Friday, January 12, 2007

Pee Wee's Playhouse

Thanks to The_Freak for today's title..

Yep, I know I'm due to get this post out. You've all been holding tightly to your computer chairs in anticipation of the latest from my world. If that's true, you don't have anything else going on in your town either. But that's what I'm here for, to bring you the random happenings and some thoughts from an average Joe. Let's get this thing started..

I found out the other day that I have an interesting job for a while. Until the first week of April or so, I'll be working with the gifted kids. Yep, the geniuses of my county, so it should be interesting. I'm used to working with the lowest of low levels, but for a few months, I'll have these little kids teaching me stuff probably. I don't have any kids on Friday, my classes don't start till 9:00, and they go home at 1:30. That sounds like a quality schedule. I'll update everyone on how it goes once I actually get started. Last week I did a day of 1st grade and was worn out by the time I got home. During one of their snack breaks, I bet half of them spilled their cups they were drinking out of, doh, all over the floor.

On Saturday (my birthday), we rolled 12 deep to Huntington (Me, Spank, Cork, Trev, Mule, Ozzie, Maulberry, Sweet Pea, Salentro, Mudcat, Darway, and Rob. We took 3 cars and got to watch some big time high school basketball. I know what you're thinking, I drove 3 hours to watch high school kids ball? Yep and it was very well worth it. The level of ball we saw was nothing like our area ever sees. These guys are crazy impressive, with half of their players on both teams already signed by D-I teams. It was a sellout and most came to see OJ Mayo (Huntington High), who some productions claim as the best baller in the nation. He had 28 so smooth that we barely noticed. He didn't have a great shooting night, but he's a god down there in that area. He missed the game before and didn't come out for the first part of warmups. The crowd was restless that they made the drive and wouldn't be able to see him play. About 2 minutes before warmups were over, he runs out of the locker room and the place erupts, chanting his name and basically bowing down to the kid. I sure don't remember 18 year olders looking like that when I was around. It was run and gun ball and none of the half court slow down ball we see with our whiteys in the area, so that made it great to watch. It seemed like Huntington didn't have a set offense outside of setting a few picks and let them create on their own, which is probably the best idea for that team. DeMatha had an organized plan and had this kid that is going to Georgetown who was lights out. Mayo's boys ended up with the solid victory featuring two of the nation's Top 5 teams. Patrick Patterson needs to get more credit for Huntington, he's going to be legit in the paint wherever he signs at.

Outside of the game, the road trip was a good time. I drove and probably scared the guys riding with me to death (Spank, Cork, Trev, and Mule). I don't drive fast or anything, but I'm awful with changing lanes, parking, and that kind of thing. Needless to say, I'm not a good driver, but at least I admit it. It's funny how I've driven the past few road trips with my bunch though. The drive down was spent listening to the WVU b-ball game, rap music, and tearing up a lot of candy. Driving in Huntington is a mess. We were probably in a 20-block radius of where we had to go and had zero clue with all of the one way streets and things of the like. We even asked for directions a few times and still mangled it. We also got a kick out of how just outside of Marshall's campus (where the game was at) a few blocks away was this dirty thug section. Filthy, but I guess every town has that. We rolled to Red Lobster before the game and waited an hour. That wasn't fun, but the food was good at least. The service was horrible. We got into this argument about how someone couldn't stick a glass into another glass (the glasses we drank out of at Red Lobster) and have someone stand on it without it breaking. I thought the pressure would give and it'd just demolish. They thought to put me on the glasses at first and stand on them since I'm little, but we wanted to know the full effect of our Myth Busters argument. Spank stands on the glasses and they didn't shatter with 240 pounds on top of them. Myth proven, I was wrong on that one. Yep, that's what we do in our spare time.

MLK Day! Hopefully most reading this get the day off on Monday to party it up. Even whiteys can celebrate this one, it's fun for the whole family. You just can't beat 3-day weekends. I always wondered, does anyone really plan anything for this day? Being that I'm in racist redneck land here, it's an honest question that I don't know the answer to. BET always puts on some good stuff that day, so I'll watch that madness. Plus, NBA games start in the afternoon that day, so I guess there is some excitement going down in my area. Maybe I can celebrate it by going to watch Stomp The Yard. I didn't think this movie would come to my area, but I am surprised. Cork is the only one I know of out of my crew who would be interested in this movie and we're trying to work out something.

Any Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel fans out there? Everyone knows how big of a CT fan I am and he's the entertainment for this season. The season is about over, but last night's episode he straight up had one of his classic roid rages of yelling and screaming. I'm telling ya, it's worth the watch. If you can't find the replay, check it out on Overdrive on MTV's website. I won't spoil who got booted this week though, but it's a good episode.

I loaded up some quality CDs since the last time we talked. Of course, most reading won't care, but this is my space, so I'm going to tell you what I ended up getting this time around.

Bow Wow: The Prince Of Fame. Hard to believe this guy is 19 already. He'll always be Lil Bow Wow to me, but I like his stuff for some reason. He's tried to get a lot harder as of late (no pun intended), but he's not gangsta. Just stick to the pimpin stuff and you'll be ok. Not a bad actor either. I haven't listened to this CD yet to give a good opinion.

Eminem Presents...: The Re-Up. This has been out for a month, but I'm just now picking this one up. It's basically a compilation that Em put together of his entire crew. Who all is on it? Just to name a few we get Em himself, Obie Trice, Akon, Bizarre, Proof (obviously before he died), Lloyd Banks, and Nate Dogg. Yep, I said Nate Dogg. And I've said a zillion times, if Nate Dogg is on the CD, any CD, it's worth owning.

Mos Def: True Magic. If this is anything like old Mos Def, it should be one of the better lyrical CDs out there. I'm excited to hear this one as Mos Def doesn't get his credit that he deserves. More people probably know him from movies rather than his rap game, which is somewhat sad that his music isn't bigger. Check it out.

Nas: Hip Hop Is Dead. One of rap's legendary figures, one of the greatest of all time. If you're a Nas fan, this one will surely deliver upon the high expectations that Nas always sets for himself. He pays tribute to rap's pioneers of old, goes at the younger generation of rappers who think they're all bad, and ties it in with some of the best lyrics out there. Snoop, Jay-Z (who would've ever thought these two would do a track together), Kelis,, and The Game are all on this beast. It's very good.

Trick Daddy: Back By Thug Demand. Ok, so if you're not into the pimpin or lyrical rap, you must be into the dirty and mean thug rap. Trick Daddy hasn't changed his style. It's the same stuff of old he's used to and you can't go wrong with that. If you like hearing about thuggin' and what Trick thinks of everything, this is for you. I highly recommend this one. TDD is one of the funniest interludes I've heard in a while, that's Track #10 on this thing. Song wise that I'm big on, you get the single that is out with Chamillionaire, Bet That, and you better check out Born A Thug, which goes along with 2Pac's beat from Shorty Wanna Be A Thug, it's great.

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: (Once again, I dig deep into Lobstah's video archive and this is yet another Kasher find, props to him on this one. Poker fans will enjoy it.)

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. A quick plug from a buddy of mine in Turkey. Jammah (from old #basketball fame) has a new track up called All Comes Back. It features his partner RuffNick and they have a chick in this one named Sophie B. We were talking about how it sounds a little like older Do Or Die pimpin' rap or some Bone Thugs. They've been at it for a while and are talented. http:// www.

2. It's birthdays you demand and that's what you shall receive. Saturday, January 13th we'll roll with. Elaine on Seinfeld (she'll never be Julia Louis-Dreyfus) turns 46 and is still smokin' hot to me. Actor Patrick Dempsey goes for 41. Actor Steve Zahn parties it up for his 40th. Skater Nancy Kerrigan ("WHYYYYY?"), Happy 38th. Charles In Charge and Baywatch chick Nicole Eggert, 35. Crackhead Bam Morris of Steelers fame in the early 90s goes for 35 as well. Actress Rose McGowan, she's 33, dang. Actor Orlando Bloom lands on the big 3-0. American Idol bum who ended up making millions, William Hung, he bangs to his 24th.

3. It doesn't get much better than a tub of white chocolate pretzels.

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Anonymous said...

The trouble with gifted kids is that their parents usually know way too much about what they're up to at school. And they become 'interested'.

They'll run with anything you throw at them though - that's fun. You can set really creative abstract stuff and they come up with interesting projects.

- Coop