Sunday, February 12, 2006

Pig Vomit

How's it going out there everybody? Not too shabby at all here, but I'm usually in a good mood anyways. So where will I begin this post? Let's start off with MySpace. First of all, everyone and their brother has an account there by now it seems. It bugs me really bad that you can't always login though and that you have to login each and everytime to get in there. Yes, I have the Remember Me clicked, but you still have to click submit constantly. Enough of that. I'm sad to say how much time I spent tonight while I didn't have anything else to do just searching around accounts in my area. It's crazy addicting and you know all of you (well, if not all, most reading this anyways) get too caught up in it too. Then again, I guess I could be doing worse. Hit me up if you aren't already on my list there. You want to find a 6'9" girl that is a terrorist, with one arm, 27 piercings, owns a Porsche, and lives in Montana? You get my point. You can break these searches down to an exact science.

Movies this week? Here we go. Friday at work I got to watch two. The first was one I've been wanting to see and it recently came out on DVD. That one is Underclassman with Nick Cannon. It probably doesn't interest too many out there reading, but I liked the movie. Then again, I watch way too many movies featuring rappers or thugs. And for the Dave Chappelle fans, "Nick Cannon is hillllarrriouuuus!" Then one of my classes that is mostly girls wanted to watch A Walk To Remember. You guys know me by now, I actually own this one. Yeah, let the metro jokes fly, but I admit to liking chick flicks. They're not sports or comedy movies, but they're up on my list. I got the wide variety going. Earlier in the week I finally got around to watching Cinderella Man. I borrowed this one from Cork and it's quality. Long, but worth the watch. Pig Vomit of Howard Stern's Private Parts fame played his role great in this one.

In other news, my parents' 35th anniversary is on Monday. That's some big time stuff there to celebrate. Everyone and their brother now gets a divorce, so it's nice to see my parents rockin' it out for 35 and counting. My parents always laugh and say if they got a divorce after a few arguments like a lot of people do, they would've been divorced a long time ago. They say to those people to suck it up and once you're married, you're married, bottom line. That's straight old school stuff there, it gets my respect.

Clark and any of the other locals out there reading were curious on the charity game at Byrd last week. It was the Harlem Rockets (a travel/comedy team) against the "Clarksburg Dream Team". I expected the Rockets to be trying Globetrotter/And1 type tricks and it'd just be stupid, but it was a legit game with no tricks. This team wasn't that special though. They ended up winning, but I think the Clarksburg team tanked in the 2nd half so these guys could win. Clarksburg was up 17 at one point and was just rolling. Jarrod West of WVU fame and current Notre Dame High School coach was the best on both teams. Some NASTY crossovers that had their guys looking like fools. Guy has serious game. The other team had this 7 footer who was pathetic. He even airballed a foul shot. Chris Weekly of Salem International fame was in a total coma. Dude hit at least 10 threes, it was sick. Right in their eyes, JJ Redick style. This game also allowed me to see my boyhood high school b-ball idol, Billy Childers. Billy was unselfish as usual, but he played great. Those guys didn't expect much defense and Billy was up in their faces all night, pressing full court. Of course they were whining about it. All in all, an entertaining game I thought. Chris Morris was supposed to play, but mangled his ankle. Me and Cork were laughing how we had to be the oldest guys in the gym that didn't bring kids with them. A good chance to see some quality MILFs up there though that looked nice as they were doing their best to be all slutted out for the players.

Just one CD to mention and it's a mixtape. It's the Paid In Full Mixtape: Volume 1 - Money Hungry. This is a compilation for some Bay Area rap, my favorite kind. Not that it would interest anyone reading, but that's what I'm listening to right now if you're keeping track at home.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I'll go Monday on this one. Birthdays for February 13th? Coach K turns 59. Crazy rocker Henry Rollins is 45. There's a few other minor bums out there, but they're not worthy of a mention in here today. It's weird how few celebs have a birthday on some days and the next day it'll be loaded up.

2. You need to invest in a smart clock. Only about $15 at Wal-Mart. You know, the ones that remember the time automatically, even if the power goes out. Loyal reader, The_Freak recommended that I get one and it's already paying off.

3. NBA All-Star Weekend is coming upon us.. I can barely contain myself!


DirtyKash said...

I'm disappointed that you don't have any kids, Cork. Shawn Kemp's your role model after all. Be like him.

The_Freak said...

I thought Cork's role model was Rick Fox.

yvonne said...

okay, i can proudly say that i am addicted to the whole myspace thing. it has been bothering me also that i have to log in everytime even though i click remember me. are you trying to say that i am caught up in i am glad to see that you own some chick flicks. that is one of my favorites there. *tear* tell your parents congrats on the 35 yrs. already baby...ALL STAR WEEKEND!

Kristen said...

You're parents are awesome. 35 years is awhile. Yes, I'm on Myspace like everyday. Found all kinds of folks I grew up with, that's cool to me. Well, have fun up there as usual. Later,

yvonne said...

whats going on. haven't been very many comments on this blog. hope you are doing okay. i am trying to stay warm over here in TX its in the 70s. take care all....

Anonymous said...