Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lunatics, Dirty Thug Hoes, & Basketball: Niiiice!

Halloween is almost here for people that get pumped for that. Saturday I got into the spirit of things a little earlier than usual. Shawna and I had planned to hit up the Fright Farm in Pennsylvania. After not many of our crew was interested in going and with the weather being sort of rough, we passed on that option. Instead, we went south a bit instead of north, to Weston, West Virginia. Here, we hit up the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. Yes, that's the correct naming of the place, which cracks me up everytime I hear it. Basically, it was a former crazy house and now it's revamped to where tours are given and Ghost Hunters filmed an episode there as well. They had a haunted house and we figured it'd be worthy since the building was old school and had that creepy look to it. We get there around 9:00 and the place is way packed. On top of that, I was freezing my nads off the entire time. We got to talk to some bums in the line and that kept us entertained, but the wait was 2 hours until we got in, no joke. Surprisingly, even though it was cold, we stayed patient and toughed it out. It was $15 a piece to get in for those wondering. They also had a flashlight tour that you can get during the daytime as well and supposedly that was worth it too, hard to tell.

Now it was time to enter the building. The detail they put into the haunted house and the actions the people did inside, I was pretty impressed with. One thing I was not impressed with though was how it wasn't even close to being scary inside. I'd be one to admit if I was a wuss inside, but everyone agreed that the scary factor was almost nonexistent. The little kids inside did the best job on what they were supposed to do, but I think we were laughing more than anything else. Thumbs down though to blinking lights in a way dark room, that was blinding me. It was interesting when we'd get lost and didn't know what halls to go down and then out of nowhere one of the characters inside would guide us. I actually liked the trip. The setup of the area and building was enough that I thought we got our money's worth, but if you are going purely on wanting to wizz yourself inside out of fear, it won't bring you to those levels, sorry. Wanting to know more? Click here:

You know I love random. This next topic is about as random as it gets. Since the inception of the Dirty Thug Ho section of here, it's been nothing but a hit with people who kill their time reading my writings. Thanks to The_Freak for being the mastermind behind that project. A little note if you were wondering, The_Freak wants it known that next month will mark the 2½ year point of the Dirty Thug Ho. I was checking my email the other day, and it may not even be legit, but seems to be. If one of my buddies is messing with me on it, they did a nice job of making me believe it's true. This was a comment I got on the September 1st blog and I found it in my email the other day. I'll post the email, one you'll like for sure. You've all wondered how the girls that get selected feel to be honored in the space. Some could be fired up, some might even think it's good times. This one, she's pumped, and that works for me:

So, I'm reading your blog and it is quite entertaining. I appreciate your "Dirty Thug Ho of the Week" title- the last thing I won was a gift card from Linens n'Things for winning a company contest at my green collar job-just as good. Yay me!

I'm not the sushi fan that Shawna is, but I can eat it every so often for something different. The other day we hit up Shogun for some sushi and whatever else they throw at ya. For the first time ever, I dipped my taste buds into some cooked eel. Surprisingly, it wasn't horrible. I doubt I'd get it again, but I liked getting it just to say I tried it to make a story. I was asked what it tasted like and I had to think. My comment was that it tasted a bit like burnt trout. Yeah, that's a weird comparison, but that's just what came to my mind. I can now add that to cow brains, squirrel brains, and frog legs as weird creatures that I've eaten in the past. Who knows what will be next, stay tuned!

The next section, if you're not a basketball fan, you might not want to read. What? You're not a basketball fan? For shame, especially when it comes to the ultimate thing, NBA. Howevahhh, it's time to break down what went in action on Sunday. That would be the A#BA Fantasy NBA Draft. I ramble about it enough, but this is the #basketball mIRC chat crew that has been together for a good decade plus, some of us longer than that. Yes, we're ate up with fantasy sports and even if we're dorks for it, I'm proud to say I could be hooked on worse things. Sad to say that two thirds of my life I have been playing fantasy sports, since around the age of 10. Gotta start the kiddies early. We began the draft at 7:00 PM and it was led by Commissioner TyLaw, straight out of Canada. Who else do we have in the league? Not that you care, but they all deserved to be listed, so that's my reasoning. We have Kasher of blog fame, Neon, Chester Cheese, Wilbur, Vertigo, Cork, Chiphead, EJ, DerekHood, Don-G, Duce, Morello, TMac, Blahah, Walz, Big Play Ray, Trev, ManDingo (he's been all over the blogs lately, he's on a streak), TyLaw as mentioned, and myself. I'm big on the diversity of the league too. Not only do we get different ethnicities, but we have people spanning from all over. Just to touch on a few, Canada, West Virginia, Brazil, Arkansas, and even Maine are part of the mix.

We all keep 5 players. This is a 10-category head-to-head roto league, so it's very in depth. It's also about as competitive of a league as you'll ever find and no other league can touch our message board. 20 members of the league, that's hardcore. My 5 keepers are Dwyane Wade, Danny Granger (stud in the making), Andrew Bynum, Andre Iguodala, and Mike Conley. I had the #2 pick in Sunday's draft and went with my boy OJ Mayo, just like I have him in the EDDFL. To save you anymore anticipation, ladies and gentlemennnn, just as I intro into all of my fantasy teams, here is yourrrrrr 2008-2009 Memphis Sounds!

1. Dwyane Wade: Miami
2. Danny Granger: Indiana
3. Andrew Bynum: Los Angeles Lakers
4. Andre Iguodala: Philadelphia
5. Mike Conley: Memphis
6. OJ Mayo: Memphis
7. Marc Gasol: Memphis
8. Yi Jianlian: New Jersey
9. Eric Gordon: Los Angeles Clippers
10. Nick Batum: Portland
11. Roy Hibbert: Indiana
12. Charlie Bell: Milwaukee

I'm happy with my crew. I always say if you leave Draft Day unhappy, it's going to be a sad season. I'm a positive person, so I'm going in with some good expectations. My team is insanely young, as it always is. In fact, I'm older than every single person on my team. That shows how old I'm getting when 29 is considered a trusty veteran in the NBA, it's true. Then again, at that age, The Basketball Jesus himself, Larry Bird, might've been in his absolute prime. Maybe that's a warning to all of the Shinnston ballers this fall when we start up, hah. "I keed I keed!"

My days are so screwed up that I'm a week off. On the video game scene, and I'll bore you more when it comes time for it, October 11th doesn't mean Election Day to me. Sure, I'll be voting as I never ever miss a day at the polls, even for the tiny elections that are sometimes meaningless with nobody opposing. That day marks the day that Call of Duty: World At War comes out and I'm crazy excited for it. I have it paid for already and just counting the minutes until I start to get consumed with it. Between Call of Duty 5 and the NBA starting, this is an awesome time of the year for me. We're also closer to Christmas, feel the excitement! Anyways, for the past week or so, I had been thinking that COD comes out next Tuesday, but I end up proven wrong as that would be November 4th. You'd think I'd remember that, but it somewhat shattered my hopes, but I can make the wait. Also, I was dealt a crushing blow in that they won't have a midnight release at GameStop on Monday night. Instead, I'll have to wait till Tuesday between 11:00 or 12:00 in the morning to actually pick it up. Yep, I have it rough in my life let me tell ya, I'll see if I can survive.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: The_Freak gets credit for being the mastermind of this section as previously mentioned. When it comes to selecting the dirties, when I go to the readers, I think Arizona Jas wins that as she's been in this section a lot with easily the most recommendations. She's back with another, this one from "Hollyhood, California". I don't think this girl has a bit of hood in her body, but she apparently thinks so.

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: Blood!

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Let's go with birthdays from Thursday, October 30th. 1988 Presidential candidate Michael Dukakis, 75. Henry Winkler, The Fonz, 63. Boxer Larry Holmes, 59. Soccer guy Diego Maradona of Italy fame, 48. 1990 Heisman Trophy winner, Ty Detmer, he's now 41. Actress Nia Long, 38. Not bad, but nothing write home about either. It's just kind of there, it happens.

2. October 28th and we've gotten the first snowfall of the year in my area. As I type this, it was coming down fairly decent during the afternoon. A few inches a predicted over the next few days. That's nothing major, but still for October, I'm pumped to see snow in the air. I'm one of those weird ones who loves winter way more so than the heat. Bring on some big snow!

3. Today's weird fact? 2500 left-handed people die each year using products designed for right-handed people. Somehow that doesn't seem correct to me, but I'll take their word for it.

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