Friday, January 19, 2007

E City: Taking Over New York

Hola to everyone out there. Anything new in your part of the world? Once again, we come to you broadcasting worldwide to the masses. It's time to add some excitement to an otherwise boring day you might be having. How do we add the excitement? By telling you about my boring schedule that I can somehow whip up into some good (but true) stories. It sort of reminds me of Seinfeld. There's no storyline to that show, but everyone watched it back in the day and still does with reruns.

So how did the genius kids treat me after one week of being with them? I think I'm really going to enjoy it and they're a good bunch. I have a different grade each day. Monday I have my 1st and 2nd grade groups. Tuesday is 3rd, Wednesday is 4th grade, and Thursday is 5th. On Fridays, I have meetings scheduled around the county. If no meetings are scheduled, I get to sit around all day online and do absolutely nothing and get paid for it. Now that's what I'm talking about. Yeah, I'm supposed to plan out my following week, but how long can that take? I'm organized anyways and do that ahead of time.

Speaking of those geniuses, my 4th and 5th graders are learning how to write checks and keep a balance in their register. You kidding me? And they're all over it too, like nothing. I didn't have a checking account till I was about 25 or later, no lie. I'm old school and normally would rather carry around cash than use checks, but I'm getting better. Anyways, I have a kid I'll call Rain Man, Dustin Hoffman style. He was doing his final balances (adding or subtracting his payments and deposits) in his head. Who does that? I'm used to having the special ed kids on the other end of the learning spectrum and now I get to deal with these insanely creative cats. And LEGO blocks? Yep, the ones we played with when we were kids, they can do anything with these. Making machines, cars, you name it. Enough on that, but I'm enjoying it so far.

This coming Wednesday it'll be my first NBA trip of the season. I could go to an NBA game at the spur of the moment if someone asked me. I'm rolling to Cleveland as I stated before in a previous post, courtesy of my cousin Ozzie. Thanks to cousin Kari for buying him tickets for Christmas, and to Ozzie for asking me to go as his guest. You seriously can't beat that with a stick. I'll be riding on this road trip (4 hours, but a very easy drive to Cleveland and an easy city to get around in). Since I just got this long term job, I can't really take off that soon, so I'm working till around 1:30 on Wednesday, Ozzie is picking me up and we'll be there by the 7:00 tipoff easily. Then I come home and hopefully it'll be around 2:30 or so. I get in my car at work, drive home and hopefully be showered up by no later than 3:30. Then I wake up the next day around 6:00, have morning bus duty at 7:10, so I'll be rocking it out in a span of 2 days for being up 2 hours and having to work on top of that. Should be interesting, but no way am I missing a chance to go to an NBA game. I may set a record for Cherry Coke drinking that day to wire me up. Not like I need it.

Oh no, I have definitely not left you all hanging on my American Idol thoughts. First off, I'm not ashamed to admit I'm hooked on this show. As sad as it may sound, there's no point of hiding behind the fact, it's quality entertainment. You know you are just as hooked. Tuesday (Minneapolis) and Wednesday (Seattle) both had a 2-hour showing this past week. We're in the bum section as we get some real winners that want to be seen on TV. Tuesday night? The Wizard of Oz lion chick was scaring me big time. The juggler dude? He was classic, he cracked me up for how bad he was. They should advance a few bums out of nowhere just because. Paula is a total crackhead now, a few years ago she was still smokin' hot. Now? She's all hopped up on who knows what. Jewel and her mangled teeth (although one of very very few girls with mangled teeth that I'd admit to being hot as that's not a turn-on, but Jewel I could handle for sure) was a guest judge for Minneapolis. She's still got the great face, hair, and awesome body, so I won't complain.

Seattle on Wednesday? They started out the show with the cop from Wheeling, WV who did I Shot The Sheriff last season. Great times and he was rough as usual. He bombed again, this time coming out in an Uncle Sam outfit, but hopefully we see him next season. I like Tommy Daniel, the thug with a fro. He quit his gas station job and slept beside the garbage cans at the arena for the audition. He's going to Hollywood. So isn't my early favorite out of the first few nights (Beat Box Boy). That name alone for those who watched should know who I'm talking about. Shyamali, yummy. This is a 19 year old Indian chick who is gorgeous. She made it and so didn't her bro Sanjaya who rocked it out with some Stevie Wonder action. Zitzmann is a dork and frightened me. Bug eyed monkey boy and his fatty buddy? I told my Lobstah guys that these two definitely need their own sitcom. I'd never miss an episode. Philippi Sparks' (former Giants NFL baller) daughter makes it to Hollywood at age 16.

Good to hear from Coop all the way down in New Zealand in our last blog comments. Dom writes in here often in comments from Germany, so we really do branch out worldwide. As rappers would say, I don't play no games, I spit the truth. It might be boring truth, but I'm not one to hold my opinion in. 99% of the time I'm calm and laid back, so it's not like I'm going to be a big punk about it, but I'll always give my two cents into a situation. And it's always fun to morph into "The Love Doctor" online as Ashlee in a blog a while back joked with me using that name for dating advice. Dr. Phil can't hang. If your dude is a punk to ya, I'll let ya know my thoughts. If your chick is being a dirty, the staff here will get right on that and give you better options. Considering I've never really been in many big time relationships, I always think it's funny to give advice on other people's love life, it's a good time. After all, it's just an opinion, we all are entitled to one. Speaking of dirties, that's a good step into our Dirty Thug Ho of the Week!

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week:

Bird's Trivia of the Week: This is a new feature I'm going to try every now and then. Whatever I ask will more than likely be able to be found online with enough searching, so I might as well go in that route and have you search since you'd do it anyways. Today's question? First, add the current ages of Tony Danza, William Shatner, and George W. Bush together. Then take that number and subtract 33. Then add the four-digit year number in which the Yankees swept the Pirates at the World Series (example, 1990). Finally, multiply your total number so far by the year that the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off was released. Complicated? Nah. You're bored, you can spare a few minutes to work that one up. Here's our formula (Danza's age + Shatner's age + Bush's age = Age total.. Age total - 33 = New total.. New total + World Series year = New total.. New total x Bueller's release year = your answer.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Today's lunch as I'm sitting here typing this section up? Bologna sandwich on wheat with provolone and mustard. Also a pack of Gold n Chees (spelled like that) crackers, a pack of peanut butter crackers, Hostess cupcake with the curly squiggly lines old school style, a Rice Krispies square, and two packs of Welch's fruit snacks that are out of this world. I know I'm a little guy and wouldn't do well in an eating contest of actual "real" food, but nobody wants a piece of me in a Rice Krispies Squares eating contest.

2. Here's one quote that has my fantasy basketball guys from #basketball all riled up. So I had to post it on our board to get some chat going. I'm a big Eddy Curry guy and nobody else is out of our group: "We're calling him 'E City' because he's taking over New York."- Starbury on Eddy Curry

3. Birthdays for Saturday, January 20th: Ivana Trump, The Donald's ex goes for 58. Bill Maher turns 51. Manager of the White Sox, Ozzie Guillen, Happy 43rd. Stacey Dash is 40, wow. Big Snoop Dogg smokes it up for his 36th. Rae Carruth celebrates his 33rd in prison. A lot of B-list celebs that I'm not going to bother with this time.


Dominik1985 said...

lol those e-thugs are german

Anonymous said...

my brother saw snoop last thursday... he had a blast at his concert... can't believe that he is only 36...

Kristen said...

I agree with the monkey boy/fat kid sitcom..that'd rock. How come I post from Germany all the time and dont get credit?? ;) No worries though..this blog takes the whole world by storm, so it's all cool. hah. Well..have fun in adventurous W. Vir as usual..

Not Kate said...

I love the Idol stuff. We have Kiwi Idol out here (believe it or not - in a way we started the whole fad with the first ever create-a-group show).

It's embarrassingly bad. Though a guy from my home town won!