Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bashing in Cell Phones

I'm settled back into West Virginia after the Atlanta extravaganza last week. Everyone seemed to like the last blog. It was my biggest and some were telling me it was their favorite that I've done. To each their own, but thanks for the comments. Now I go back to the regular style of rambling about anything and everything. That is always hit and miss, but usually I can spark some different things for everyone in there. This won't be nearly as long as the last one, so if you get freaked out by seeing me ramble too much, I'm back to what you're normally used to. I'll see what I can whip up, no worries.

How's the adventures into Harry Potter been treating me? By the time I get next week's blog out, I will have been started on Book 4. I'm zooming through them fairly well and still am hooked with it, so that's a good thing. With work starting next week, that may slow me down a bit, but I'll still chug along. I haven't talked to anyone who started reading these that has not liked them. That was until I talked to Kari the other day. She was telling me she got 40 pages in and had enough. She said she was reading about cars flying and people talking to snakes and didn't have the imagination for it, hah. That's good stuff.

It's about that time where I'll be a complete zombie for a few weeks. Next week when I start back to work, it'll be way tough to get up early, but I'll manage. The past few weeks I've been an idiot. On Sunday night/Monday morning, I went to bed at 9:30 AM and woke up around 1:30 PM. Then on Monday night/Tuesday morning, I'm not sure what got into me, but I went to bed at 11:00 AM and woke up at 3:00 PM. Jas, you're right, you need to do a study on my sleeping habits, it's a wreck. Of course I was on here all of that time, so I need to start trying to get to bed halfway early, but that's never easy. I never learn.

I had a meeting for work today. Nothing out of the ordinary, but I'll go on a little tangent. I think I'm the only human, definitely the only person that reads this blog, that doesn't get into the cell phone craze. That's not the part that bugs me. We're in a meeting, I don't want to be there as much as the next guy, but have the decency to turn your phones off. No, I don't want to hear your dumb out of date ring tone. You may think it's cool and want the rest of the place to look at you, giving you the attention. I've still yet to do a big goal of mine. I want to smash someone's phone into pieces and then give it back to them if it happens in a situation like that. Take a ball bat to it and just straight up flip out and have them think I've lost my mind. Then smile at them and calmly give the phone pieces back to them as the rest of the room cheers on the madness. Yes, I have too much time on my hands. Anyways, next topic..

Softball season is about over for Mario's Fishbowl. This week marks the end and time flies. Last week we had a doubleheader and played great. Game 1, I got to be the hero in the Bottom of the 7th and drove the game winning run in. That's always a fun time getting a chance in those situations. Game 2, we played the undefeated team in the league. We battled and had a real good chance of winning. We were the away team, so they had a chance in the Bottom of the 7th. We were leading and they came back to get things done. Also in that game, our pitcher (Mule) and catcher (Rach) had a crazy collision. They were both going down the first base line for a popup and just crushed into each other. They were down and out for a bit, but got right up and did their thing. Friday night we have a game at 6:00 against the church and then Saturday we have tournaments all day, single elimination. Time to gear up!

I know we have a lot of people reading that are big Real World fans like myself. The new season, based from the streets of Sydney, started last week and I'm ate up with it as usual. A quick rundown of the characters and what I think based on just one episode. In order they were introduced in the show, it started out with Trisha, a 19 year old chick from Fresno. She had sex when she was 12 and has a dude at home now. That can only end up bad, always does. But good for TV of course. Then we have Cohutta, a 23 year old hick from Georgia. He builds log homes and his the accent, so he should be interesting. KellyAnne is next, she's a 20 year old from Texas. She's all about getting attention, is an Italian with a real nice body, but the downside is that she's a crybaby. Isaac, 21 from Cleveland. He's the artistic dude of the bunch and is on probation (or was?) for robbery. Shauvon is a 24 year old from Sacramento. She's basically your Barbie chick with fake tits that looks like she's going to topple over. Dunbar is 22, from Mississippi and has a chick. I don't have much else on that guy yet. Last, we have Parisa. She's a 21 year old from NYC and graduated college early. She's Iranian, and if I'm basing on looks, she's who I'm digging so far. She'll be the babysitter of the group, but she wins the prize of first person to cry. Wednesday nights, 10:00 PM EST on MTV. No gay dude this season? Impossible! Maybe I'm just not seeing something. Some bum will come out of the closet and freak us I'm sure, but so far we're off to a good start.

Video game fans are all pumped up right now. Monday night at midnight, we had the release of Madden 08. I didn't get in line at midnight like I normally do, but I'll have it on Thursday afternoon sometime for the Wii. I've been due for a new game anyways and this is the perfect time. The last one I bought as you all know was Resident Evil 4. Next week, Tiger Woods 08 also comes out. I'd like to get both, but I hate having to divide my time between two games in the same time period. One always ends up collecting dust.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: As usual, when credit is due to be given, we do that around here. My girl Felisha wanted to turn in a chick to us this week. I think it's great how chicks seem to be into this section more so than the dudes. Here's the gem she found:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Birthdays.. Thursday, August 16th: Former NFL baller, Frank Gifford if he's still around, he's 77. His chick Kathie Lee, she's annoying and needs slapped around, but she's 54 and irrelevant now. Madonna goes for 49. Actress Angela Bassett, she's also 49, and still looking good, I don't care of the age. Come to think of it, I remember doing this exact same date in a previous year blog, the irony around here.

2. Weird Fact Time: More than ten people a year are killed by vending machines. Don't ask, I just report it.

3. Weird Fact #2: A toothpick is the object most often choked on by Americans. Not what you'd expect, I know what you're thinking you bums.

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