Saturday, November 14, 2009

Back From a Hiatus!

Yes, I've been on a hiatus. I figure you all thought I disappeared, but we're back with a new edition. I better get in a blog before the masses charge my door with ball bats and then throw me into the trunk of a car. It is almost at riot level. This is probably the longest break I've ever taken in my blog writings, we're at 2 weeks, doh. Hey, the batteries need recharged and I'll see what I can do from here on out. Over that two week period, that did give me some things to ramble about, so don't worry on me running short of action to talk about. What do you get in this one? Thoughts on Halloween, Call of Duty, Christmas decorations already, hibachi action, people who can't drive, Wyclef, Jericho, Ocho, Hong Kong black market, an 80 pound adult, and a lot more! Whew, that was a lot throwing at you at once there. Anways, I'll spin the wheel and see where it lands as I can start a number of ways. And we land on....

What did everyone get into for Halloween weekend? Nothing special here in my town. I didn't go out and do the dressing up and partying deal, that's just not my thing. I'd be for the dressing up, but never like ending up being the babysitter when I'm the only one not drinking that would go out. That's just no fun, maybe I'm being weird thinking that. The good thing though would be that you'd see most of the college girls practically naked in their "costumes" and you can't go too wrong with that. Nobody you'd want to bring home though by any means. I'm just being honest, it's only my thoughts, you may disagree. Hopefully he doesn't mind me using it, but I found this on Isaiah's Facebook that week that had me cracking up, so I'm going to give him full credit on this. What's his take on Halloween?

So, while I believe the government should be LESS involved in our lives, I think there needs to be a law passed on Halloween costumes. Something that regulates the weight and age limit of girls who wear whorish outfits. Honestly parents why don't you just hang a sign around your 12-year old's head that says "rape me." Some of you should be punched for letting your daughters walk outside like that. Sheesh.

Help me now. For that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is out, combined with it being NBA season, mixed up with the internet, and I'm ate up like no other. COD is going to be my girlfriend now for the next few months at least. My initial thoughts of the new version? While I glue myself away from the controller for a few minutes, I knew I had a blog to write. Graphically, it's very well done in my mind. There's a lot of added additions, but I think it's for the better. I know a lot of people are into playing the campaign at first, but 98% of my COD time is spent online with Free-For-All, no team games for me. It's the best especially when you get your crew all playing in the same game.

Our mall's GameStop had 200 people in line at midnight on Monday waiting to pick this up. Yep, we're a bunch of dorks. I decided to wait till Tuesday after work to pick up my copy. I knew if I got it at midnight, I'd be up all night with no sleep before work. It could've been done, but you know how that goes. One night last week I did go to bed around 4:30 on a work night and woke up at 6:00, so I really don't learn much. Anyways, we're not even in a huge area, so I can only imagine a real city's line that line. Hey Corndog, we thought you were a traitor to the PS3 side, only that you learned that everything was mangled on PS3 (imagine that), so it's good to have ya back in action with the original 360 crew. Oh how I could keep rambling about this game, but I kept it fairly short..

Here's one that is just strange to me. First off, for anyone knows me, I'm a huge fan of Christmas and just the whole atmosphere. You got the families all together, the decorations, the presents, and the actual real reason of what Christmas is all about. But this early?? Really? These people near me already have their stuff out. I know people put lights up early just to get them ready since they have a lot, but no. I'm talking reindeer and whatever goofy things are already out in the yard. The lights are on at night and we haven't even hit Thanksgiving. That's just beyond ridiculous. Or maybe I'm the ridiculous one, who knows.

I'm probably one of the last people ever to ask about bar etiquette or anything of that nature. I'm clueless on that thing. Some people love it and that's cool, but one thing that has always made me wonder. I'll set up the scenario, you've all been part of it or seen it if nothing else, so maybe you can help give me an answer on this one. You have some goofball guy strutting around the bar and trying to get his mack on. Then out of nowhere he'll buy some random chick a drink. That's a good thing I guess. It can't hurt to try and plus the girl can't get mad about free drinks. What gets me is that the guy spent $3 or however much and thinks based on that $3 that the girl is interested and she's going home with him that night. I know I'm in Shinnston and there's a lot of dirty girls around, but you gotta do more than that you would think, but sometimes not? If so, either the girls are one of three things: desperate, stupid, or just completely bored out of their minds. The boredom I guess I could see. The others, eh. All in fun I guess, but I always got a kick out of that one. Or maybe the guy is the real idiot when they don't get to take the girl home and she just chugs drinks off of his money all night. When's someone gonna buy me some free stuff?

Here's another thing I never was a big fan of. You're driving down the highway, minding your business, jamming to some Bay Area rap, and out of nowhere, a car wants to pull out. You're creeping up on this car and it hasn't pulled out yet, but in an instant it pulls out an inch in front of you. That's grounds for getting fired up, but they can redeem themselves. What bugs me is if this person pulls out and then they want to go 5 miles an hour as they just gunned it to get in traffic. If you want to pull out in front of me, fine, just hammer on that gas and show me you want to be out there. Don't be some old lady and get us all impatient as you do nothing with it. Prove to me you want that spot. I can't drive at all and know that basic rule.

As I've said before, Ocho Cinco is easily my favorite person on Twitter to follow. He's that good. Not only that, but he's the first athlete to have his own iPhone app. I never understood people paying for iTunes stuff ever. I've already bought an iPhone and iPod off these people and they actually expect me to pay for apps or even songs? Get out of here. However, Ocho changed me a bit. When his app first came out a month or so ago, it was $5. That's not much at all, but the whole principle that I'd actually have to pay for an app, that's not high on my radar. I'm not cheap at all, but when you can get pretty much the same type of apps or songs for free, which would you choose? Exactly. Anyways, during last week's game, Ocho was joking around with the refs and pulls out a dollar bill to bribe him. The NFL eventually fined him $20,000 for the act, the No Fun League. Due to that, that night he put his app for only $1. I had to splurge then and it's one awesome app if you're a fan of his. What's on it? Tons of things, but a few of my favorites include: his Twitter updates, a Where's Ocho that has a map and shows where he's at at all times, a sound screen with him saying all sorts of stuff in both English and Spanish, his music playlist, his internet show, and tons more. It might sound silly, but it's definitely worthy.

Some of us went out to tear into some Japanese for Cork's birthday. That's food, not chicks if you were wondering, had to throw in the old time lame joke there for no apparent reason. Anyways, you can't go wrong with some Shogun action in our area. Our area doesn't have much, so this is one eating place everyone in the area seems to be big on. The thing on this trip was that we had this girl beside us who was a total idiot. Now I don't have any common sense at all, I'll admit that freely, but this girl made me look like a common sense genius. As the cook was doing his usual tricks, he was heating up the hibachi. She started calling it an oven and even the cook started messing with her about it. It was pointless things like that all night, but I got a kick out of it nothing else, besides, it takes a lot to bother me. She did bring one good thing to the table though. The cook was a guy she knows well since they eat there a lot apparently. He mixes his special hot sauce mix for her and I was trying to figure out she was going to put it on. I'll talk to any random bum, so if I have a question, I'm going to ask. I figured I'd see what was up, why not? You never know what kind of conversation you're going to get otherwise. Come to find out, she wanted it to dip her filet in. Interesting. She told the cook to get me a batch of that and I wanted to try it out. It turns out that it was actually pretty good. As a piece of info, everyone at our table ended up getting filet as one of their main choices. I rocked mine medium rare of course, closer to rare (yum) with some scallops. Good times.

The one and only Matty Cakes will get credit for this next bit I'm going to throw your way. I told you I have a lot of things to talk about this time, just bouncing off the walls with topics. Guys especially, and even some of the girl readers, I know you're a big fan of sports jerseys and like to collect that stuff. I've been doing that for a long time myself as I have too many for my own good. I was at Matty's and he showed me a few of his NFL jerseys and they were slick, authentic, and he hooked me up with a nice website to get a great deal on. NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL jerseys, it's loaded up. You want a $350 authentic jersey for only $38-$40? Now is your chance. It's a bit shady, but hear me out because you're about to get hooked. You're ordering out of a place in Hong Kong first of all. Second, it seems like you're buying off the black market. Again, as with the free iTunes stuff, you can't go wrong with deals. You'll also need a PayPal account to deal with these people. If you have that, you're good to go. Oh, you'll need the website of course, I'm getting there, hold your horses. The website is You want old school stuff? It's in there. Current? It's in there. The first order I recently made was a 1978 Dave Winfield Padres jersey and a 1986 Doc Gooden Mets jersey. Each has the actual patches they wore during those years and the works and is a Mitchell & Ness jersey, high quality. My first order anyways, it was pretty smooth. I highly recommend it.

It's time for a quick music break. I know, I'm only talking to a select few who read the blog that are big rap fans, but they're out there, so I'm writing anyways. I've never really considered myself a huge fan of Wyclef Jean guy one way or the other. I've always liked him, but never one of my all time favorites or anything. We all know that during The Fugees days that Lauryn Hill was the real star of that group anyways. Also, most wouldn't normally consider Wyclef as being a "rapper" so to speak as he has his own style. He has a new mixtape out that I haven't yet tried to get, but probably will after hearing this song. That song is Streets Pronounce Me Dead and he basically goes off on people who don't give his rap game any credit. It comes across fairly mean as far as Wyclef stuff goes. He kills it in this one. My favorite line is: "And my swag come from Nazareth, how you gonna say I'm dead when I rose like Lazareth." I'll throw another fairly mainstream deal at your way to check out. I'm usually not into the New Boyz at all and Ray J is more famous for his sex tape than music, but check out Tie Me Down as it's a collabo between them. I like it, you may not.

Bird's Dirty of the Week: Since the blog had a little layoff, we're going to get this back to the person who has sent us the most dirties over the time. We head out all the way to Arizona and interact with Arizona Jas. The girl she found is one of those chicks that is more towards the fame line rather than just some bum off the streets you can find in any town. We switch it up around here. Some weeks you'll get girls that have no business putting up certain pics, others you'll get some wholesome girls, and this week we go for the fame. You get a zillion folders of pics here and just about any type you can think of. Thanks again goes to Arizona Jas. Feel free to send in requests if you have someone you think can earn a spot:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: I know most reading aren't wrestling fans, but even the non-wrestling fans might enjoy this one. It's from one of my favorite wrestlers out there, Chris Jericho. Right now I think he might be the best in the world at what he does. As a sidenote for the indy wrestling fans, there is none better and hasn't been for a while than Bryan "The American Dragon" Danielson. Back to Jericho, he's great in the ring and just as good on the mic. This is pure old school. He was at a show in England not long ago and got the crowd so worked up that they started throwing DX glow sticks at him. His reactions to all of this is good stuff, he plays it up great with his whiny character. Give it time to build. "I'd like to see the son of a bitch who threw that on my face. I'm gonna beat your ass right now!"

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I thought this stuff only happened in West Virginia, but apparently not. Kristen from Germany (now again Kristen from Florida) gives us this link. This idiot ended up getting 3 years in prison for having sex with a horse? Really? That's just beyond messed up and I'm one that is rarely weirded out. Well, he's from South Carolina is the surprising part, so they're everywhere. The story is great, you have to read it. Here's the link:

2. I get bored a lot and I've mentioned it's a nice time killer to search the local jail site. There's always someone on there I know each day, guaranteed, at least one person. I come across this one chick and she's 35 years old. Nothing out of the ordinary so far, right? Anyways, this girl is 5'4" and how many pounds? 100-110 would be real little, right? Let's go way under that. Try 80 pounds. You serious? An adult?? Apparently it's true, I don't know. I try to not judge a whole lot, but that's not healthy. See for yourself:

3. It's time to end with some facts. Since I haven't talked to you in two weeks, your brain is due for some knowledge. Did you know that mosquitoes prefer children to adults and blondes to brunettes? A chameleon has a tongue that is 1.5 times the length of its body.. Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete. Who knew? Thanks for being patient and waiting for this blog, see ya again soon enough.


@NotDirtyKash said...

I understand that you wouldn't want to pay for apps after buying the iphone, but the apps most of the time aren't made by Apple, and the money doesn't go to them either, but I believe a big chunk to the person who actually made the app, example: Ochocinco.

@NotDirtyKash said...

And I need to check that jersey site out. Sounds awesome. I want an Expos Ugueth Urbina jersey.

@NotDirtyKash said...

Ha ha ha, Plaxico Burress NY GIANTS jersey is on super sale at only $22 US! Get yours now!

RatedDAL said...

Wow what a great fuckin site for jerseys, those prices can't be real can they?

Bird33 said...

True Kasher, it's just the principle of paying for it I guess, even if it's not to Apple, who knows.. and that jersey site, I'm talking to Answer now about it, it's the real deal. The Winfield and Gooden jerseys I got are amazing. It's shady, but I didn't have a problem so far in my first order.. Next order soon is going to be 3 NFL jerseys. Singletary, Dickerson, and Namath. And the prices are definitely real.

DirtyKash said...

Undecided about what jersey to get, they don't have any Expos ones hah. I feel like getting one just to see if it's the real deal or not.

Bird33 said...

Go for it Kasher, you're gonna love the baseball jerseys no matter who you get. They're amazing.. I got size 44.. In NFL, the authentics start at 48 and I hope I don't swim in those. Gonna try one on of a buddy's that he has already of a 48. If it fits ok, the next order is going to be:

Singletary, Joe Namath, and Eric Dickerson. All white jerseys.

tagskie said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

Ms. Jazzie said...

Ocho Cinco is the man! :) And I love Jericho... he is awesome... back in the hizzie when I was all into WWF lol! Awesome blog