Friday, August 24, 2007

That Roo Just Ate Cheetos!

We're back to send out some goodies to everyone. What's happening? Things are great here as usual. The topics to cover this week? Softball fisticuffs, Madden 08, more Harry Potter, a roo eating Cheetos, fantasy football, new CDs, and a slew of other things to keep your attention.

Saturday was our softball tournament for Mario's Fishbowl. There were originally 12 teams in this league to start the season. We finished up 6-8 and were #6 going into the tourney. We were faced against WVGS who was 10-3 on the year and a pretty good team. We were struggling to find dudes for this game, so we called a guy that was listed on our roster, but hadn't played all season. Legit we thought, but apparently if you don't play in 5 games for the regular season, you're ineligible for playoffs. Either way, we took our chances. We pulled off the nice upset in this one to advance to a game later in the afternoon. After the game was when things began to get rowdy.

We were in the parking lot, waiting to go eat between games. That's when this old woman who always runs her mouth comes up to our team. She cries that our new dude wasn't eligible to play today and all of this. Every team up there brings in ringers, but he was listed on our list. Follow me so far? Of course he didn't play the 5 games, but none of the other teams cared since they took up for our argument and the umps didn't protest either. Then this older dude steps into the mix and cries about the ruling and gets up in Mule Daddy's face. Wrong move right there. Mule goes around 6'3"/220 (I'm horrible at guessing height and weight) and has a short fuse to say the least. He knows that, so I'm cool with writing that, hah. It'll help for the story. That's when Mule about flipped out on this dude and started going nuts on him to where the guy was backing down. The guy started walking away since I'm guessing he didn't figure Mule would blow up, so Mule walks after him and continues to get even more fired up and wants to take this guy on. Me and Devon the Dude (rap reference there for those who get me there) thought Mule was going to hit him, but the guy walked off crying. Then we had Trev giving some of the best one liners to this old chick and sent her packing as well. Meanwhile, the rest of us were just standing there taking in the excitement.

So between games we head to Wing Fest that was behind the Mountaineer Mall, right up the hill from where we ball. Out of nowhere, we see Posey and chatted with him for a bit. The whole time, we figured when we got back to the field for our 4:00 game that it'd be a forfeit and we'd get kicked out. Not so fast my friend, everyone backed our case and we got to play. We got to play Rhythm & Brews, they're the #2 seed and finished up 11-2. We played great, but got beat in the Bottom of the 7th, doh. WVGS stayed for this game to try to heckle us, but we got a kick out of that. So after a rough start on the season, we battled back and finished 3rd overall. Not bad for a bunch of bums. The top 2 teams at the end of the season are forced to move up to the next league. Technically, next summer we'll be the best returning team in the league. That's kinda funny to me, I'm ready to rock for that, I'm in for sure. Only thing I'm bummed about is that we didn't get a team photo, grrr.

How am I coming along with Potter? It's still great and I'm ate up with it of course. This 4th book is going to take me a while and with the remaining books being way big, I won't be breezing through them like the first few. I'm still chugging along, so don't you worry one bit. I'm about 160 pages through this book as I type this for those keeping track at home.

Here's an interesting one for the people. I have a buddy I chat to in Australia. Yeah, I'm worldwide, that's how I do. Anyways, we all know kangaroos run like mad down there. One thing I didn't know is that people can have them as pets. I saw a vid of this chick's roo in the house that she sent. It's some kind of mini one that doesn't grow too big, but it got up on the counter and started tearing up some Cheetos. I kid you not. I'm telling ya, you can see absolutely anything on the internet. Roos eating Cheetos? You can't beat that with a stick.

Two weeks worth of Real World to give a chat on. Trisha wants to take a break from her man and he gets jealous. Then she turns dirty and gets with a new dude that same night. Shauvon breaks down and cries like a girl after making out with a dude. She said it was the last thing she needed and hates being single, whatever. Trisha and Parisa get into it at the end of the episode. Parisa says that Trisha always thinks of herself and was really busting out the smack talk. Trisha couldn't handle it and everyone said not to mess with Trisha when she's having dude problems. No problems there, apparently she doesn't care since she hooked up with a dude when she's on this "break". The latest episode? Parisa is wanting Dunbar bad, but he's not into her one bit. She writes this sappy letter to him and he basically gets weirded out by it. Then we have Isaac hooking up with this hot black Irish chick. Nothing major in the latest episode, but there ya go.

Quick thoughts on Madden 08 for the Wii? It's a different setup, but I think it works out really smooth. I've started a franchise with my Bears. To someone who hasn't played much Madden Wii before, it'll be all jacked up to you at first with the controller setup. Some underrated party games and trivia on this version. The trivia against someone gets addicting.

Speaking of football, it's time for a quick update of the keeper fantasy NFL league I'm part of, ran by Uncle Wilbur. I didn't write about it in the last blog for some reason, but I'll give my team. First off, we have 18 people in this league and we keep 3 players each year. I kept QB Tom Brady, RB Thomas Jones, and RB Julius Jones. Ladies and gentlemen, this is yourrrr Cincinnati Celts:

QB: Tom Brady
QB: Brady Quinn

RB: Thomas Jones, NYJ
RB: Julius Jones, DAL
RB: Brandon Jacobs, NYG

WR: Ron Curry, OAK
WR: Greg Jennings, GB
WR: Sidney Rice, MIN
WR: Ernest Wilford, JAC
WR: Bryant Johnson, ARI

TE: Vernon Davis, SF
TE: Visanthe Shiancoe, MIN

K: Neil Rackers, ARI
K: Mike Nugent, NYJ

D: Atlanta Falcons

We're due for a CD update. It's been a while, so let's dust off this section and give a recap of what has been added to the collection. It's all rap this time, so if you're not into that, just read anyways, you might learn a little something. :)

Ali & Gipp: Kinfolk. A mixture of one of Nelly's St. Lunatics members (Ali) and some Atlanta Goodie Mob action (Gipp). You're not getting hard rap here, but the vibe is pretty good. You get a mixture of dirty south style with some club rap if you're into that. I think they played it off well. A lot of people on this CD such as Nelly, Cee-Lo, David Banner, Pimp C, Murphy Lee, Lloyd, and Three 6 Mafia.

Boot Camp Clik: Casualties Of War. We get some good Brooklyn lyricists here. I don't think they've ever got their justice due, but they've been around the game. They're not going to play any games and try to be something they're not. I liked this CD and you should too. This album features all 8 original members.

Plies: The Real Testament. I was surprised by this CD. I didn't think it'd be much except for club type rap, but I was proven wrong. Everyone knows of the single that is out now with T-Pain, Shawty. Others worth checking out? Goons Lurkin and Runnin My Momma Crazy.

Styles P: Independence. This one impressed me. Usually with D-Block rappers (which I like), half of their raps they spend screaming that they represent D-Block. This one just rips 50 Cent something awful if you're into diss tracks. I don't mind 50, but he's going to have his work cut out for him if he tries to lyrically battle this clan. There weren't many tracks that I can say I didn't like. My favorite is Ms. Jackson. They sample Outkast's Ms. Jackson and just go at 50. Shots Fired features Jadakiss and it's another one worth checking out. "Get Rich or Die Tryin' was a classic. Now you rich and you tryin' to die, you'z a dumb bastard."

WC: Guilty By Affiliation. Let's bring it back to some true West Coast stuff. Some think this has come and gone, but WC shows how things are meant to be when you stay with your style. For those that don't have a clue, WC is part of the Westside Connection with Cube and Mack 10. Cube is featured in this CD a lot and he's as solid as ever, one of my all time favorites. You get the hard grimey rap here, so if you're wondering if WC has changed things up, he definitely hasn't. 80's Babies with Cube, you need to download that, great lines on that one.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week
: We have a gem here. It's a 2-part thing. Heard of the Duct Tape Bandit? I haven't either until Corndog showed me this stuff. First off, check out the news clip for the back story: and if you enjoy that one (which you will), check out the song dedicated to it:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. How about some birthdays for Friday, August 24th you say? WWE icon Vince McMahon, he turns 62 and still ripped out of his mind. WV Governor Joe Manchin, he's doing it for his 60th, wouldn't have guessed near that age. Baseballer Cal Ripken, 47. Craig Kilborn, former ESPN anchor and current actor, 46. Basketballer Reggie Miller, seeking a comeback with the Celtics, Happy 42nd. Comedian Dave Chappelle, he's going for his 34th. There ya have it.

2. Fun Fact Time: A Saudi Arabian woman can get a divorce if her husband doesn't give her coffee.

3. 123 days until Christmas!


Shell said...

hey Ed, You did August 24th birthdays, thats my dads birthday, he is gunna be 52, He isn't big on his birthday, he is the type that doesnt ever wanna celebrate it and WOW Christmas is sooo close again. Well Take Care in your part of WV.

Jordee said...

hiiya mate,
glad me n mah pet roo have been an inspiration to your blog! good ta hear ya letting people know what us mad aussies are like! feeding their pets cheetos and VB beer!! hahaha .... only in australia mate!!

hope ya keeping well n not werking too with ya soon hey...

and i is creeping up WAY too fast this year!!

much love xx

jordee =]