Friday, April 08, 2005


I’ve been busy the past week or so. Don’t hold that one against me. But never fear, I’m back to update you on some big (or not so big) happenings in the mean streets of E-Town. I’ll start right off with an interesting story. Last week, I set up two of my teaching buddies together to have a date, Kari and Mike for anyone who wants me to get specific. I didn’t think anything of it. I told Mike that I’d put in a good word for him and see what I could do to set something up. Anyways, on Wednesday night, they went out and I got a message around 9:00 on AOL Instant Messenger from Kari. Needless to say, she was all kinds of fired up. She said that Mike was a punk all night, left his wallet at home, made her pay the bill, tried to kiss her on the first date, and was just downright rude. Ouch. That’s a blow to me, considering I sort of helped bring this madness together. After talking for a while, and of course I’ll chat and listen to just about anything on here, especially from buddies, things started getting weird. I was feeling like a bum. Then Kari sends me a message that she says she got from Mike online to send to me. I’m subbing for Mike on Friday and he said to hope I wasn’t offended and wondered if I would still sub for him on that day. A few minutes later, Mike confesses that it was actually him talking from Kari’s house on her computer. Yep, you guessed it. I got PUNK’D. Doh! I have to give them credit for that one though, it was well thought of. None of that stuff they said about Mike being rude, etc was true though if you were keeping track at home. Kari and Mike, that’s dirty, I have to get ya back somehow. :-) Could that mean you can all call me the Love Doctor? See Ashlee, I was right after all, hah. You laugh at that nickname, now I have to prove it to ya I guess. Hitch has nothing on me. Not sure about love in the air, but at least it was a successful date. Chalk one up for the good guys.

We also had some big time wrestling action go down on Sunday, live from Los Angeles. It was WrestleMania XXI and of course I wasn’t going to miss a Pay Per View. To set the scene, watching the festivities from the scenic Bird33 Palace of Sports, it was Cork, Spank, Little Charles, and myself. Having Charles there was worth the price of admission alone, he’s one funny dude. That’s Spank’s cousin Charles for the locals who were wondering that in their head. Overall, it wasn’t a spectacular Mania. It featured too many skits instead of more matches. My favorite match on the card was Triple H being defeated by Batista. I don’t agree with Batista winning, but the match itself was a lot better than I expected. I also liked the Rey and Eddie match with Rey winning, HBK and Angle tearing the house down with HBK actually tapping out (what?? HBK tapped at a Mania?), and the Money In The Bank Ladder Match won by Edge. However, Cena beating Bradshaw was brutal, and so was the Undertaker and Orton match that Taker won. Does it get much better than Hogan getting busted, then turning around and doing the YOUUUUUUU point to his opponent? The crowd eats it up and I know you do too.

A quick summary of RAW, or just touching on a few points. Batista is the new champ, right? Well, we didn’t see him until about 10 minutes left until the show. Triple H started out the show since Batista has about as good of skills on the mic as Corndog’s donkey (for the #basketball fans there). A great Three Way Dance between Benjamin who kept his IC Title facing Jericho and Christian. Trish showed Christy that she doesn’t belong being a wrestler and mangulated her. Trish was hot as ever. Benoit taking on Edge was solid too, as Benoit can sell moves as well as anyone not named Flair. At the end, Batista beat Orton, who is scheduled to get shoulder surgery soon, while HHH stared on from the ramp.

Also on Monday night, my Heels did something they haven’t been able to since the days of 1993 when my most hated basketball player, Chris Webber, gave us the title by calling the inevitable timeout he didn’t have. I hate having the NCAA Championship on Monday nights. You know what that means. It takes a backseat (yes, even if it’s my boys playing) to RAW. I did get to watch a good bit though and after RAW was able to catch the last part of the game, so all is good times. One thing I don’t get, what is up with the Mike Gansey jersey poppin’ crazy that is going around lately? Everyone is doing it, but it’s funny. Or Rashad McCants ripping off his UNC jersey like he was some roid freak.

More Ron Mexico! ManDingo pulled a funny and told me that he wants to get an Atlanta Falcons jersey, #7, and put Ron Mexico on the back. I had to laugh out loud for real on that one, nice job Dingo. That alone deserves a plug in today’s Blog. First, go visit ManDingo’s Blah Blah Blog.

And for the Ron Mexico (Michael Vick in disguise) story, please visit this page and read. I urge you, it’s that funny:

Just one new CD since the last update. I need to get back on track. The latest is C-Murder’s The TRUest Shit I Ever Said. This is a pretty nice listen and C-Murder is the brother of Master P for those not in the rap game and he’s locked up. He’s been in prison since 2003 and is booked for life (supposedly) for you guessed it, murder.

The NBA season is getting close to an end. Well, the regular season anyways. That almost brings a tear to my eye, literally. My boys should be looking fairly decent for the playoffs though. In my two fantasy leagues, I’m done in each of them. I’m battling for the 11th Place slot in #basketball’s elite A#BA, while in my local money league I got rocked this year, meaning someone will break my attempt to go after my 4th straight title. I want that on my ESPN SportsCentury show whenever it gets made.

On Wednesday, I actually had a class of just 2 kids. How tough is that? Seniors at that, so it made for a real easy day. Same thing happened today. One class I had 2 kids again, with one being a teacher assistant. Gotta love those gigs. Another class I had a whopping 4 kids. How can I handle this insane pressure? I got my hands full, let me tell ya. Tomorrow I play shop teacher, something I know as much about as Corndog’s donkey. That’ll be funny times I’m sure. I never have a problem with those kids though. They’re about as laid back as it gets.

Back to the CDs. I update this through Word every so often and when I’m ready for a big post, I have all of my thoughts together. Weird, I know, but I like to be organized. Anyways, above you saw that I got C-Murder’s latest and said I was slacking. Last night I loaded up though and here’s what we opened up as our latest presents:

E.B. Daddy Of Da Hood: Hood Rebel. No idea on this guy, but I saw his name and figured it’d be worth a download. Plus, the name is funny and it’s rap, so it can’t be too bad.

Iceburg Slimm: The World On Ice. Another one I didn’t know anything about honestly, so I downloaded him too. This, as well as E.B. both sound good just by sampling a few things, but I haven’t listened to the entire thing. If you have some info on these two guys, which is probably 0.0000002% of the population, then hit me up.

Ice Cube: The C.I.A. EP: This one is straight out of 1986. Back in those days, he would’ve been 16 or turning 17 in that year. This one has 6 tracks and only 3 of those are vocal. It’s raw though from what I can tell, but I like getting rare things, so this goes with the bunch. The other 3 tracks are instrumentals of the 3 opening vocal selections. I’m still cracking up that XXX The Movie has gone gangsta. Cube is one of my favorite rappers of all time.

Obie Trice: The Most Underrated. This is one that wasn’t released and came out before his debut of Cheers. Oh, Obie, where have you been lately? Cheers is a great album, yet they didn’t do anything with it. I’m disappointed. Good that I found another Obie CD to get though to add to the collection.

It’s tennis season, or close enough. We’re trying to get a steady crew this year to play, so let us know if you want in on some action. Just from the balls guys I’ve talked to there is Cork, Spank, Stevie Buck, and Donovan that are ready to battle at any time. Me and Cork got in a bunch of night tennis last year, which is awesome by the way. Can’t beat playing tennis under the lights at 1:00 in the morning before rolling into Denny’s with sweaty nads. We fit right in with the drunks and dirty strippers who are there late at night. Then again, we’re nocturnal.

3 Quick Thangs

1. Is there a song in NBA arenas that gets played more than Big Pimpin’? Every single game features this multiple times.

2. Is there a better name in baseball than Chone Figgins?

3. High up in my chick rankings is the short shorts and long socks combo. Just thought I’d point that out.


Anonymous said...

I may have laughed but I never said it wasn't true :P lol

<3 Ash

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you guys play tennis over there? you should also take a few shots from tha hoe ;) Last year I chose Tennis and ping-pong as sport subjects and it was real fun but nothing really challenging. I've been playing tennis since I'm 3 years old and I was hooked onto ping-pong since 5h grade. Markus Larson (famous player from Sweden) was with our tennis club some years ago...

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