew for a bit, but figured since you didn't have room to breathe, that there would be better options at the next stop. Let's head down to The Ordinary. My first time in this place at night, I only remembered it as a restaurant back in the day however long that was, so that goes to show you. They were packed, but it wasn't to a level that it was rough.

Yeah, I'm getting to my story. If you read my Facebook post that night, you'll know where I'm going. The Tally Rally has always been infamous for drunken idiots getting into fights. It never fails and a lot of the same people are in them every year. As an onlooker, you see some sights. That night, I heard someone yell on the street that there was a fight. You know what my next move was. I'm going to get a little closer to see what's causing all the ruckus. As soon as I get there in my ringside seat, this Kanye West look-a-like rocks a big dude something awful. I compared it to Ronnie of Jersey Shore. It was the one hitter quitter, one shot and he was done. It was so bad that the dude was laying on concrete, blood pouring out from the back of his head, and he was out cold. Soon, you had the ambulance roll through and police all over. They had him laying on the ground for about 20 minutes until they put him in. I never did find out what it was over, but it was pretty intense and that was the excitement of the night.

Movie review and here we go. We were due for a theater trip as we've been slacking as of late. Never fear, I'm back to give another quick review. The movie in question? Easy A. We went to a Friday night showing at 9:25 at Meadowbrook. I was surprised at how packed it was for this movie, but apparently a lot of people were down for the action. Emma Stone is in this one and it also features a lot of other decent names in the flick. Who else? Amanda Bynes, Patricia Clarkson, Cam Gigandet, and Lisa Kudrow to name some, Stone looks great in this one for whatever that is worth to your eyes. Plus, she plays her role very well. Maybe my favorite character of the movie was the guy that played her dad, Stanley Tucci. I remembered him from The Lovely Bones which if you've been reading along, you know that I couldn't stand that movie. He played his role perfectly in that one though and this one he did here as well, in a totally different character. He had me cracking up good. It has a good plot to it and it isn't an in-depth movie that is going to have your brain filled with knowledge, but it's worth watching. If you want a good funny movie, this is for you. Early reports on IMDB has it at a 7.7 out of 10 as I type this up. The final grade I'm giving this beast? 7.0 tubs of buttery popcorn out of 10.

Lately it's been a tradition to hit up the Jackson's Mill Jubilee. I've written about this a lot in the past when I go over Labor Day Weekend, so you probably know a lot of what I'm going to say if you've been reading for a while. Each year, they claim it may be their last year because they're losing money, etc. Yet they always get it going, but they don't really advertise it as well as they should in my opinion. The food alone is enough to get me there. This trip I made with Whitney and my parents. It didn't seem like as much action as normal here, the past few years have been pretty low key. The back section if you're familiar with the music area, they had no vendors like in the past, so it was a smaller setup.

I do like how wide open their format is though. It's never overcrowded that you're literally walking right on top of someone. The main place we always hit up is Madia's and we tear into their Italian rib eye sandwiches. Once again, they delivered and it was top notch. Try their stuff if you're ever at a location they are serving at, I wouldn't steer you in the wrong direction with food. I also have to buy off the kettle corn lady, she doesn't mess around, doing it old school style. I got a bag about as big as my body for $4. I liked the experience, but I'm not sure the rest of the crew was big on the idea. Dad says this year may have been his last and he's usually a big fan of the Jubilee. We'll see what goes down.

Labor Day itself was a trip to Washington, Pennsylvania. Every other month, Whitney and I usually try to hit up Tanger Outlets. Just a weird schedule we have. It's not a bad drive from home and I've always recommended it up there. It wasn't nearly as packed as I'd expect since it was a holiday and everyone was having crazy sales. Then again, when do they not have crazy sales up there it seems? I didn't see any Ronnie punches thrown that day, maybe that will come on Black Friday, although I've only done that one time ever. I did that with the Posey once and it was a madhouse. I wanted to try it out once just to say I did. Watching the women go at it, push each other around for these items was awesome. At Tanger, it's a new place and very clean. Plus their store selection is worth the trip alone. Check it out if you haven't yet.

My last fantasy football draft of the year was completed a few Mondays ago. The site was at Ozzie's house which is a sight to see. Site and sight? Yep. This league has been going on for a while and is ran by Commish P. There's ten of us involved and I always like to give a roll call, whether you're interested or not, it's good for blog purposes. Aside from Commish P, we have Sims (, Bart (, Ozzie, Mudcat, Pill, Matty Cakes, Maulberry, Fortney, and myself. Now time to unveil yourrrrr 2010 E-Town Junkies!

QB: Tony Romo - Dallas
QB: Matt Stafford - Detroit
QB: Jimmy Clausen - Carolina

RB: Maurice Jones-Drew - Jacksonville
RB: Ryan Grant - Green Bay (Peyton Hillis - Cleveland)
RB: Jahvid Best - Detroit
RB: Michael Bush - Oakland
RB: Steve Slaton - Houston

WR: Michael Crabtree - San Francisco
WR: Stevie Breaston - Arizona
WR: Jeremy Maclin - Philadelphia
WR: Mo Massaquoi - Cleveland
WR: Lou Murphy - Oakland
WR: DeMaryius Thomas - Denver
WR: Earl Bennett - Chicago (Nate Washington - Tennessee)

TE: Kellen Winslow - Tampa Bay
TE: John Carlson - Seattle

K: Stephen Gostkowski - New England

D: New York Giants
D: Buffalo Bills

I really like my quarterback and running back units. I think I'm deep on RBs for sure. Plus, we have the option in this league to start three RBs (2 for sure and we have a flex spot for a RB/WR/TE). Three of my RBs are solid, I'll get nice production there. Jones-Drew is ready to rock unless his knee explodes, Grant is behind a nice team and will get carries, while I look for big things out of Best. (After I wrote this section, Ryan Grant decides to get hurt, doh! So I picked up Hillis.) I actually think the Lions will be halfway decent this season, but we'll see. Mike Bush is banged up, but I can't see him not getting the bulk once they see that McFadden probably can't do it. I'm insanely young on my wideouts. This is where I'm hoping some potential rises through and I get a steal out of someone. If Crabtree isn't a knucklehead with his ego, which is very possible, he has a chance to be a stud. I look for Breaston to get some nice single coverages in Boldin's old spot since everyone keys in on Fitzgerald. Several of these guys I also have on my A#FL team that I wrote about recently. We'll see what the future holds for these youngsters.

Time for another family party, these never get old. Big Max had his 2nd birthday last Saturday and it was eats galore. First off, Gayle doesn't mess around when he makes his homemade pizzas. He was making them all night and was a machine at it. Ozzie alone put down 12 or 13 pieces, so props to him for being a beast with that. Mix in some football watching and this was during the Notre Dame game against Michigan. I've written about that already before in other outlets, but I can't be crazy disappointed over the performance of the Irish. Offensively, I liked their system as it's straight hurry up. When Crist got banged up, the backups didn't have a clue, deer looking into headlights look. I think they'll do fine, but nothing like the 9 wins a lot of people on TV have predicted, I'm realistic. I am a Kelly fan though. Rich Rod looks to have his system in shape here, we'll see if this is the year or if he's still on the hotseat. Denard Robinson, this kid is going to be something special on the college level. That offense they run is super fast. It was interesting that day in our area of the people that hate both Notre Dame and Michigan and who they were rooting for. Either that or hoping they played to a tie battle to the death. The end of the night featured storytelling of our family from years past and those stories have to be heard to believed. I promise you they're all true if you've heard some of them. Thanks to Jill and Gayle for having a big successful bash.

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: It's probably not the greatest idea to try to Dougie in the middle a street with moving traffic. If you do, watch out for the ice cream trucks.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. 97 days till Christmas as of Saturday.

2. Here's some facts on Gatorade, just because I drink tons of it. 1998 was the year they switched from glass to plastic bottles.. 26 flavors have been discontinued since Gatorade's founding in 1967.. 1985 was the first Gatorade bath, done by Jim Burt of the football Giants to coach Bill Parcells.

3. The shortest war in history was between Zanzibar and Great Britain in 1896. Zanzibar surrendered after 38 minutes.

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