Sunday, October 05, 2008

Febreeze: Roscoe Jenkins Style

We've made it to October for whatever that's worth to everyone out there. To me, that means one thing. Towards the end of the month, the NBA season opens! I won't bore everyone with that talk yet, but you'll get enough of it soon I'm sure as that's pretty much one of my main things I'm ate up with. I'll be sure to ramble on about my fantasy NBA drafts coming up this month, but we'll hold off on that for now as we have other business to take care of. It's back to some randomness as this time around on the post, we'll hit on topics that you might not expect, but you'll still get my opinion on.

I was driving to work the other day. Nothing out of the ordinary. I was driving half asleep as usual and listening to Howard Stern on Sirius, the normal routine for the quick drive. I'm glancing around and up drives this guy in the other lane. What's he doing? He's shaving while driving. Come on dude, you can't be in that big of a hurry that you have to shave in the car while you're driving. I'm sure a lot of people do it, but I just never understood that one I guess. Besides, if you're going for the babyface look, you can't possibly do that great of a job in the car as compared to home can you? Then again, I can barely get the driving part down right without screwing it up, let alone if I tried shaving in there too. That'd be something worth filming as I'm sure I'd make it a disaster.

Here's an annoying thing. As most know, I've been having a pretty good running schedule for a while. On most days, I run on my town's trail which is next to the scenic West Fork River. Actually, it's not too scenic as it's nothing but filth, but it's all we have, so scenic will have to work. The annoying thing is that you're running along and then out of nowhere, bugs will go in your mouth. With it being near the water, you have tons of little mosquitoes and stuff going around and when one of these bad boys hit ya while you're running, it's bad times. It screws the breathing all up and you just have to get through it. It's not a big deal, but you know it's not fun when it happens to ya.

I was at Wal-Mart the other night around 10:00 or so. I had less than 20 items in my cart, so I figured why not go to the express line. The logical thing, right? On a side note, who really follows that 20 item limit? Not many. That's not the point though. At this time, they only had a few lanes open to where you could check out. You'd think they would try to open a few other lanes to get the people through as it was fairly busy for this time of night, but nope. The line I was in moved really slow. I had an older Italian dude behind me that was close to 80 and I always get a kick out of striking up a random conversation with people I don't even know. You never know what kind of stories you'll end up receiving. He had one thing of frozen food in his hand and that's all he was going to buy. As the line wasn't moving much, the dude starts complaining that his frozen stuff is going to thaw out completely before he even gets the chance to pay for it. Of course I'm going to egg him on to keep complaining because he was cracking me up, thus making my longer wait seem shorter than it really was. The moral? A lot of people say not to talk to strangers, but give it a try, it'll make your day go that much better.

Speaking of that same Wal-Mart trip, here's one that had me all confused. On my list that night, I had to pick up some Febreeze. You can't go wrong with this stuff in most cases. People always says that Febreeze is a guy's version of cleaning up and I guess that's fairly true. I consider myself a pretty neat guy and I have my section of the house usually clean, but I need to dust more than I should and little things like that. Who doesn't? Well, I'm going around the aisles and in the candles section, then to the home section, and still can't find my Febreeze. The girls reading this know I wasn't even close to the Febreeze, but guys, isn't that where you'd normally look? I had enough and ended up asking some of the worker chicks where it was at. I'm never above asking questions to find something out. They tell me to go to the grocery section and gave me the aisle number. Grocery section?! Someone tell me the reasoning behind that. I guess it's strategy to get me to buy groceries when I don't need them, but put it in a better section than groceries. I can't be the only one whose life would be much easier if it was done this way.

I need to get out more, I know. I'm still and probably always will be, a little small town guy. I'm all up on new technology usually (outside of cell phones), but found a new one to me the other day. It's not a new concept, but just one I've never verged out to try. Me and Shawna have been renting a good bit of movies lately as I talk about some of those in here. We go to Blockbuster about 15-20 minutes away as our regular spot, which is sometimes out of the way if you want a quick trip. The other day we were at Shop N Save (our grocery store in the mean streets) and wanted to try the $1 movie rentals. It has the touch screen and all of that deal, you know how it goes. I didn't know that newer movies would be part of this though, so that had me surprised. Also, there's a ton of choices in these machines too. For just $1, you can get these for a night and return them the next day. I'm like a little kid and thought it was pretty neat how you order them and the movie pops out after processing. We rented Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins on Thursday night. This one features a huge cast of good characters: Martin, Mike Epps, Ced The Entertainer, Mo'Nique (who I usually can't stand, but was great in this movie), James Earl Jones, Michael Clarke Duncan, and others. I guess this means it's time for a movie review? If you haven't, go pick up this movie, it's hilarious. How can you go wrong with that cast together and it not be any good? Exactly. On a 10 laugh scale, I'm giving it a rank of 7.8. Ironically, on, from 3457 votes as I type this, it only garnered a 3.8 out of 10. You kidding me on that? I'm not sure what those voters are smoking on, but it's nowhere near that 3.8. Take my rank on this instead, you'll appreciate it in the long run. For a funny movie, it might even make you shed a tear towards the end. I know you tough guys don't want to admit that, but call me crazy. To end, Nicole Ari Parker was looking awesome in this movie.

I'm almost always in a pretty pumped up mood. I always say take the positive approach because nobody wants to hear you whine like a little baby nonstop. Sure, it's ok every now and then, but you can't get used to being "that person". Talk about something else for once. You've all been around these types of people. It can happen at work, hanging with your crew, or anywhere basically. I also never understood people who let a bad day at work ruin their actual home life when they get home either. Are all of my days at work great? No, but in most cases, I come out in a real good mood regardless and never let things affect me. If I'm going to let some tiny thing bother me and make me cry to everyone, I'd be hating myself for having everyone listen to that garbage. I know there's a time and place to vent and I'm a very good listener, that's not what I'm arguing against. If you have to vent, go for it, but don't become that person who vents all the time and you never hear anything else from that person. But what do I know..

We're due for a new CD update. Basically now, they're used to add to the iPod if they're worthy as CDs are becoming extinct. I still keep them all and do the alphabetical listing and keep them in a specific order that I like. Weird, I know, but it works for my organized way I like to have things. Most of these I haven't had time to listen to yet as I just got them a few days ago, but I'll still give comments..

Daz: Only On The Left Side. This is Daz's 10th album, which I wouldn't have guessed. On this beast are Snoop, Swizz Beatz, Krayzie Bone, running mate Kurupt, Obie Trice, and Tyrese. We follow this one up with another West Coast CD..

The Game: LAX. This is one of the better albums I've heard in a long time. 50 Cent got fired up at this one and leaked the album a few months ago on a website. Why? Because he says every song on here features other people it seems. I'm not huge on that either, but The Game made it work here and then some. It has great replay value and I still like how The Game keeps the West Coast feel going on this album. Ones you need to check out? State of Emergency is a must own and it features Ice Cube. The first verse that Cube enters in puts some old school aggression to it, it's quality. My Life with Lil Wayne and Bulletproof Diaries with Raekwon The Chef are others to check out.

Kardinal Offishall: Not 4 Sale. Here's a Canadian rapper for you to check out if you don't already know the guy. This features some names as well. Who you ask? The Clipse (my favorite live rap performance I've seen thus far), The Dream, Akon, Rihanna, and T-Pain. He brings about a rap and R&B mix that works real well. You've probably heard Dangerous with Akon and didn't know it was Kardinal.

Donnie Klang: Just A Rolling Stone. If anyone watched MTV's Making The Band 4, you'll know Donnie. He's the whitey that could fit into a boy band. To get a feel of pimpin R&B, I got this one just because it can't be half bad I wouldn't think. No reviews on it yet.

Terrence Howard: Shine Through It. I saw this one on the latest releases list. I didn't have an idea Howard was putting an album out, so I was intrigued. Based on his performance in Hustle & Flow (one amazing movie by the way), I had to at least add this to the collection. Just for his songs It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp and Whoop That Trick, we'll see what he has to offer in this CD.

Young Jeezy: The Recession. This is Jeezy's 3rd album of his career. Downloads you need from this? What You Want, Word Play, Put On, and Crazy World. I'd gamble that Put On had to be one of the most played songs all summer on Sirius. Me and Spank would joke on how many times a day we'd hear it in the car. Either way, Jeezy I'm a fan of and think he can deliver. Go pick this thing up.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: This is sent in to us by none other than The_Freak. It comes from his territory and it cracked me up at least. I like how people on the comments are taking it all serious and the dude is just being a big goofball.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Birthdays for Monday, October 6th. He's not "famous" so to speak, but I always liked his name growing up and thought it was something when I'd get his baseball cards. That's Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd, he's 49 on this day. For any bowling fans, 2-time bowler of the year, Walter Ray Williams Jr., also 49. Another former baseballer, Ruben Sierra, 43. I would've guessed a lot older. Basketball chick who looks like a horse, Rebecca Lobo, 35. This list has to be among one of the worst days ever as far as celebs go. Are any of these names even showing up on the radar? I don't think so, but every now and then I like showing how bad of a list we have. If ya don't believe me, check it out for yourself:

2. I was driving home on Saturday night after getting a half pound double cheeseburger (best burgers by far) and fries from DQ. Yep, fat boy food. I see this kid that I'm guessing was about 18 or so. He was walking and must've thought he was some tough guy. He was tatted up and was doing this gangsta walk. I was cracking up at it and then while he was doing this walk, he steps into this hole in the ground and about drops himself. A few cars were ahead of me and he's looking around like nobody saw him, but he knew that slowed down his tough guy image. It's times like this that I wish I had video of certain things.

3. Today's fact to give you more knowledge? The average person supposedly falls asleep in 7 minutes.


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Oh H! Thats my jam!!! Im from Ferndale!!! I think thats how u spell that crap...anyways! quality blog like usual..the whole walking gangsta mother..yeah u see those here in the burbs...dum dum u aint really gangsta if ur from the burbs! Anywho good stuff! :)

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PATRICK ROY'S Bday is today!!!

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You are my favorite blogger.