Saturday, October 27, 2007

EDDFL, Crying Drama, & Shinnston MILFs

Hey peoples, what's been going down? Same old here, which means I try to rarely complain and just do my thing. Nobody wants to hear ya whine like a little girl anyways, so might as well try to always stay in a good mood. Other than that, we have some business to take care of in here. It's been a little over a week, so that usually means tons and tons of stories. Well, I'm not sure about the amount of stories, but it'll be quality regardless. In this edition, I'll run down the NBA fantasy league I run (EDDFL), give the usual reports on my TV watching, Halloween approaching, and whatever kind of goodies we can throw into the mix.

Last Sunday was one of my favorite days of each year. That's right, our fantasy basketball draft. This was held in Fairmont and features 12 of our crew. The rundown includes: Mudcat, Fortney, Spank, Sidell, TJ, Posey, Me, ManDingo, Cork, Fleece, Riley, and Ozzie. That's the order of our picks by the way for anyone who cares. 10 were in attendance, while Riley and Sidell did the call-in together from the tobacco plantations of Carolina. All in all, it seemed to work rather well as we've been doing this for years.

The only thing I didn't care for about the place we drafted at was that when you leave, you smell like a dirty and greasy bar. Not my cup of tea, but if NBA is involved, I'll settle coming home as I wreak like Joe Dirt. The best part is just the trash talk with the crew and being our bum selves. Spank did a funny thing of what each person was going to wear that day when they walked in and he was dead on in many instances. I was able to call Mudcat's exact outfit, good times. Out of nowhere, Fleece starts playing this old jukebox and everyone is rolling their eyes as it cranks, while he thought it was the greatest. Fleece is a character and always brings something to the table. That added to the excitement as the trash talk hit high levels. We had a room to ourselves, watching NFL all day, a big draft board that our leagues uses to put each pick up, pizza, and it turned out to be a good setup indeed.

The basketball fans are wondering what my team ended up being. I'll get to that, just be patient. I had the 7th pick and was fine with that slot. Here's how things turned out for youuuurrrrr 2007-2008 E-Town Junkies:

1. Chris Paul: New Orleans
2. Andre Iguodala: Philadelphia
3. Al Jefferson: Minnesota
4. Gerald Wallace: Charlotte
5. Yi Jianlian: Milwaukee [Rookie]
6. Monta Ellis: Golden State
7. Andrei Kirilenko: Utah
8. Rajon Rondo: Boston
9. Jameer Nelson: Orlando
10. Walter Herrmann: Charlotte
11. Sean Williams: New Jersey [Rookie]
12. Andris Biedrins: Golden State
13. Ben Wallace: Chicago
14. Boobie Gibson: Cleveland
15. Louis Williams: Philadelphia

I'll try to not to bore everyone with too much NBA talk, but that's a huge part of my life, so hopefully you can adjust. I'm always in NBA mode, but now the blood is officially pumping through the veins in anticipation. My head may pop off before Tuesday's Opening Night begins, feel the fever! This Sunday, it's yet another fantasy NBA draft. This one is the mecca of all internet drafts. For people that don't know, it's the collection of the #basketball guys that I roll with that come together for the greatest online league of all time. Rickey Henderson would be proud. Anyways, that would be the A#BA. This is a 20-man keeper league. In that, we each keep 5 players from the previous season. This is as deep as a fantasy league as you're going to find and the guys in it are no joke, coming worldwide. My five are Dwyane Wade who is mangulated, Andre Iguodala, Eddy Curry, Danny Granger, and Andrew Bynum. This is where my boys in the league are from: Blahah (Maine), Me, Kasher (Montreal), Chester Cheetah (Canada?), Cork (WV), Wilbur (Washington), TrevGriffey (WV), Walz (WV), Chiphead (Brazil), DerekHood (Arkansas), ManDingo (WV), Vertigo (Las Vegas), TMac (Toronto), Don-G (Toronto), Duce (Philly), Neon (Canada), Morello (Canada), EJ (California), TyLaw (Canada), and Big Play Ray (Parts Unknown). So once again, it's basically West Virginia against Canada. Prepare for a 3 or 4-hour draft on Sunday night at 6:00 PM!

I get to double up on my TV shows since the last time we talked. Yep, that would be Kid Nation and Real World. I'll start with Kid Nation and then we'll go from there. Last week, we had MIT Genius Kid get drilled big time in a food fight and then tries to get all fired up. Shortly after, they had new elections for council members. Larry Bahhd stays on for green as she went unopposed and MIT Kid stays on for blue. The other had some defeats. Seinfeld beats Taylor for yellow and then Latino Heat Guylan takes out Mike. Greg gets the gold star for that week. Not too much drama, but we have action in the most recent. This one is about Taylor being a baby for losing council. The town's mission is to clean up the garbage, but Taylor won't work. Crazy drama goes down and yep, that's good TV. DK offers to quit and Latino Heat convinces him to stay as everyone is crying. Too much crying on this show. Next week we have them searching for "treasure" and money could end up ruining the city. Jared goes off, we'll see how he flips out.

You know what is an underrated show? Maybe this will make me feel like an old man, but it's still worth seeing. What am I talking about? Survivorman on Discovery Channel. I was hanging on the couch and the parents were watching this guy. I've seen bits and pieces before, but never really sat down to see what the whole deal was about. Basically for those who don't know this guy, he's "stuck" in the desert for a week at a time or so. He has to rely on the wild to get his food and drink. In the episode I just got done watching, dude was cooking up scorpions on a stick. Then he found this big ostrich egg and hard boiled it for 90 minutes. He said it's the best egg he's ever ate. He also was getting the juices out of plants for some water. When worse came to worse, he even distilled his wizz and drank some of that. I really don't believe he's stuck out there with nothing, but it still makes for something to watch. You're sitting there cussing this guy and then the next thing you know, you're watching the entire episode. Don't say I didn't warn ya. I doubt this is something I'd watch regularly, but it's worth the mention.

How about Real World? Last week we get another drunken fight between Parisa and Trish. They try to make peace next day, always ends up like that. Fake Tit Shauvon is freaking out about her ex fiancee and always thinking about him. She cries like a baby (Kid Nation anyone?) without her dude and how he's not there. Her man says for her to pick him or stay where she's at and she goes insane. The most recent week? Sexual tension builds up between Dunbar and Parisa. They act like they hate each other by screaming, but that is just hiding it. We can see through it. Dunbar's chick comes and they say how mad he always is, but she calms him down for a bit. To say he has anger management issues would be putting it lightly. Next week we get Cohutta and KellyAnne all over each other and she says she wants him. Then he catches her hanging with other dudes and can't figure it out. Plus, Shauvon's dude gives her an ultimatum. Half of this stuff is predictable, but it's drama, so you know you want to watch to see what goes down next.

For those hanging at the edge of your seat and wondering, nothing planned this year for Halloween. No parties or anything of that nature, but that's fine by me. I will be giving out candy to the little kiddies though, that's usually a good time to see people you haven't in ages that bring their kids out. That and you even get the rare Shinnston MILFs. They're not easy to find, but they do exist. Every year I run out of candy though, never fails, no matter how much I buy.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: It's time for someone else to take the reigns of this section. Well, for a week anyways. That's when my girl Jas is going to step in and offer her selection. Here we go:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: Kasher found this one a few weeks ago, so we'll use it in here. Here's anorexic Nicole Richie being interviewed at a Lakers game, she's a piece of work, and not in a good way:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Birthdays for Sunday, October 28th. NBA Hall of Famer Lenny Wilkens, 70, wow. Actor Dennis Franz, 63. Bill Gates is spending his money at age 52. Actress Lauren Holly, 41. Actress Julia Roberts, 40, I would've guessed older, but she's still smokin.

2. Today's Fact? 200 million people in China live on less than $1 a day. That's not even good enough to buy a Gatorade, for shame.

3. Want another? People spend about 2 weeks of their lives at traffic lights.


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What's with the white spot on Mud's shirt? - Mandingo

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Mandingo, I didn't know that you're bald. That's a shocker.

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