Monday, December 24, 2007

Santa Bird Strikes Again!

"It's Christmas time in Hollis Queens, Mom's cookin' chicken and collard greens. Rice and stuffing, macaroni and cheese, and Santa put gifts under Christmas trees." Yep, I had to revert to some classic Run DMC there for those who know that one. I realize I'm due for a post, no excuses, but since it's the Christmas season, we'll whip up some goodies for the readers.

Remember how I said the lack of sleep over the past few weeks would get me? Well, it finally did. Last week I was getting the sore throat and sinus headaches. Friday I get home from work and headed straight to the doctor. I go in and the doctor is doing all of his checks. He says my sinuses are mangled and all of that. Then he asks if I've ever done steroids before. I look at him all weird and am like, "Hmm... no?" Then he started laughing a bit and said he should've just asked me if I've taken the dose pack medicine deals that he calls roids. I was thinking for a bit, I didn't figure he'd think this little 155lb guy was a roider. Anyways, I was able to catch up on my sleep. Here's a good one, on Friday night, I went to bed at 10:30 PM (whoa) and wake up the next day at 1:00 PM. 14½ hours! That's killing it there, I needed it. Then the next night, I went to bed at 8:30, go figure. I never learn.

Saturday comes around and I go to bed that night (day) at 9:00 in the morning. Yeah, back to my weird sleep schedule now that I'm on break for 2 weeks. I wake up at 2 and then on 2 hours of sleep, I go play ball at School Square with Walz and his crew from 8:00-10:00. Then that night, I go to bed at 4:00 (early, I know) and wake up at noon. Off to more ball. That would be from 1:30-3:30 in the rich streets of Bridgeport with Ozzie and his crew. We're getting ball in and usually with enough time to let me know, I'm game for that. After playing on Sunday afternoon, it's time to come home and rest for a bit. That's when it was time for more ball. This round was at The Lighthouse with Sweet Pea setting it up and we played from 8:00-10:00. So that's playing ball 3 times in a 2-day span in 3 different gyms. That's not too bad at all for a guy turning 29 in a few weeks and still has the speed of old to play the run and gun style, I'll take it. Knock on wood, no major injuries over the years from playing ball. Hopefully this means my bum town will get back in action for ball on a regular basis.

It's time for the personal hello time. My boy TheAnswer, who goes way back with the #basketball crew and his chick are in Vegas living it up big. They're now readers to the blog and I gotta send the big hey to Jamie out there in the city of action. They're also in the Christmas card tradition, glad that a lot of you guys already got those.

People ask me what main things I want this year for presents and the like. Eh, nothing big time actually. I can't think of anything that I definitely must have. I guess I'm content with how things are going at the moment. I have a good bit on the list, but it's all video games, DVDs, clothes, and things similar to that line. I'm pumped though, it doesn't get old waking up on Christmas morning and doing the present giving and receiving. I probably have just as much fun passing out gifts to my crew, parents, and whoever else than I do getting them. Between the card tradition that sends worldwide to loading up on gifts for people in my area, it's a fun time to be had for all. Santa Bird is hard at work once again, I can't let the faithful down.

How'd the most recent Real World go? To start, the girls are all pissed at Dunbar for his crazy temper. Dunbar then gets mad at Cohutta and KellyAnne for laying in bed all day and not helping on their job. The deal is whatever team does the best with their job wins a trip to Europe. Ashli says she's finished with Dunbar, but they'll be in bed again together next week probably, go figure. Next week we get the battle of teams to see who can put the best tour of Sydney up and win the trip. Not a great episode this time, but last week's was tough to top in the drama category.

What's on tap for the next week while I'm off school? Christmas Eve, when you're reading this, it's the big bash at my house. That's when we get the family and friends over to hang, get rowdy, eat a bunch, or whatever action goes down. No family members will be embarrassed in the blog no matter what goes down tonight, so don't worry about that if you're reading and are a family member, hah. I try to keep that safe and use the happiness to roll around on. Christmas Day is just chill time. Do the presents, play with new things (like I'm a kid or something still, but I act like it), and watch the NBA tripleheader. That night, I hope it's a trip to the movies with my boys Cork and Spank. There's not much on the table this year for movies opening that day in my opinion, although I want to see The Great Debaters since it's a Denzel movie. You can't go wrong with Denzel movies, he straight up brings it I think and he's one of my favorites. I doubt this one can top what I saw in American Gangster a few months ago, but you never know.

Other than that, the week is wide open. I hope it'll be filled with days of working out, playing ball, video games, and hanging on here. Oh? That's my normal schedule anyways, so scrap that. New Years Plans? I'm sure I'll find something, but nothing at the moment is written into stone. I'm not a party guy, so the bar scene and all of that can be for someone else. That mess doesn't excite me one bit, but I won't preach on that anyways, everyone knows how I am. Not your normal blog that is filled up with tons of stories, but one more laid back and to get us in the mood for big action on Tuesday! Here's to everyone having an awesome Christmas! Be sure to let me know how yours goes.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: This was found on the Boston Sports Guy's site. Whitey suburban kids that made a vid while dunking on a kiddie rim. You'd be lying if you haven't done this before in hopes that one day you'd be able to dunk, but can't even touch rim on a regular hoop:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Since we're doing the Christmas theme, let's do some of those birthdays. Former NFL QB, Kenny "The Snake" Stabler, he starts us off with being 62. Jimmy Buffett, who I never could understand why he's such an icon, he's now 61. Someone seriously explain that guy to me, I'm missing the boat totally on him. NFL RB Larry Czonka and former American Gladiators host, also 61. Singer Barbara Mandrell, 59. Annie Lennox of Eurythmics fame that looks like a dude, she's doing it for her 53rd. Ricky Henderson, baseball's career leader in stolen bases, and the self proclaimed greatest of all time, 49. Fantasia, American Idol chick, Happy 35th! That'll do it, not a bad list there. Not many superstars there, but still better than most weeks.

2. Our first weird stat? Astronauts aren't allowed to eat beans before going into orbit. Why so? Gas can tear a space suit up.

3. A little fact. It's illegal to hunt camels in Arizona. True story. As usual, I can't make these things up.

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TheMrsAnswer said...

how oh so rude of me!! i, a girl you have never talked to but love so very much, bully you for a personal hello in your rockin' blog and then i have the nerve to not even read it until today!! well here's a belated thank you. hope the holidays rocked and such. cheers to the new year and hope you enjoy the last year of your lovely 20's. peace out santa bird.