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Cork's Cookout Celebration & Youngstown State Penguins

I'm going in with this blog knowing that I can't top last week's performance. I'm just being honest about it, but I think we'll pump out some quality readage for the people out there who are bored. You have nothing else to do with your time obviously, you're coming in here to read my words, whether good or bad. I'll see what kind of material we can bust out this time around. It's a week where we'll be all over. The road trip blogs are so easy to write, even if they take forever because it is basically written for you in a sense. This style when I hit all sorts of things, it's more of a challenge, but I like making it fun. As usual, I don't really do a whole lot of anything in my bum town, but to some people, it might sound exciting. We're going with a cookout bash, cornhole domination, random Ohio people, Michael Jackson, pregnant kids, softball, and much more! Here we go..

Where to begin.. I might as well start with the July 4th Weekend, why not. Wednesday night, my town's fireworks were supposed to go down. It was rained out, so they had to reschedule the festivities. My town always complains about having no money, yet they shill out insane money for the people to get all amped for fireworks. Put that towards the potholes everywhere or the rail trail next to the river that I run on that they have said would be fixed a long time before now and hasn't. Thursday comes along and the rain was drizzling all day (Big Drizzle Drew Gooden) all day and finally stopped around 5:00. Things were fine, but they cancelled that night as well, doh. When it all was over, my town didn't even have a night this year.

Friday rolls around and it's time for big action. It was time to head to the streets of Nutter Fort for Cork and Kristen's big bash. What a setup, a ton of people, and a quality spread of food. I could give the attendance roll call, but I'm sure I'd miss a few. I'd guess there were at least 30 people there. The funny thing was that everyone there was either married or with their chicks other than myself. Yep, I was the lone wingman of the night, the only one. I guess I wasn't a wingman so to speak, since I wasn't taking one for the team and no other singles were there. As Arizona Jas told me, she says it's like I was more of a condor, I'll go with that. I actually like it that way though, I'm used to it enough over the years, I can have my own schedule to do whatever with, plus I'm somewhat picky anyways.

For a little guy, I straight tore up the food that night. You name it and it was there, people brought over some great stuff for our crew and Cork was manning the grill. The hit of the night though was Abby's cheesy potatoes, we wiped those out like no other. I went back for more and they were gone. How can you go wrong with an Ann Riley recipe? Answer? You can't, that's how. For what it's worth, Ann makes the best brownies around, hands down. On the dessert side, I'm voting for Tisha's chocolate mousse cake or that's what I'm calling it anyways. It was legit and I'm all about trying the desserts out. The fireworks started going at the park which we had a great view of from Cork's yard and this was my first experience of the Clarskburg works. Needless to say, all of the people there gave a big thumbs down to Clarksburg's performance. I expected more from all of the hype over the years, but I wasn't mad or anything. Everyone said they are usually a lot better, so I'll take their word for it since this was my only time seeing theirs. Overall though, I'm usually not a huge fireworks guy one way or the other, but it was just good times getting a big crew together and doing our thing.

Game time and luckily we had a few cornhole boards on the premises. I saw them set up early and nobody was playing and I was getting anxious. I can't just let an open cornhole board go to waste, so we started choosing up teams and went to battle until the night fell. I wasn't on my game, but I went through a few stretches that I zoned out on, so I'll take it. Overall though, not one of my better performances. Fortunately, I had Spank on my side towards the end of the night and we ended up going undefeated against all opponents. He had to carry me on his shoulders this week, but I held my own and got the points in when needed. On a sidenote, Cork is the only person I've seen who throws overhanded when playing, everyone was commenting on that. Surprisingly, he does a pretty good job with this style. It was nice playing under the fireworks though. I felt like I was living in my favorite movie of all the, The Sandlot. Moving on to the next game..

Beer pong was set up next on Cork's porch. Since I live in a cave, I've only seen it played once before I think. Yeah, I know that's hard to believe for the party crew, but I rarely ever hit up a party to where that'd be played, not my scene at all as everyone knows. It wasn't too intense of games, but I figured I'd check out the scene first hand and watch around for some good competition, be a spectator. Spank, as he was in cornhole, was undefeated in this as well for the night, so he doubled up in the events tonight as the champion. That's bragging rights. Everyone was having 4th bashes that night to celebrate the fireworks. We noticed this bunch across the way and these two randoms just walk up on Cork's porch. It's all about being friendly, not how it is up north, but we're all about it down here.

Come to find out, we have an Ohio duo by the names of Dan and Savannah. We didn't know them from anything, but they wanted in on the beer pong action and sort of invited themselves up. They were great entertainment though, I'll give them that much. They had Cork bashing them with jokes and they would come back and bring something from their end. Cork finds out that Dan goes to Youngstown State or is from Youngstown, one of the two. Then Cork shows his trivia prowess by busting out that their mascot is the Penguins. That won Dan and Savannah over right away. Dan was a veteran beer pong player and knew all the rules that Cork went by. He was just happy to play and kept saying over and over that it's house rules and whatever Cork played by that he'd abide to. I guess that'd be the smart thing to say if you're a stranger and just roll up to a crew of 30. Savannah then decides to tell us out of nowhere that she has fresh nipple piercings. She teased showing them as a distraction for the game, but never got around to it. Not that she had much, but you know everyone, girls and guys both (oh, it's true), were going to take a peek if she showed. In blog news related to that, one of our regular readers who gets dap in here, Arizona Jas, she recently had hers done too for whatever that's worth to the fans. She'll sign autographs after the show. I left towards the end of the night and at that time, more of the neighbors just walk on the porch and invite themselves into playing some beer pong. That's some hospitality if I've ever seen it, so props to Cork and Kristen for having a nice bash to get the rest of us people out of Shinnston.

Tuesday, whether you were interested or not, you kept your eye on the Michael Jackson memorial service from the Staples Center in Los Angeles. It's insane how many people were there, overflowing outside of the arena. It featured quite an array of talent in the House That Kobe Built, with people paying ridiculous amounts of money to get in. You all know who was there, I won't have to go over that list. I know nobody is in the middle of this MJ saga, you're on one side or the other. I didn't think it was cool at all for some people to bash him repeatedly still though. Dude is dead, come on. He might've been weird, but he was on a completely different level of stardom than anyone in the world if you ask me. I'm a fan of his stuff for sure. I didn't have much else going on that day, so I admit to watching most of it as well. When I was online talking to my buddies, the same thing can be said for them. Even if they didn't want to watch, they watched. One thing that shocked me during the show was when I looked up Reverend Al Sharpton's age. Really, that guy is only 54? I'm still not believing it, no way. He looks 74. He's another controversial guy, but I think he's an awesome speaker. I like how he took up for Michael's kids and then busted out that "there weren't nothing strange about your daddy, it was strange what your daddy had to deal with, but he dealt with it". I could give opinions on each performance, but time to get back to another topics.

Here's one that bugs me and I'll tie that into my next segment too. What is it? Why do people insist on showing ten zillion pictures of their kids? Granted, I like to chat it up with just about anyone and don't get offended. Show me some pics of your kids, that's cool and acceptable, but you know the type of people I'm talking about. I really don't mind looking at pics of your kids and giving my graces, but after you have seen the 534th pic of them, what else can you really say without it being awkward? I'm not directing this to any one person or event recently, it's just a thought in my head. I know everyone loves their kids and I have no room to speak on this since I don't have any myself. It's not about that since most people don't act in this fashion. Most people with kids like to show pictures off and that's how it should be, but I'm only talking about the ones who do nothing else but shove pics in your face and don't have enough personality to talk about anything else. Does that make me a mean person? I hope not, but as usual, just being honest. You don't have to agree with me.

Speaking of kids, it's time to branch off. I try not to laugh, but the new show on MTV, 16 & Pregnant is a must watch. It's such a horrible show that in turn, it's one that is so bad it's good. The drama in these episodes are way over the top, that a lot of it has to be put on. Either that or some of these couples are such idiots that what you see is what you get. I hope for the sake of these babies' future that a lot of it is put on, but I know better without asking that question. It's sad how often we're around kids like this, but it happens everywhere. Kids with no jobs, no clue how to take care of themselves and then they get knocked out by some other bum with no job who also can't take care of himself. I'm telling you though, check out this show, you'll get hooked in no time. I'm sure I have nothing better to do, but you can't go wrong with some drama on TV. Oh, and the latest episode that starts on Thursday night? BOTH the daughter and the mother are pregnant, that has to be worth checking out.

I haven't given many softball updates this year. Last year we had a lot more going on it seemed in the co-ed league as far as fun drama. Now that we're in an all guys league, we haven't had anyone kicked out of games or that type of deal thus far. Our problem this year is getting enough reliable people to show up. We always get enough, but sometimes just barely. You can play with 9 and it's official, but can play with 10 obviously. A few games this year we've had to go 9 and still pulled out a victory. We have probably 15 guys on the official roster, but three or so have already dropped out for the year due to moving away or job issues, mainly our best player. Since that we'll just pick up whoever. That's fine by me, I'm playing every game anyways, but on the opposite hand, we drive 45 minutes to play and sometimes the other teams won't even bother to show. We still get the win, but what's the fun in that? As of typing this, we're 7-4 on the season, but I want much better than that. We play till late August and I'm having a blast. Unfortunately on Tuesday night, we didn't get to crush skulls or call anyone our victims, we were the victims this time around. I'm locked in though, some fun stuff indeed for the Dyno Nobel gang.

One last thing before I get to the bottom pieces. I had more to write about this time than I expected. I guess that's a good thing, but if it's a bad blog, just be straight like you guys always are and let me know. Shinnston is back to normal starting today. How so? More true and real Italian food back into the mix. My town doesn't have much, but I'd put our Italian food up there against just about anyone. More firepower is back in action since Larry and Sheila are bringing A's back to the original foundations. Not only do you get the great food, but you get to hear some of town's best stories at the same time, it's the experience. Kind of like my legendary barber, you're paying for his wise words more so than the haircut. Mix my barber in with the other characters in town, plus the three awesome Italian joints around in A's, Pizza Express, and Jimmy's, and you got a nice little stop to make. Roll the dice and wherever it lands on, you're getting some great food and stories guaranteed, either way.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: We're going with a girl that goes to Arizona State and is from Orange County. We don't have a ton of pics this time and really nothing to make fun of her for overly much, but she gets it done enough. I'm not sure how dirty or the other that she is, maybe neither of each, but hey.

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: This guy is just minding his business. Then a kangaraoo, yep, comes up and rocks him a good one. It's only 9 seconds, but I figure you have to like this one. To all the Aussie buddies, you'll crack up at me being a dumb American and being fascinated with kangaroos, but we don't have that over here. Hope ya enjoy, we'll see..

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Let's try some birthdays for Friday, July 10th. Tennis great Arthur Ashe would've been 66 today. Singer Arlo Guthrie, 62. Baseballer Andre "The Hawk" Dawson, 55 and one of the sweetest swings in the history of the game. Former 49er stud Roger Craig of NFL fame, 49 and looks like he can still go. Jessica Simpson, 29. Weight gain or not, she gets it done. For the people bashing her for that, you know you'd want to be all over that too, don't lie. Thomas Ian Nicholas, better known as The Rookie of the Year Henry Rowengartner, that kid is 29 too, dang.

2. This link brought to us by The_Freak. With the tag line of "where dreams become heart attacks.. this is why you're fat". Most of us, myself included, aren't shy from tearing up some greasy fatty junk food. These creations here may multiply that by about 10. Here's a few examples: The Spamsicle is deep fried SPAM on a stick, Dorm Food Casserole that is "stuffing, ramen, ground beef, shredded cheese, mac and cheese, ramen, shredded cheese, garlic mashed potatoes, shredded cheese, bread crumbs, all topped with sliced onions and pound of bacon", and The Pizza Party which is "A DiGiorno pizza on top of a Jack’s pizza topped with Totino’s pizza rolls." Here's the link:

3. Today's fact? More Monopoly money is printed in a year than real money printed throughout the world.

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