Sunday, January 06, 2008

Jamie Is Awesome?

I like to have people pick my blog titles from time to time. Today's title is from MrsAnswer herself, Jamie in Vegas. How so?

Me: (1:59:09 AM): Almost time for a new blog to be put up. Any idea for a title I could use?
MrsAnswer: (1:59:34 AM): jamie is awesome?
Me: (2:00:02 AM): That's what I'll roll with then.

I guess with her question mark there, she's not sure how awesome she even is. But as usual, we give the readers what they want around here, everyone is a part of the action.

You know what isn't too shabby? That it's 2008 and we're still going strong in here. It's not for a while, but once May rolls around, that's 4 years we've been hanging out in this spot. Who would've guessed that? I don't have any resolutions or anything crazy like that. I'm sure I could think of something just to say it, but that's what everyone else does. "I'm gonna start working out, I'm gonna stop smoking, I'm gonna watch my diet, I'm gonna try to treat people nicer." Uh.. no you're not buddy. We can see right though that. And no, I'm in a great mood, just saying what I think on most people's resolutions. Sure, you'll get the diamond in the rough who may do those things, but in general, they usually fail miserably.

Speaking of New Years, you're probably wondering how rowdy I got that night. You're expecting some drunken fest to just shock everyone, but no go on that. Sorry to let the troops down. It's funny because most of the past week, me and my crew had something going on every night it seemed. Whether it was playing ball, video games, going to a movie, watching NBA, or whatever. Then that night comes around and we didn't plan a single thing, go figure. So that night was spent at home, I'll call it a relax night and I didn't complain one bit. I ate Chinese (pineapple chicken, pork fried rice and sweet donuts) and flipped between BET and MTV's celebrations. Too much excitement I tell ya, not sure how I handle it all. It's not like my buddies did anything either that night, they were bums too, guess we're getting old.

Since we're talking about 2008, we're going to go down the road of darkness. I realize it's a sick thing to do, but me and my buddies still participate regardless, it's competition, why not? Yep, that would be the infamous Lobstah Celebrity Deathpool! This is ran by Commish Kasher and it's actually interesting. For the newbies to the blog, I'll break it down quick for you. Each year on December 31st, we turn in 10 celebrities who we "think" will die in the upcoming year. Yeah, that's pretty ruthless, you don't have to tell me that, but you can't say it's not at least intriguing. How do you score points? You take their age they die at and subtract it from 100. For example, if you have someone that is 53 when they die, you get a whopping 47 points. As an added twist, you get to distinguish one person as your "lock" pick. If that person dies, and mine did last year, you get double the points. What does my roster look like for 2008?

Barbara Billingsley (Mom on Leave It To Beaver)
Jimmy Carter (Former US President)
Bob Feller (Hall of Fame MLB pitcher)
Zsa Zsa Gabor (Actress)
Bobby “The Brain” Heenan *LOCK* (Wrestling manager)
Charlton Heston (Actor & NRA guy)
BB King (Blues guitarist)
Scott Hall (Wrestler; a.k.a. Razor Ramon)
Raven (Wrestler)
Nancy Reagan (Former First Lady)

I used a good bit of those last year, so I'll try some again. I had Lady Bird Johnson die last year as my lock. This year, my lock is currently in a coma (the bad one), but he's gotten out of some big time surgeries and things of the like in the past. Heenan is one of the all time greats, tough to see him go down this path. I only have two people of my 10 that are under 63 years old. Again, it's sick and demented, but you'd be surprised how many people do these things. That and it already has your attention and you want in for 2009.

It's been a while since I've had any Harry Potter updates. I believe it's time for another. The last time I mentioned, I was on Book 5: Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix. With work and me reading other things at the same time, this was a longer read and it was a big book. It is finished up though and was awesome. I've heard from a few people say that this book wasn't as good as the others, but I must have a different opinion on that. As far as detail and setting things up, this one had a lot more going for it I thought. The only complaint I had on this book was that the battle between Dumbledore and Lord Voldemort was too quick as far as pages dedicated to it. In this one, Harry finds out many answers he's been wondering about over the last five years. Now I'm started on Book 6: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Yep, I'm a dork, but it's time to get pumped up. People who have already read these know what I'm talking about.

You want a different topic? Ok, we'll talk about commercials. I'm sure you'll know the commercial I'm talking about since it's on every 2.3 seconds. You know the Kiafest commercial where the dude is dancing around like a fool to the maniac song? It's pretty cheezy, but I get a kick out of watching my Dad see the commercial. He sees it and refuses to have it on. He'll start lighting that bum up with f-bombs and going off on it like it ruins his day or something, good times. We need a YouTube of that. But we do have the clip of the actual commercial:

Here's a topic bound to garner up some response. When do you take a shower? Uh oh, what direction am I going with this? I usually get mine late in the evening or at night. Sometimes I'll get a few in a day, I'm probably a bit of a clean freak when it comes to that, but I hate feeling dirty. But as the moral always goes, I can always clean my dirty self off, while our weekly Dirty Thug Ho is a different kind of dirty. Anyways, to the people that shower way early in the morning, do you not shower when you get home from work or wherever? Probably not and then you just go to bed dirty? I never understood that one, who wants to lay in a dirty bed? Hopefully you get a few showers a day. And on top of that, I talk to a lot of people who don't change their bed sheets often at all. What?? You serious with me on that? I feel bad just changing my bed once a week and some people go crazy long periods without changing it. So you lay around at work all day, sweat yourself to death, come home, lay on the couches and then jump into your bed all greasy. Well, better you than me. Just another one of my tangents I like going on, telling things how they are, but doing it in my normal laid back style.

It's time yet again for another Real World report. We're getting to the end of the season almost, it's flying by. Noirin is getting serious with Isaac and is trying to convince him to go on a long cruise with her. Isaac tells the house that he has two kids and they wonder if he's telling the truth or not. He tells a lot of wild stories, so they're not sure what to think. Alex come to hang on his birthday. The last they saw of him he was in the middle of the Parisa and Trish love triangle. Parisa and Ashli let the cat out of the bag with telling Noirin that Isaac has kids. Isaac tells the girls he doesn't to talk to them the rest of the night after they said that. Alex and Parisa get all over each other in the hot tub. Isaac ends up telling Noirin that the kid thing was a prank and she was all relieved. Isaac is one weird dude, but he's entertaining at least. The finale is in 2 weeks?

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: This one comes courtesy of Dom, big props for this. I'm not sure how many blog readers will appreciate it, but I do, it's the latest Ice Cube video. This thing is pretty controversial and this is what rap is all about. Taking us back, Cube doesn't change his style for anyone and goes at it. Here it is, Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Mondays can be dreadful, but we're gonna bring light on the subject. Birthdays for Monday, January 7th: We'll start things off with a C-list celeb, the bearded wonder, Kenny Loggins. He's 59 on Monday. Since we're on the singing path, John Cougar Mellencamp, 56. Actor David Caruso, he's hitting 51. News chick Katie Couric, she is doing it for the Big 5-0. American Idol judge Simon Cowell (and it starts in a few weeks!), 48. Hockey tough guy Donald Brashear, he's punching up heads to the tune of 35 years old. Actress Rachel McAdams, 31. Screech of Saved By The Bell fame, he's now at 30 and probably just as famous for his porn that is out there (as he's with a group of chicks) just as much as his show. You know you've all seen it online, don't lie. Golfing hottie Natalie Gulbis, she's 24. If you don't know her, check out some of her pics, real nice.

2. Chocolate syrup. I made a late night ice cream snack a bit ago. 6 scoops of vanilla, chocolate syrup, and some peanut butter thrown in. I may be little, but I can put away some junk food with the best of them. Anyways, let's shift back to chocolate syrup. When you get out the bottle of chocolate syrup and pour it on whatever, how can ya not be a pig about it and turn the bottle up and drink some of it first? You're not touching the bottle with your mouth at all, but do this in front of a bunch of people and they think it's the most disgusting thing ever. I'd say at least half of ya reading have done that before, it's a must every time I use it just because.

3. This Tuesday, you all need to gear up. How so? It's Season 3 of Rob & Big on MTV, 10:30 PM EST. If you've never watched, you've been in a cave, you're missing out. Also, props to everyone for wishing me a birthday for today and all of that, much appreciated. And if I must say so myself, I think that was a pretty good blog effort. I hope you enjoyed, see ya in a week or so!


TheMrsAnswer said...

ok next time it's my choice in a year or so i want "jamie IS awesome!!!!" yeah 4 exclamation marks. it's not your birthday yet here for me so you have to wait. awesome blog as usual. peace out ancient one.

DirtyKash said...

Why is it that we have "MrsAnswer"? I say that Answer should be known as "MrJamie".

yvonne said...

hah about that commercial, it just came on. i think it is funny but that is just me. hope you have a great birfday. take care.

Jamie said...

Wow, I really am awesome! Glad that was the title! A double entendre there! lol. Good stuff there!

The_Freak said...

What is Bird doing that he gets 'greasy' during the day?

Daniel said...

Mr Answer may be single soon enough Mr Kasher, especially if Im gonna be Mr Jamie