Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Pick Your Poison

Hello. Where have I been? Did I get lost in a cave and grow a 2 foot long beard? Did I vanish into the sky not to be seen for over a week? Well, never fear, for I'm back. This is probably the longest I've went ever without a Blog, but I may be wrong on that. Either way, I need to get back in the grind in here. We all need a little break.. Where do I start in my busy past week or so?

NBA consumes my life. Now that NBA season started up last week, I'm obsessed beyond all measures. I'm in NBA mode 365 days a year though. That is nothing you all don't know though, but once the regular season kicks in, it goes up another notch. Fantasy basketball wise, I started out in the EDDFL in 7th Place in Week 1. I need to improve on that. In A#BA though, I put a rock solid win against Bono and his Vagina Squires. Yes, that's his team name. That cracks me up every time. Oh well, I'll be 50 years old and still laugh at middle school humor.

The latest Ashlee Simpson story is awesome. She rolls into a McDonald's all wasted. She jumps on the counter and they tell her to get off. She then calls the person a bitch for that. Soon, a guy comes up and asks for her autograph. She says she'll give him one if he gets down and kisses her feet. He refuses and she drops an f-bomb. Video of this is on the internet, so enjoy that piece of work. Gotta love white trash stories.

A recent pic of me this past weekend rockin' a Notre Dame hat at a little place my parents have about 2 hours away. Nice to get away to relax and do some fishing:

I'm sure you're dying to know what movie my kids watched last Friday. We got Walking Tall with The Rock and Johnny Knoxville. Not a new one, but a good bit of them requested that I rent that one, so I did. I like this one a lot too. It's short enough to watch in a 90-minute class that I teach, so it worked out nice. And you can't go wrong showing high school kids some violence and people beating on each other, their eyes are glued to the TV and you don't have to worry about them. This Friday is Veteran's Day, so props to my boy Spank and the rest of the military crew out there for doing it big. That means movie day for my classes gets pushed back to Thursday. What, you thought I'd go a week without showing a movie? The insanity around here!

A little wrestling news for you all to feast on. First, I picked up Jake The Snake: Pick Your Poison Double DVD over the weekend. I've watched about 40 minutes of the documentary part so far and it's incredible. Jake unfortunately has lived a hard life. He talks about his messed up family life growing up, drugs he's done, and a ton of other stories. And I haven't even watched one sixth of this collection yet, so I'm excited to see the rest. That day I also reserved the Bret Hart DVD package which is going to straight sell like hotcakes. I wanted a copy the first day it came out, so my only option was to reserve and I actually saved money doing that, not bad. It comes out next Tuesday.

RAW brings a nice change of scenery, or at least for me. My boy Joey Styles, former ECW announcer, has now joined the RAW commentary team. Last night was his first RAW. He did Taboo Tuesday last week, but I didn't get to see that. Joey is very good in my opinion, but then again, I'm biased towards anything ECW related. It's tough to run a 3-man broadcast team if you ask me though. He didn't get to say a ton, but did a fine job. Hopefully next week he fits in better. We're less than 3 weeks away from Survivor Series. Bischoff starts off by sending Edge to SmackDown to face Batista in a Street Fight. This is due to Edge saying he's only out for himself and not for anyone else on RAW. I'm getting into this character for some reason. Carlito beat Shelton Benjamin in an awesome match and I hope they get more matches together in the near future. Flair beat Conway while Triple H watched on in a recliner. Afterwards, HHH chokes Flair out with a chain. Rematch at Survivor Series between these two in a Last Man Standing Match, nice. Kurt Angle is the man. His mic work a few segments before the main event was quality. Angle brought back Daivari to be ref in the main event. Angle and Masters beat HBK and Cena with Daivari's help.

I'm not sure what my problem is, but I haven't got a new CD in a week or possibly more. I better catch up and get like 15 over the next few days to get back on schedule.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. It's time to get back into the birthday wishes. Only 2 worth mentioning and they're B-List celebs. The first is Tara Reid who is 30, wow. She used to look good, but now she's nothing but a dirty crackhead. We also have Jack Osbourne, who is 20. The drugs these two have done over the years has to be wild.

2. Today's random website of the day is a blast from the past. For some reason, I can listen to this over and over, even though there's not much to it. Addicting I tell ya. http://zombo.com.

3. A poll in USA Today says the average person eats 25 pounds of candy a year and that's down from the past few years. If the average eats 25, I must eat 300.


Chrissy said...

Whats up with the slowness of the blogs :-p, better step it up some. Keep them coming its a lil entertaiment i have around here HA

yvonne said...

hey whats up. i haven't had a blog to read in a while, it was nice to read one. i like the pic of ya. the blog was awesome. you need to pick up speed a little bit. well, take care and be careful up there. talk to ya later or right now.

TigerDragonGrrl said...

Holy cow! You got me blogging now.

It's all good.

TigerDragonGrrl said...

You are hot.

yvonne said...

hey whats up. i love the pic. i am gonna have to get some more from you so i can put them everywhere in my room. you know i would like that. uh huh. well, i will talk to you later. take care HOT STUFF!

dk said...

Still hot.

What's up with TigerDragonGrrl always posting her messages in bold?

Shell said...

hey! I like ur site! I won't b able to keep up mine but jus thought I'd give it a try, and wanted to leave ya a comment. All the comments about u bein HOTT is true!! :) Take Care!!