Monday, September 07, 2009

Kettle Corn, Ocho Cinco, & Tila Choked Out!

I was laying on the couch the other night and flipping through the TV channels. Where did I stop at? Cheaters. You all know the show. It's so bad that it's good, one of those. Anyways, this episode I saw was so horribly done that it had to be seen. I'll set it up, but won't take much of your time on this. This guy lives with his girlfriend. The deal is that he thinks she's cheating on him and wants the show to investigate to see if he's correct or not. It turns out, the chick is cheating on him with the guy's boss! No, that's not the bad part. A while back, the dude cheated on the girl. Now he's getting all worked up that she's cheating on him? Get with it you loser. I don't justify her cheating on him to get him back, but I also have a problem with him getting all bent out of shape on the show due to that. You did the same thing you bum. Fortunately I've never been on either side of a cheating scandal, but it happens way way too much and one of the dirtiest things you can do to someone in my opinion. We all know tons of people who have done it. Why not just man up and tell the person you don't want to be with them anymore instead of causing drama? I never understand that, but back to the show. In the end, the boss gets all fired up and peels out of the parking lot in his truck, acting all big and bad. The guy that accused his chick of cheating, he had no backbone and you could already tell they were going to work it out. They go back home to "talk it over". Can I go to Vegas and get odds on the chances that either of these two cheat again? Can I put that at 100%? Ok, I'll be a nice guy and give them each the benefit of the doubt and say there's only a 95% chance it'll happen again. I wonder how much of that show is set up though, but it's still worth a watch from time to time.

Here's one that can pertain to everyone which you'll have an opinion, even if you're not a football fan. The topic is that of Shawne "Lights Out" Merriman, linebacker for the San Diego Chargers. Not a lot of information is out so far, but on Sunday, he got into a bit of a ruckus with none other than his chick Tila Tequila. Now let's set this story up. Merriman in the past has been suspended by the NFL for roids. It's funny how if someone is busted for roids in baseball, it's a huge story and an outrage begins. In football, it's just kind of taken for granted most of these guys are juiced out of their minds and they get a little slap on the wrist if caught. Merriman stands 6'4 and weights 265. Dude is a freak of nature as far as being buffed out. Now Tila. A lot of online sites have her listed at either 4'11" or 5'0" and anywhere from 98 to 100 pounds. Basically, she's a midget or close enough. I'll also give you $20 if she's 98 pounds, I'm not even going a guess close to that. She needs to eat. I won't bash her in that I think she's way overrated and to me, not hot one bit, but that's not what we're going to mention. Apparently, Merriman is accused of choking out Tila and throwing her to the ground as she tried to leave. The police say she didn't have marks on her, but even if this is a bit true, Merriman has lost all respect. I went off on Chris Brown in the blog for being a little punk and beating down Rihanna, same with this bum. Really? You're going to roid rage on someone you could break in half with your pinky finger? I don't care how big the chick is, you don't hit on chicks. You'd think that's an easy rule to follow and goes without saying, but you see it far too often. This week's Finger of Shame goes to Merriman. In one that is too early to be said, but creative if nothing else, TheAnswer posted a message on his Facebook after the action. "Know what I wonder? If Shawne Merriman did the Lights Out Dance after he beat Tila Tequila's Ass". He probably did knowing Merriman. As an update, Tila is tweeting about this already, so is it just to get attention or is it for real? Should be interesting to find out.

Labor Day Weekend huh? It's nothing but a festivus for the rest of us. Fairs and things of the like all over the place. I ended up on Friday night going to the Jackson's Mill Jubilee, it's been a tradition for my family to go to each year. The number of people going there the past few years has dropped off. There were even rumors that they were going to shut it down, but they supposedly had enough money backing to keep it going. Food alone is worth going to here. I ate like a fat boy that night and tore it up. The first food stop is always at the stand the Madia's have as they're local people we know well. I got a sirloin sandwich with hot peppers on grilled garlic bread. You can hardly beat that, it's high quality. They told us a story how they were one of ten vendors this year invited to the NFL Hall of Fame ceremonies. They had to turn it down since they had a booking somewhere else though, but their food is that good. As far as the rest, after that I hit up a homemade ice cream stand in a waffle cone. Then I moved onto a huge fritti (fried dough for the non Italians). On the way out of there, I had to get some of my favorite local hot mustard and then a huge bag of fresh kettle corn. By the way, kettle corn is so underrated.

I didn't make it to the Tally Rally this year in Clarksburg. I didn't figure I was missing much anyways. It's the same every year, although that's not a bad thing, it's just eh. Plus, I eat that type of food pretty much all the time anyways. It's always good to go up and talk to everyone and get a shirt for tradition, but after you've walked through once, that's about it. The late night is where the action is at as you can guarantee fights and that sort of thing. The same guys end up fighting each year which cracks me up.It usually starts up during the bocce games or the morra tournaments. Nothing big to report on that end since I didn't go. Moving on..

Say it ain't so Ocho Cinco. Yep, due to the NFL regulations they are putting on Twitter to their players, Chad Johnson tapped out of the Twitter game and has had enough. He planned to tweet during games this year. Although I would've liked to have seen him try, I don't think he should be allowed. Then to counter that, his new idea is to find a mariachi band and they will jam once he scores a touchdown. Now that's creative and I want to see that for sure. In Week 2, he's talked about wanting to do the Lambeau Leap at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. He sent a message off to Ryan Grant of the Packers and told him to try to get the fans to embrace him. He was my favorite of anyone out there on the posts he'd make. Now that he's out of the tweeting business, my favorites at the moment to follow are Terrell Owens, Jeremy Borash of TNA fame, Chris Jericho, and Matt Hardy. I'm still updating mine a good bit and it's been fun after the first week or so. I started about a week ago and have about 80 some tweets already. It's really quick and easy and doesn't take any time of your day to get a page going. Plus it gives me an excuse if I'm not at home and want something to do on my phone. I plug enough things of mine that you get tired of the way it is, so go to last week's post if you want my link. Happy tweeting.

First of the month, a la Bone Thugs to give a dated reference, which means it is also time for others to get out their welfare checks that we all pay for. In general, these bums sit at home, don't bother one bit about finding an actual job, and smoke enough cigs to give the entire country of Uganda lung cancer. Some people actually have a legit claim for these checks, but overall, I don't think many deserve it. I'm getting off track, but first of the month means big savings for me at GNC. I'm still taking amino acids, glutamine, and fish oil everyday, but figured I'd load up on some others. I'm back on the Amplified Creatine 189 that I've talked about before. I also got Altered State from Muscle Asylum Project which are nitric oxide tablets and it's up there on the level of No-Xplode in my books as far as the pump. It's hardcore stuff and works very well. I'm also switching up my protein as I've been on Pro-NOS which I'm a big fan of and now going with some Muscle Milk. I'd say this is by far the best tasting protein I've had and it mixes great. I've had their pre-made mixes before from stores, but this is the first I've got the powder to mix myself, go get some of this stuff. I've lost enough people in this paragraph, so I won't ramble on anymore about the exercise and supplements side of things. I'm always down to talk about that stuff though, so hit me up. As an old man at 30, I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life, so I hope that continues.

College football season opened up during the weekend and it's a great start. I won't go into major detail with that, but I know most reading at least keep up with football a bit. My Irish put up a shutout against the pistol offense of Nevada. I figured it'd be closer than the 35-0 score, but they had it going on all cylinders. Michael Floyd was in a coma out there, 4 catches for 189 yards and 3 touchdowns. I think they'll be pretty good this year. I won't be a homer and predict them to be crazy good as some have said, but I think Top 10 is a legitimate place to be, maybe higher. We'll find out when we play some tougher teams coming up. On the local scene, WVU only beat the School of the Deaf and Blind by only 13 points. Schedule some actual teams, not the level of a local sandlot team, but that's all I'll say on that. WVU fans think they're going to win the national title every year, so I'll just let their words come back to bite them.

Here's a topic that really doesn't go in any certain place, but I'll talk about it anyways. Space exploration. I don't get this stuff one bit at all. I saw an article on the front page of Yahoo about how much this garbage costs. Really, we need to find out what's on Mars and wherever else? It might be neat for some, but use that money down here for something useful instead of that. Maybe I'm crazy on that thinking, but I don't get the point at all. If you want to do that as a hobby, go for it. Let some rich guy back it. I just see it as a big waste, so it gets a thumbs down on my end.

It's time for a few new CDs to talk about. We're going with two rap ones and one R&B for the fans out there. Let's jump right into the reviews..

Drake: So Far Gone. Drake has been put under a ton of pressure due to the expectations of this album. Those expectations are tough to live up to if you ask me. Was it an excellent CD? No, but it's not bad. I like it, but I didn't go wild for it either. Uptown featuring Bun. B and Lil Wayne gets my vote for best track, but also try to find Sooner Than Later as well as A Night Off with Lloyd. Successful is on this thing, which ironically is on another CD we'll mention here in a few and Best I Ever Had. You've all heard those. This kid is a talent and will be around for a good while I believe. Out of the three I'm reviewing this week, this is #3 on the list, so be ready for the next two..

Jay-Z: The Blueprint 3. You know how a few weeks ago I claimed Mos Def's The Ecstatic the best rap album of 2009? Jay-Z might have a good argument to that. I'll admit, in the past I never cared one bit about Jay-Z and thought he was overrated. In the last year or so, he's really impressed me and I'll give him the due he deserves. This CD helps that matter a whole lot though, it's one you need to get even if you're not a rap fan. I'm not sure there's a bad track on this thing. As usual, I'm here to give a few for you to go find. Those would be Run This Town with Kanye and Rihanna, Empire State Of Mind with Alicia Keys, and Young Forever that has Mr. Hudson involved. It comes out in stores this Tuesday, but it's been blowing up online with great reviews, go get this bad boy.

Trey Songz: Ready. We're going with some straight pimpin' R&B in this review. I know, normally I'm basically rap and not much else, but I know how to appreciate some quality R&B. This we'll chalk up as quality. This is Trey's third career album and he keeps getting better and better. Chicks are going to be all all about this CD too, it's a mood setter. Put this CD in, it can't hurt your chances of setting that mood. Don't say I didn't warn you, that's my advice for the day. Now onto a few songs I'll recommend from Songz. Fitting? Maybe so. Neighbors Know My Name is probably my favorite, Does He Do It, Panty Droppa, and of course Successful with Lil Wayne and Drake is on this. You want the money? Money and the cars? Cars and the clothes? You know it's stuck in your head now.

Bird's Dirty of the Week: 476 total pics should be enough to work for us this week. A buddy of mine is going to a Poison concert coming up. I figured enough dirties are fans of Poison from the hair band days and so I went to their MySpace page. Lo and behold, it was pretty easy to find some winners for our selection this week. We go to Huntington Beach, California for this one. 27 years old and pics of just about whatever. Some strange, some revealing, some off the wall. That's how we do it around here. We'll post one of her quotes, "I'll write more when I care to oh and most importantly... sorry for the confusion but, I AM NOT A MYSPACE WHORE! god knows theres enough of those on here so look elsewhere for that shit." Easy killer. Hold that anger in, your day will be just fine.

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: Felisha comes to us with this week's submission. She posted this on my Facebook, so some may have already seen it there. Or maybe you've seen it online before that anyways? Here's a kid that just wants his bacon and junk food and he's had enough of the rules. It was on an episode of Wife Swap, I think you'll enjoy this:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I run a good bit on our local trail. You see some characters, but overall, you rarely see people on it since people around here just want to be fat and lazy and then complain about it. To each their own. The other day I saw one that I had to do a double take on though. This guy was on his bike and had a milk crate attached to the back. In that crate? He had one of those wee little dogs that do nothing but yap and bark nonstop. I'm surprised he didn't have it dressed up. And as he would hit bumps, the dog would be all over the place bouncing around. I just shook my head, but had to laugh.

2. I'm a HUGE Gatorade guy. In one fridge, I have it is always stocked up all the time with nothing but Gatorade. That's how much of it I have. I made the mistake of buying one I normally never buy though the other day. What's that? Fruit Punch Low Calorie G2 Gatorade. This stuff is some of the worst I've had. It tastes like a cross between metal and medicine. I'll stick with the original flavors for the most part, stay far away from the G2. Don't say I didn't warn you. It's watered down and doesn't even taste like regular Gatorade.

3. Here's one from the great Boston Sports Guy, Bill Simmons. I liked his thoughts on McDonald's, so I'll end with that: "Hey, did you ever wonder why McDonald's doesn't just start lying about how many customers they've had? Currently, it's 'billions and billions served.' Couldn't they go with 'trillions?' Or even 'kajillions?' What's the highest they could say where you'd believe what they claimed? For me it's 'kajillion.' I would absolutely believe 'kajillion.'


Kristen said...

A kajillion heart attacks, an angry hate-filled whore, Muscle Milk and G2 wannabe Gatorade, AND not just 1, but 2 paragraphs on football related items...
scored big on this one :)

Ms. Jazzie said...


ROFLMAO...easy killer.

Really G2 aint the issh? Im suprised.

Trey Songz is a baby maker.. I will blame my pregnancy on him! Becuase he is the best I've ever had and I cannot like I want the money, money and the cars, cars and the clothes (the hoes)

Awesome blog!

Walz said...

I love G2. The Orange rules! I also think WVU will be lucky to win four games this year, and think Bill Stewart needs to come coach North Marion High School!