Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jew Crew & The Love Triangle

Here we are again. It seems like just yesterday that I posted the latest edition, but I guess not. We're at one of those weeks that was fairly uneventful, but a lot of people tell me they like those posts better. I just gotta dig deep and go with some things that can keep everyone interested. No sweat with that. As a quick count, we're just 69 days away from Christmas. Again, we haven't had Halloween or Thanksgiving yet and those get less and less credit each year. Don't get me wrong, Christmas is my favorite holiday, but we're months away, the stores need to wait around on it.

As usual in this one, we'll discuss the main TV shows that I watch through the week. The Kid Nation writeups are usually a fun thing and then I always have the Real World drama to weigh in on. Also, Sunday we had the EDDFL Draft Lottery. That's our local money NBA fantasy league that I've been running for years. NBA season is practically my life, so be prepared to be fed with useless facts on that through the year and how the Celtics are doing.

EDDFL is nearing upon us. Yep, the E-Town Diaper Dandies Fantasy League. I've been running this league since I was 10 years old (our crew is a mess when it comes to playing fantasy ball, we're fantasy geeks I guess you could say) and now it's been as solid as ever. We have 12 in the league. I'll go into detail after this Sunday's EDDFL Draft in Fairmont. Last Sunday half of us met at the Chinese joint in Shinnston to do our Draft Lottery. Our pick order for anyone that is bored: 1) Mudcat, 2) Fortney, 3) Spank, 4) Sidell, 5) TJ, 6) Posey, 7) Me, 8) ManDingo, 9) Cork, 10) Fleece, 11) Riley, 12) Ozzie

Kid Nation seems to be a hot item when I'm chatting with people after the blog gets posted. It may seem like a dumb show, but you get hooked in like no other. The show begins with religion fights. It's the Jew Crew (that's the name they gave them, how can ya go wrong with that catchy name?) against the Christians. Then, add a few Muslims and Athiests to the bunch and it's all out pandemonium. I was loving it, it was action. Taylor is horrible and doesn't work. Everyone calls her out. Cody is 9 and breaks down when his "girlfriend" sent him a pic and letter. He taps out and whines like a baby and goes home shortly after. Morgan gets the gold start for basically being the mom of the group. This week we have elections and the council gets put away possibly. You know you don't want to miss this!

I continue the path of having my sleep schedule all over the place. This week wasn't the best start, but I'll rock it out regardless. On Sunday night/Monday morning, I roll to bed at 3:20 AM. I wake up at 6:00. The thing is, I rarely get tired at work since I run around like a chicken with my head cut off, it's just when I get home and sit down and want to crash. Then on Monday night/Tuesday morning, I go to bed at 2:45 and wake up again at 6:00. And it's not like I'm doing much noteworthy during that time for those who know me, but just ate up with my time on the internet. This feature is becoming a little tidbit each week it seems. Can I ever get a solid week of sleep? Doubtful, I never learn. Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, 2:30.

Tuesday at work I got to act like a kid. I know, I act like that enough, I may never grow up, but hear me out. I took my middle school bunch outside for their recess time. Even my maniacs get a little recess time if they can handle it. While out there, I got to take part in a kickball game and also a field goal kicking exhibition. Unfortunately, I didn't have a pair of shorts or tennis shoes in my car as I normally do in case I'm out somewhere and want to play basketball. So I'm out there playing in dress shoes, dress pants, and a long sleeve button up purple, gray, and white pimp striped shirt. Funny just to think of that I'm sure. The moral? I'm not an old man yet, the legs are still in full gear, so let's hope that stays true for a while.

Real World was nuts last week. If you like insane drama with fights galore, you got our money's worth in this one. We had the Parisa vs Trish love triangle. Once again, it was the dude they are both after. Trish and Shauvon are on sides. KellyAnne seems to be on Parisa's side. Dunbar gets told about it from Parisa. The dude they're after is telling each of them different things. The crew gets drunk and Shauvon blows up. She says Parisa is for the dudes rather thant he girls in the house. Shauvon goes at Cohutta and throws bottles around, busting them up. This is one of the best drama filled episodes in a few season maybe. More to come from Parisa and Trish fighting over this dude who is playing them both. Good TV indeed.

JR's Monday Night RAW Rants: We get a double here. How so? We get last week's since we posted on Monday before RAW was over as well as this week. Can you handle the wrath of that? Probably not, but I'm going to take a chance and hope that your heads don't combust at JR ranting and raving. First up, from the older of the two weeks:

"Orton got his bell rung! His tongue tied! His brain scrambled! And then, Sweet Chin Music! And down goes the champion! Down goes the champion! What a Monday Night RAW moment! The chairman is in disbelief! But you better believe it, The Showstopper is back!"

Now the most recent:

"There's Kennedy! Kennedy! Another potential Orton opponent is assaulting Shawn Michaels! Jeff Hardy! Jeff Hardy in the ring! Jeff Hardy hammering Kennedy! Good Gawd! This is chaotic! Jeff Hardy may be hurt! Sweet Chin Music! Shawn Michaels kicked Orton's teeth down his throat!"

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: Wrestling fan or not, I think you'll get a big laugh at this. I could be wrong, but here's The Human Tornado:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. We'll roll with Thursday, October 18th for our birthdays. There are 365 days in a year, but it's weird how I've done some of these dates before in years behind. I guess that's just a weird way of the numbers falling, but we've tried this one before. Either way, what do we have? One of the best college football announcers ever, Keith Jackson, dude is 79. Head coach of Super Bowl XX, the greatest football team ever possibly, Mike Ditka, my boy is now 68. Tennis legend Martina Navratilova, 51 and still has game I'm sure. Jean-Claude Van Damme is still kicking heads off, 47. Sad, but I've seen most of his movies and admit to liking them. I know it's a few days over, but I'd like to wish Carolina in the mean streets of Canada a Happy Birthday! Not sure why I had her date mixed up, as I thought it was Tuesday, but it ended up being Monday. Hey, at least I got to tell her that on Monday anyways. Gotta keep the loyal blog readers happy or I might get slapped around.

2. It's time for one of those weird state facts. In Michigan, it's illegal to chain an alligator to a fire hydrant. Again, I can't make this stuff up.

3. Oh, you want another? Ketchup was sold in the 1830s as medicine. Odd but true. Don't say you never learn something around here. Until next time..


Anonymous said...

awhs... thanks for the wishes...
love your blog like always...

Anonymous said...

Ed - Don't forget Uncle Bill's birthday on Friday, October 19 - he'll be 61 - sure doesn't look or act it.