Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Mmmm... Frog Legs

Yo, what’s up out there? I’m just kicking back on my week off, enjoying bum time. Always tough to figure out where to begin, so I’ll just be as random as I always do.

Since my regular Chinese restaurant shop got busted by the health department, I had to go to Option B last night. I went to Grand China Buffet. My old place I was familiar with and was a regular. They knew what I got to drink, hooked me up with deals, etc. Now we roll to the new place. This one has been there for a year or more I want to guess, but I’ve never went out of loyalty to my old place that got shut down. Anyways, this place is a big time operation. Me and my boy Spank saw frog legs on the buffet. We were bored, so we said we’d give it a try. Not too bad actually, it’s like chicken. Not a lot of meat on them, but they were loaded with salt and pepper. Another funny thing is that there is this Chinese dude there named Alan. Maybe I’m crazy, but did they just tag that name on him when he came over here? A Chinese guy named Alan? That’d be like me naming a kid Yao or something to that effect, you get the idea. It cracked me up though.

Wednesday night could be big for me. Well, as big as it gets in my mean streets. Early in the night, we’re playing ball since Thursday is Thanksgiving and everyone and their brother will be at the Pitt/WVU game. But we can’t miss ball for anything. On top of that, my boy Posey is coming in and is setting up a big Monopoly game. Count me in for that action. Win or lose, Monopoly is always a good time.

As I type this, I’m watching some Scarface on USA. The edited version is always a good laugh because this movie might have more cussing in it than any in the history. Still, it’s a classic and I don’t have to tell you that since most are into it. For what it’s worth, I’ll give you my favorite segment though. It’s after Tony’s guy gets cut up with the chainsaw and then his boys come in to help Tony out. As the guy they were going to buy the cocaine off of tried to cross them over, he makes it out to the street. People are all over the place and Tony shoots this guy straight in the head in front of everybody and makes a getaway. Don’t mess with him. And a random Scarface quote that of him big pimpin’, especially when it’s an Italian playing the role with a Cuban accent, that makes it even more strange.

“Now you’re talking to me baby!” - Tony
“Don’t call me baby. I’m not your baby.” - Elvira
“Not yet. Give it some time.” - Tony

I made a late night Denny’s trip with Cork at 3:00 AM and people were camping out for the launch of XBox 360, no joke. I’m a huge video game guy, but I couldn’t see me camping out for the arrival. A few were doing it big though by having TVs setup in the back of SUVs and things of that nature to kill time with. $400 too, not cheap. I’m holding off on the new systems until the Nintendo Revolution comes out.

Here’s the good word on what CDs I got over the past few days..

Chrome: Straight To The Pros. This is a new sensation from The Hypnotize Camp Posse that everyone seems big on. Three 6’s boy. It’s getting good reviews online, but I haven’t listened yet.

Dillinger & Young Gotti: The Saga Continuez. This is the new Dogg Pound or so they want it to be. Daz Dillinger as part of this, so it can’t be too bad you wouldn’t think.

Sheek Louch: After Taxes. From the mighty mighty D-Block clan. The video for One Name featuring Carl Thomas is out already and it’s a good one. Of course the other two members of LOX is on this thing (Jadakiss and Styles P), but you also get Beanie Sigel and Fabolous. Sheek does a 50 Cent diss on this album as well.

Hopefully I can get in another post before the weekend to talk some wrestling since we have Survivor Series coming up. Also, tonight is the finale of Real World Austin. Hopefully it’s good. This season hasn’t been good, but I’ll still miss not watching Real World for a bit on Tuesdays. Until next time, here are 3 things you all want..

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Birthday time, it’s been a while.. Tennis great Billie Jean King is 62. Jamie Lee Curtis turns 47. Former NBA big guy Benoit Benjamin goes for 41. My favorite all time tennis player, Boris Becker, is only 38.

2. I like Usher and all, but seeing him in a gangsta movie should be worth the see. It won’t come out in my racist area unfortunately, but who is Ursh going to get thuggish on? Tony Montana would bury him in two seconds.

3. At SolosBets on the year, I’m 21-18 on my bets. Free bets, but it’s still competitive with my buddies. We bet on NFL, NBA, and NHL. Doing better than most of my crew, but not sure if that’s something to brag about or not.

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yvonne said...

hey, i heard frog legs aren't that bad, but i can't eat things that hop around like that. i don't got the courage to eat one. well, i hope you are enjoying your 9 day break. i know i am going to enjoy my break for the whole 6 days. lol. you are too lucky. well, take care. talk to ya soon. laters