Friday, July 11, 2008

Ladder Golf, Dirty Gaming Girls, & Haley Scarnato

Yes, we're back to fill your brains with more action. As it has been, the summer is still great on my end. It never hurts when I get to sleep in everyday and just do whatever, who can complain about that? Some of my teaching buddies say they get bored in the summer and don't like too much time off. What? They really do say that, so I'm not sure what to think. Then once school starts up, they'll be crying about how they hate work. You can't win for losing, some people just live to complain. My theory, why whine about it? The best option is to stay in a good mood most of the time because it's no fun to be down and make everyone else irritated. Since I'm not irritated here, it's time to revisit the past week in the life that I live.

Last Saturday, it was yet another cookout at Kari's. I'm getting used to these and once again, I'm a big fan of her house. This time it was a family cookout, so we didn't have Big John drooling on himself or Tommy randomly talking to himself and cracking the rest of us up. Still, that's no excuse not to have a good time. My family isn't boring, so that makes the times we get together even better. Some families hate each other and don't want any part of that stuff. They want to stay in their own house and talk about how they hate their family members. How's that possible? You might not hate em if you give them a chance and actually do stuff with them. Anyways, I was in for the cookout and it gave me something to do.

You're digging deep in with your fingernails and wondering what we did at the illustrious cookout. Hold tight I'll tell you since you're so nosy. Cornhole was played once again and that adds to the party anytime it's broken out. We didn't have enough to set up a tournament bracket as we only had two teams wanting to play, but we still got it in. Ozzie and myself got beat twice (both late in the game after we had big leads) against Matty Cakes and my Uncle Jeff. It's one of those games though that you can be terrible at and still have a blast. Then Cakes busts out a new creation that I've personally never seen. He calls it Ladder Golf, so that's what it'll go by in here as well. Think of PVC pipes put together. You have 3 levels of PVC pipes going horizontal. You have a rope with a golf ball tied to each end and you sling it. If it lands on the bottom pipe, you get 1 point, 2 for the next, and 3 for the big one. I know what you're thinking, it doesn't even sound fun. If you say that, you obviously haven't given it a try or hate your family and don't do cookouts. It's very tough actually, but I liked it either way. Again, it was only two teams. This time it was Ozzie and myself again taking on Cakes and Sister Cakes. We had to take down the Cakes Duo and got to walk out a winner. I like Cornhole better of the two, but either can bring about some trash talking at a party and some competitiveness.

A big part of my blog is about what I go through and even more about some of my buddies and what they're into. If it were about myself all the time, I'm sure I could ramble enough, but I like to switch things up. That's why it's time to promote a new blog that's out on the market. It comes from Ms. Jazzie in Cali, aka Cali Jas as compared to Arizona Jas. Confused yet? They both appear in the blog a good bit, so that's how I have to break it down to people who can't tie their own shoes and make it easy on everyone. She's back in action after doing the Xanga deal for a while and getting tired of it. Her first one is worthy of the read or I guess I wouldn't be writing about it. Since you have nothing else to do as you're reading my blog all the time, I say you can fit some minutes in to read someone else's perspective as well. It's just starting out, so don't be afraid to drop in some comments on her end. Ok, I'm getting there, you want the address. So you don't turn into a big whiner like we opened up the blog with, I better give the information. Go to The Awesome World of Jazz.

Now we jump into some video game news. I try to have something in here for everyone, that's the strategy and always has been. The last few times I've talked about video games, it has been about Grand Theft Auto IV for Xbox 360. It's an awesome game and you need to own it. I finally beat it last week after putting in countless hours being a bum and that's an accomplishment. The mission part of the game had a great storyline, but once you beat it, there's always the online part to battle in, which is also worthy. I figured it was time for another game, so I go to pick up Call of Duty 4. I know it's been out for a bit, but I haven't talked to one person that has given the game a bad review. I'm not here to give one myself as the game is most excellent. The mission part of this game, howevahhh, is very poor, but that's not why you get the game. I beat the mission in a few days, but you want this for the ricockulous online battles. Smooth with no lag and you'll get consumed with it. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not, but I can hardly stop playing it. The games are usually about 10 minutes, so you can just sit down with a few minutes to spare and get some quick games in. One of my favorite things on the whole deal is just listening to the people from all over through the headset as they try to act big and bad over the game. The other night I was in a game with an Irish dude, English chap, and a guy trying to act all hard and be a fake thug. With those three guys cussing each other in those accents, it's extra entertainment aside from the game. Also, there's a surprising amount of chicks that play. They must lock these chicks up on some deserted island because I don't know hardly any in my area that plays and definitely not a game like this. I'm real picky and not looking, but if you're one of these video game chicks that looks halfway decent, you just gained some bonus points on my end.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't complain on some random things like everyone else. That's what this space is for, but I try to speak what's on my mind instead of some garbage that nobody wants to hear. For example, not too many people want to know how bad you hate your job (most people would rather be home and laying around too, but gotta earn those bucks somehow) or how bad your relationship is going, yet you don't get out of it. I'm a good listener though, so I don't mind. One thing I do mind and I've stated this a bunch is the heat. People in way hot areas are laughing since it's a lot worse there, but I'm a cold weather guy all the way. I'm not one of these people that in the summer cries about how hot it is and they want the snow, only to say the opposite in the winter when it's snowing. The other day I had to workout, then run a few miles afterwards and finish up with mowing grass. It was about 85 that day (I know Jas, in Arizona that's basically winter) and I wasn't a fan of that. By the time all of that was over, I ended up losing 6 or 7 pounds when I got home. I know that's water since I gained it back the next day, but a guy like me doesn't need to be losing that much. I guess it shows that I got a big workout in or was just out in the heat too long, one way or the other.

It looks like we have another trip to Pittsburgh planned. Tomorrow (Saturday), if all goes right, my boy Spank wants me to go with him to hit up the best park in baseball. You can't go wrong with that and it's a short drive and always ends up as a great time. It'll be tough to top the trip earlier I had with Spank along that you all remember when it was Spank, Cork, and Kristin. That was the scene that had all of the random pics and started the Waffle House pic trend that I had on my last trip as well. I hope this trip will be filled with randomness as well, I'll see what we can come up with. As usual, I love to write about my road trips, as that gives me an easy topic to ramble profusely on. It seems the road trip reports are usually a hit with my buddies that tell me about the blog, so I hope this one will be as well.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: The Guitar Hero fans will get a kick out of this one I think. It's a guy in response to everyone putting up their expert videos and such, basically joking around with it. Hopefully I'm not the only one laughing at this. Judge for yourself:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Saturday, July 12th. It's time to unwrap some presents. We start off with a legit name, Bill Cosby. He's now 71 and still one funny dude. Former Celtic Paul Silas turns 65, dang. Weirdo exercise guy Richard Simmons, he's 60 and sweatin' to the oldies. A favorite dirty for some back in the day, Cheryl Ladd, she's 57. Not a long list, but a few of them are pretty big names, so they can hold the fort down until our next crew comes out.

2. The oldest known goldfish was 41 years old supposedly. His name was Fred. I'm not sure I believe that one, but that's what is the report.

3. In Kasher's dirty Idol girls, as I type this, we've made it to the final 2 chicks. We know who they are, but just not sure what order Kasher is going to put them. To recap the Top 10, here we go: 10. Syesha Mercado, 9. Lindsey Cardinale, 8. Ryan Starr, 7. Melissa McGee, 6. Diana DeGarmo, 5. Carmen Rasmusen, 4. Kimberly Caldwell, 3. Haley Scarnato. I forgot all about Haley for some reason. I was telling the guys, I wouldn't have any problem if she was #1, she's that good. I prefer her over the top two coming up, but they're good as well.

* Baby News: I'm ending with some baby news. No, I don't have a baby on the way. One of our crew recently had a new one though, so the blog is out to send congrats. This past Monday, to one of EDDFL's own and with many appearances in the blog over the years, we go to Van Rufus to say hey to The Fortneys. We welcome Gracie Lynn to the big town and that's a future middle linebacker for the Cougars one day, the first chick to do so. Fortney will make sure of that. Anyways, everything is supposedly healthy and the hat is off to The Fortneys, nice to hear!


Kristen said...

Cookouts, legs on Haley(yep, I'm over on the boards!), quality bdays and babies. Cant beat it. :) As always..have fun.

Anonymous said...

Good job on this blog Ed. I usually don't post a comment but wanted to let you know someone in the big city of Huntington is reading. Enjoy your summer, I know mine will start soon when summer school ends. :)

Ms. Jazzie said...

:) quality guitar hero baby!!! To all those guitar hero videos.... it only shows they have no life and no money.. so they play expert until their fingers fall off. Jealous of the cookouts!! I wanna have a good time like that but then again my family is spread all over cali. Thanks for the quick shout out, much appreciated. oh when you said the best baseball park you meant the angels stadium right??? hahahaha anyways great blog babe!