Wednesday, July 15, 2009

12 Rounds With The Big Brother & The Godfather

It's time to get another flow of energy through my body and yours. This time we'll bounce all kinds of topics off of your heads to see if any of it sinks in. It probably won't, but at least that's an excuse for me to write about anything and everything. What do we have in store for you this time? We have a movie review which I haven't done in recent posts, thoughts on Big Brother 11, becoming a godfather, energy drinks where I turn into Cornholio, what commercial really gets on my nerves, a local animal abuse story that you won't believe unless you're in West Virginia, and whatever else we can fit in.

I'll start off with a movie review. It's not a movie that everyone is excited about, but as far as stats go, as I write this, it's the #1 selling DVD in the US at the moment. That fact surprised me and I'm still somehow doubting it, but whatever. What movie are we talking about? We're going to talk about 12 Rounds starring WWE's John Cena. If any of you have seen The Marine, you'll know it was one of those movies that was so brutally bad that it was actually fun to watch to joke around with. This has the same basic storyline. Cena's chick gets kidnapped, imagine that. Like you don't already know the outcome of this. Cena is given 12 rounds (or tests) to get through in order to get his woman back. His woman is Ashley Scott if you know her, pretty nice with long hair, not so much with short. I think I'm that way with a lot of girls' hairstyles though. Either way, this movie keeps you filled with some suspense I have to admit and it had me wondering what was next. It is way over the top stuff that would never happen in real life, but it is the movies after all. The end scene was extremely over the top, but don't let that fool you. It's better than The Marine, although that's not saying a lot. Final grade? 6.2 steroid injections from Cena out of 10.

I've still not made it to see Bruno yet, a movie I know I'm going to love. Spank was telling me that he went on Saturday and half the theater left. You serious? If people are that offended in a movie that they actually have to walk out, they have zero sense of humor in my mind. It'd take a crazy amount to offend me with a movie, so that review alone and other opinions I'm getting on the movie are making this a definite must-see for me. You throw in a movie with no major plotline other than being raunchy comedy and I'm in for that. Besides, the stuff you can see on the internet and people are offended at this type of movie? What did they expect when they went to this movie? It's not going to be some goody goody movie for the weak at heart. It is what it is. Also, I'm a big Harry Potter fan as far as the books go. You guys know that from reading the blogs over the years. Somehow, I've never delved into the movies of Harry thus far. I've only seen the first one, so I'm slacking there. I don't think anyone in my crew is going to be there this week watching, but I could be wrong? Shawna, I might have to make that Michigan trip just to watch or maybe all the way to Narita, hah. As usual, you people get with me if there's a movie that I need to see and maybe I'll put it in here.

Ok, away from the movie scene now as we jump to TV. Reality TV! Some of you are going to skip these next two paragraphs just because, that's fair enough. My cousins and some of my buddies have been getting on me for a long time to watch Big Brother. I knew it'd be right up my alley, but not sure why I never gave it a try in the past. Last Thursday, we had the new season starting up, Big Brother 11. After the first try, I think I'm hooked. I didn't know it was on three times a week, but what else do I have to do but rot my brain with reality TV? After the first week, I might as well give a quick recap on each person from my perspective. Of course a lot will get nicknames to help remember who they are. Braden, Surfer Boy, he seems laid back, but really weird. They haven't done much with him on TV yet. Casey, 40 years old and a 5th grade teacher. Dude also is a DJ by night and was a dancer in rap groups back in the day. By far the oldest of the house, he seems easy to like so far, he cracks me up. Drama Girl Chima. First off, who names their kid Chima? What is that? This girl can't handle anything, she whines all the time. Jeff is the guy that the chicks seem to be all about. Early on, he's staying out of the limelight and just taking in the rest of the drama.

Jordan is the chick I like as far as looks, plus she has the southern accent, maybe it's more of that. That can get me every time. Kevin is known to most as Gay Dude. He's going to put his two cents in and let you know what he thinks, but doesn't seem to have a mean bone in his body yet. Laura, Fake Tit Chick, she's way annoying. I don't see her as a threat, I just want her off TV. Lydia, Tattoo Chick, I kinda like this girl. She's definitely unique and as far as the tats go, she pulls the look off. She just needs longer hair. Michele, she's the PhD of the group, but they don't know technically about how smart she is yet. She's cute in a secretary type way, I dig her. Natalie, she's lying about her age. She tells everyone she's 18, but she's really 24 or 25 to lead into the game. She's also a bronze medalist in Tae Kwon Do. Ronnie is the geek of the group, but I gotta give him props for being a big video game guy. He's also a national champ in persuasive speaking, so this could be a good setup for him. Russell the Love Muscle (he calls himself that which has me laughing) is a MMA dude. He's cocky, but I like his style so far. Roid Boy Jessie from last season's show, so he's new to me. This guy is freaky jacked up out of his mind and wants to be a WWE wrestler. Maybe he'll star in 12 Rounds Part 2. He's always flexing and being a goof and wants to be seen on TV. No way this guy acts like this all the time in real life.

How about UFC 100 last weekend? Good stuff right there and most people saw it, even if they weren't UFC fans. It's weird how they call it UFC 100 when it was a lot more than their 100th show. Oh well. The mainstream MMA fans are about as annoying as Laura from Big Brother though. They act like they've been fans for ages, have seen very few shows and watch 100 because everyone else is doing it. I guess that builds the sport up and that's the idea, but you know what I mean. We had a packed house high atop Tank Hill as Posey was the host with the most and invited us all up. The Henderson knockout of Bisping was one of the sickest I've ever seen. Bisping was out when he was hit standing and then Hendo dives, body flat out, and comes down full force and blasts Bisping, insanity upon more insanity. We also had GSP show everyone that Thiago Alves was no competition and I'm not sure there is anyone at 170 right now that can hang with GSP. Alves was so much bigger too, but that doesn't mean a thing, finesse prevailed in this one. In the main event, everyone has seen it by now, but Brock Lesnar made easy work of Frank Mir as Mir's face was a mess. The talk was of Lesnar flipping out after the match and it's quite the controversy. It was a punk move, I agree, but Lesnar knows how to sell himself. He's being the heel in wrestling (bad guy in other words) to have people hate him. This in turn will get more people buying his next fight just to see if he'll lose or not. It doesn't help the perception of the sport, but for the under 40 demographic, it's getting hotter and hotter. You might as well jump on board if you haven't already. Random, but a tie-in since Posey was host. A few weeks ago after softball I went with one of those Venom Black Mamba energy drinks. This tastes really good instead of being similar to metal like other energy drinks. I rarely have energy drinks, they're garbage I think, but I was bored and wanted to bounce off the walls. Not that I don't bounce off the walls all the time anyways, but these did the trick big time. Posey said I'm cut off from those ever again after witnessing that, so that had me laughing. I gotta have my sugary things, it's my weakness.

Here's one that has bugged me. Apparently it's been a huge hit online the past few weeks. What is it you ask? It's the Evian commercial with the dancing babies on roller skates. Luckily after talking to a few people, at least some agree with me. This isn't even remotely funny in my mind. It's kind of creepy if you ask me, yet some act like it's the funniest thing they've ever seen. I'd bet money on it that the majority of people who like this commercial also would be stuck up and walk out of Bruno. I could be wrong though. Even Mike Golic of Notre Dame fame and co-host of Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN walked out, boo. I'm not going to give a link to this dumb video, you've all seen it. If you haven't, consider yourself lucky.

I don't bring up religion much and this really won't get into it, but this past Sunday was a first for me. A girl I work with and her husband asked me a while back if I'd be the godfather of their little boy. I was down for that and was actually excited for it. I felt pretty honored. You don't get that chance too often, but everything on Sunday went great at Our Lady Catholic Church in the mean streets of Stonewood, WV. A few people asked me if I was nervous doing that, but I wasn't one bit. It takes a lot to get me nervous in front of people since I think I have a good mix of being able to joke around as well as being professional when need be. I just figured that was noteworthy since it's a first for me. A few firsts over the past couple of months: First time in a wedding, first time to NYC, and now some godfather action. We'll see what happens next to check off on the list.

Since I watch entirely too much TV, it's time for another recommendation. How many out there have seen Operation Repo on TruTV? It reminds me of Cheaters, but cars are involved. You are in for a treat if not. I caught I guess a little marathon on it the other night and let me tell you, it's hard to take your eyes off of. If you're into white trash type drama that is over the top, you gotta at least give this one a try. Basically it is what it is. You have a group of 5 repo workers, some of them scary looking, so they play their characters just fine. Then they go to pick up these cars that people aren't paying on and sometimes it gets intense. One guy I saw blew up his car right in front of them so they wouldn't take his car. Another dude they had a chase through town with as he tried to escape. One repo guy got his face all messed up on a raid after a car. Another had this couple that was just married and driving home with their wedding outfits on. The wife flips out on the husband and she had no idea he wasn't paying bills. I even wonder how much of this is put on, a bunch has to be. The thing that I love about this show is the excuses you hear from the car owners. They whine that they have bills to pay and all of this and can't keep up, like that is going to stop the repo guys from taking your car? You didn't pay your bills! If it was that easy, none of us would pay bills and just make up excuses and cry. I mean, I'm sorry it happens, but when they come, you have to know it's not their fault, they're just doing their jobs. If I'm behind on paying for my car, I'm not going to be happy if the repo guys come, but it's only expected and fair. Go watch this show, Mondays at 10:00 EST on TruTV. I watched a lot of it on Tuesday, so they must have it on a lot, who knows.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: Usually my plan in finding a weekly girl, I begin with random rap music pages on MySpace and go from there. This week, I landed upon Motley Crue's page somehow and then figured I'd branch off from there and go with a rocker chick this time around. She has tons of pics, so that always helps for this segment. She has tons of tats that had to take a crazy amount of time to do if you're into looking at that type of thing. She also like to show off the bod as well. Also, if anyone can come up with a new good creative name for this section, let me know, it's time for a change. Some of the people we put here don't really fall into either of those categories. Anyways, here is this week's girl, apparently she's the Queen of Hate?

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: This one was sent to us from Chrissy in Webster County, so she's getting all of the credit. We all know that cats are better than dogs, so why not a cat clip. This is a vid that you may have seen before, may have not, that's how it goes around here. In this one, we get an epic fail of a cat in search of a bird.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Birthdays for Thursday, July 16th is what you want? Ok, I can deliver that. We start things off with the architect of the 90s Cowboys Super Bowl teams, Jimmy Johnson, 66. I would've guessed younger. Actor Mickey Rourke, drugged out and all, and apparently back in action, 56. How's he still alive? I'm glad he's not on any death lists though, so I gotta tip my hat to him. Plus a good movie in The Wrestler. Gary Anderson, who was a NFL kicker for all of time it seemed like, he's doing it up for his 50th. Actress Phoebe Cates of Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Gremlins, 46. Hockey guy Claude Lemieux, 44. Will Ferrell, 42. One of the best running backs of all time, Barry Sanders, 41. Actor Corey Feldman, 38. There you have it, a pretty good list there if you ask me, solid.

2. Want a fact? Many hamsters only blink one eye at a time. I guess that means that some go both at once? Strange.

3. I'm ending with a crazy story out of Marion County, WV. I'm giving credit to Walz on this great great find. This story is so messed up that it's actually going to give all sorts of reactions from being grossed out, some may laugh about it, others may be fired up, but it's worth looking at. Also, read some of the local comments under the article, priceless. One of the most creative I've found was "He is a PETifile". The one and only ManDingo says, "best comment is the lady who hopes they get an abortion for the dog 'if she is pregnant' to which our Canadian buddy TyLaw comes back and says "I think we can all agree that West Virginia could use some more abortions.". Good stuff. Check it for yourself, I can't make this story up. Only in WV.

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