Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Fans Demand It

After the fans have demanded another post, I'm back in action. To me, I won't be able to top the Bird experience from last week. The highpoint in my life has been achieved and it only gets worse from here on out, or maybe not. So what is new in my world for this week? Anything exciting? Strap up and listen to the stories..

First off, a big congrats goes out to one of my long time boys, and fellow comment poster to the Blog, Clark and his wife Carey (I think I spelled it right this time) for them expecting a baby in October. That's good stuff and I know they'll be good parents. Some other people of our crew, we've had to worry about even though they've done just fine, but Clark has his priorities straight. I'll be sure to update everyone on this situation.

Did we have a football game on Sunday? Yep, that we did. It wasn't exciting, but I was glad it was a tight game till the end. I was rooting for the Steelers, but they're not my "team" so to speak. One thing that gets me is how many people who hate the Steelers are crying like little girls on how the refs caused Seattle to lose. Sure, there were some debatable calls, but Seattle played like trashpiles most of the game. Nice pick with Hines Ward getting MVP, he played great. Nobody else on either side was impressive if you ask me though. Both QBs were down and outside of Fast Willie Parker's crazy run, there wasn't a huge advantage in the running game. Pittsburgh's secondary was suspect I thought. Everyone has heard 3435 stories on how Bettis is done and how he won a title in his hometown. I'm just happy that he's a Notre Dame alum, big ups there.

This week at work I get to wake up at 5:30. That'll be interesting, but so far so good. Yesterday we had a 2-hour delay for snow, so that helped Monday go better. I have to be at school around 6:45 for some lovely bus duty. Basically I'm just walking around and talking to the kids in the morning and afternoon to make sure nobody gets some gang violence started. Well, not that extreme, but in case any rumbles go down. Then again, these kids are twice my size with full grown beards and I'm near 30 and can't grow a true beard. I'll just have to eliminate them with some Sweet Chin Music if worse comes to worse, but there's not many fights at my school anyways.

Yes, I admit it. I'm fairly hooked on American Idol this season. The_Freak, another fellow poster to the comment section of my Blog, says I'm a chick for it. I know it's weird, but other than NBA, wrestling, and other sports, I'm watching American Idol, Real World, and the occassional chick flick. Some things you learn from me everyday.

The wrestling paragraph. We're now on the Road to WrestleMania that started last night at RAW. They set up an 8-man tourney in which the winner will get to main event Mania. Our winners last night were RVD over Carlito, Masters over Kane, Triple H over Flair, and Big Show over Shelton Benjamin. HBK was supposed to face Show, but Vince wouldn't have it and said next week they'll have an HBK Retirement Party, even though HBK isn't hearing that. Shane against HBK at Mania? I'm loving this Trish Stratus/Mickie James angle. Imagine that, a chick feud that is actually drawing some interest. These two can both wrestle well and are hot, a nice combo. The main event had Cena and Maria take out Edge and Lita. That setup Cena to pick Mick Foley to be the special guest ref next week as he faces Edge.

A quick schedule note. Next week, RAW will not be on Monday. It's because of the dog show, ugh. We all remember back in the day when RAW was on USA and it had to be pre-empted for the dog show and tennis each year. I guess that's still part of the deal. Anyways, RAW next week will be on Thursday and it should be a stacked show. Also, in the spring, TNA will be moving to primetime, Thursday nights at 8:00 Eastern.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I'm on an 80s hair band kick as of late. If anyone out there has a copy of Monster Ballads or knows where I can get it at, let me know. No, I'm not wanting to order it off of TV. Yes, I listen to non-rap. It's rare, but I do some.

2. When you're rolling through road work and the dork with the sign that says "SLOW" is there. What would happen if you suddenly went 60 miles per hour through there?

3. Next post will have the talk of the local Clarksburg legends taking on the Harlem Rockets. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

I bet that TheFreak also likes American Idol.

DirtyKash said...

What's up with the Excite Bike NES cassette picture?

The_Freak said...

The_Freak does not like American Idol. That is entirely false.

Bird is going to make a nice housewife one day.

c-note said...

Ed ... thanks for the shout out. I'm curious about the Clarksburg Legends vs. Harlem Rockets.

me said...

The American Idol thing can't be that bad. i like it too, but i am a female. lol Super Bowl XL, that was a horrible game. i was going for the Seahawks the whole game. the refs made some awful calls. oh well, there is another time. by the way, what is that pic of, the first one???

Bird33 said...

Nice comments everybody, much appreciated as usual. I'm getting a regular group in here, hah. As far as the first pic, no meaning behind it. I typed exciting at the end of my first paragraph and I just figured I'd search for one of the greatest games ever, Excitebike for Nintendo.. The second pic with the graph, has even less signifigance. I like putting weird random stuff up for no reason at times..

I missed Idol last night, but taped it, so don't fear. And of course I'm watching tonight too.

Clark, for a little preview on the game last night, let's just say that Jarrod West was the best player on the court, that's including both teams. I always like watching my boyhood local legend idol Billy Childress too, he's still one of the best around.. Clark, have you played with Chris Weekley, a former Salem product before? Dude is a CRAZY great 3 shooter, you should've seen it, nuts. I need to talk to Dingo about him soon.

yvonne said...

well, thanks ed for filling me in about the game. i was lost. how did you miss idol. what was more important than IDOL??? oh ya a game. catch ya later. the me comment is from me too...lol

Kristen said...

Wow, got some comments coming in here quick. Nice on the housewife one though..that's good stuff. :) Nothing's going to beat meeting Larry Bird, especially the excuse for a football game they showed on Sunday. Well, have fun up there, enjoy the bus duty.

The_Freak said...

cheap heat rules.

Stephanie said...

Hey babe. I just thought that I would pop by and leave you a comment. Soooo whats new? Nothing really is new on my end. Well I need to be going because I have to eat, then workout, and then finally I need to go my ass to sleep.

you can watch me anytime you want to.