Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mall Hair Chicks, Mr. Chi City, & Paper Toss

How's it going? This should be one of those weeks where there is really no major stories to talk about, we just go with the flow. I'm good at going by the seat of my pants and we'll see where that takes us. Between IM messages, emails, and whatever else forms of media, I got quite a few comments on the last blog. I never am sure if some weeks if I throw too much sports in there for the liking, but last week it worked. We even had a lot of chicks write in last week on their football thoughts, that's not bad at all, definite bonus points on my end. Also, Habenero Kid seemed to be a hit with the video we put up, he's the area's next YouTube sensation.

Here's a random observation I recently noticed. Maybe not just recently since it's been out there for a while, but I'll bring it up. I think it's the same everywhere, but have you checked out the hair cutting places in a mall lately? I'm sure these people do a fine job, I'm not debating that part, but some of the characters that cut hair there are characters to say the least. It reminds me of a time machine going back to the 80s when you step into one of these places with some of these hair styles the women support. And these are the ones that are offering advice on the latest styles? They know more than me and are good at what they do, but a first impression can be deceiving. I'm definitely out of touch with girl hair styles of course, but what gives? I guess some of that stuff is still in. Maybe I'm too picky on a girl's hair, and I'm not trying to bash these girls, but how come you rarely see a normal hair style at these businesses? Just something to ponder on.

This happened last week as well and has been talked about. I'll bring it up though and that's Patrick Swayze's death. Corndog had a great quote not long after it happened: "Something I didnt know.....just about every girl on my MySpace or Facebook must have known Patrick Swayze personally." He might have a point there. Swayze was in bad shape the past year or so and was just hanging on. Every girl loves Dirty Dancing and most guys are big on Road House for Swayze's best. Road House probably didn't cost much to make, but that's a good movie and you can't go wrong with some bar fighting scenes. As an added bonus, wrestling legend Terry Funk was also in that movie. In our demented ways, 6 of the 8 people in our Celebrity Deathpool had Swayze this year, giving out 43 points due to him being 57 years old. That's my first on the board this year. ManDingo is leading with 93 as he's had both Swayze and pulled out the shocker with Michael Jackson. Corndog is second with 51 as he had Swayze of course and Walter Cronkite to go with it.

I'm not afraid to say it. I'm a terrible carpenter and want no part of that type of work. Even simple things like putting things together I'll find ways to royally screw it up. I don't have much common sense to begin with, but let's take Monday night for example. I was putting together a new bookshelf I planned to rock out in a matter of a few hours. First off, the directions it came with were some of the worst I've seen in my life. You need a PhD to figure out how to handle this thing and even then, I'm not sure you could do it. I'm not a complete idiot, despite what some may think, but this thing was brutal and ruined my night. As most know me, I'm calm 99% of the time, but during this fiasco, it made you want to bash holes into the walls and cuss like a madman. It happens to the best of us. After the thing wouldn't work, even after calling their hotline quite a few times, I figured I would donate it to the local dump. That's where it's going anyways. This week's finger of shame goes to the fine folks of Ameriwood, they're worthless piles of garbage if you ever order off of them. The only thing I got out of trying to construct this piece of junk was a mangled back. Maybe that's an excuse to schedule a trip for a massage. Unless any chicks out there want to give me one for free, I won't turn that down, so step on up. You have nothing to lose.

With writing things a week at a time, some will get lost in the shuffle and not be as current. So be it, that's how it goes. One thing that ended last week was Big Brother 11. As you all know, I was instantly hooked when I gave it a try this summer. For some reason, I never had seen any of the past seasons and I somewhat regret that. Now I'm locked in and ready for next summer's action. Why can't this be on more than once a year? You know it'd draw big ratings. Jordan ended up getting the win, which I was cool with, she didn't bother anyone and looked good while doing it. Jeff, you gotta go for that kiss at the end of the show though, that was an epic fail. You talked about it and then didn't come through? Then you joked that Jordan is on the short list for your Hawaii trip? You can't lead her on a string like that, get with it dude. I did like seeing the rest of the house who got booted come back and voice their opinions. I think I could've watched that part for hours and not have been bored.

Speaking of TV, on Wednesday I gave another a try. I'll admit, I watched the first episode of Glee on FOX. I don't care for the singing and dancing part of things, but the actual storyline and drama seemed fairly good on the first attempt. The stuff with the black chick and gay dude was cracking me up. Why is it though in these shows do they just have the token black person and gay person? Can there never be more than one? That's always seemed weird and unfair to me, but you see that far too often. And another storyline we have is of the main chick on the show, going after the quarterback. That chick would be Lea Michele and she's of high quality. If she's not on your radar by now, make sure you look her up, she's that good. Or so I think, but what do I know? She comes at us with a mix of an Italian and Spanish background. With that combo, her temper might have her busting bottles over your head or slicing your tires if you ever stare at her the wrong way, but she does look good, so I'll give credit where it's due.

I recently went about two weeks without having my Sirius in my ride. You don't appreciate things you have until they're gone. People don't just say that to say it. It's not a life or death situation being without it, but I'm ate up with my satellite radio in the car, it's that good. I've written about it a bunch in the past and rightfully so. The local radio stations are a joke around here, at least for someone like myself who is after some quality rap or sports radio. I had to get my car rewired thanks to the great people of Circuit City who have zero clue on how to do that type of work. Maybe that's why they went bankrupt because they're about as good at car stereo installations as I am with putting together bookshelves. I knew better than to deal with those guys at the time, although it worked fairly well until just recently. The guys who ended up having to fix it said Circuit City had things in a big bird's next and now have things rock solid. Now Sirius is back in the ride and life is good. Life is always good for me, but it can't ever hurt to make it even better, that's the way I look at things. You've heard me say it a zillion times, gotta stay positive. Negative people, ugh.

It's time for a flag football plug. Two weeks are in the books and it's been nothing short of a blast. We have the website rockin' like no other though in part to Commish Bart who has things held on lock. Check out the website for the Shinnston Flag Football League, you won't be disappointed: http://sites.google.com/site/shinnstonflagfootballleague. I have a little column I write up after the games each week titled 3 And Out if you're wanting something else to read. Bart's SFL Illustrated posts are a must read too, it's my favorite thing on the site along with the SFL Live updates that break on ESPNEWS. Also, we've started up a message board for the league as well, but not sure how quick that will get off the ground. If you're wanting to visit that, feel free. That address: http://shinnstonflagleague.proboards.com/index.cgi.

A quick CD review..

Joe Budden: Padded Room. Joe leaves Def Jam and goes the independent route with this. This was from earlier in the year, but I haven't had a chance to get it till now. The past few things Joey Buddens has done, I would give a thumbs down to outside of his first release. He was verging too far into the cheesy mainstream type of music. Now in this one? He's back with a vengeance and I'm back on board. One getting a lot of talk over the year is his diss track to Prodigy, Blood On The Wall with borrowing some Life Goes On from 2Pac. Other recommendations are The Future featuring The Game, Now I Lay, and In My Sleep. Another good CD to get here. Hopefully this streak for me continues as I haven't got a bad one in quite a while. Since this CD, he's now in a Slaughterhouse, a powered up group consisting of Royce Da 5'9", Crooked I, and Joell Ortiz.

Bird's Dirty of the Week: We hit up Los Angeles for this week's version. 26 years old, 5'1" and has a lot of pics. We get the traditional Halloween outfit pics that every girl seems to have, party pics, and whatever else you might need. There aren't any funny quotes to laugh at or too much to pick on her about though. The pics should do justice, she seems worthy enough to use this time around. Here we go: http://www.myspace.com/shawnessie

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: Corndog introduced me to Mr. Chi City and now I'm a big fan. This guy has some great vids out there, but so far this one is my favorite. He lucks into getting floor seats for a Celtics/Bulls game. The stuff he's telling everyone as he's walking around is great. It could be just me, who knows, but this was 9 minutes of me laughing nonstop and it was worth it. It gets better as it goes, one of those.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I'm totally addicted to the Paper Toss app on the iPhone. It might not look like anything special, but it's a great time killer. You can pick it up and play anytime for a few minutes if needed. I'm dominating that thing. Hit me up with any apps you like and we'll share some ideas. I have too many already, but I guess that's what it's for.

2. Anyone know Moran Atias? Maybe you do, maybe not. If not, she's in the latest issue of Men's Fitness with Floyd "Money" Mayweather on the cover. Just like we did with the Glee chick, we like to represent all ethnicities in here. This chick is an Israeli model/actress and gets the blog's two thumbs up and then some.

3. A few animal facts to end up on.. Armadillos, opossums and sloths spend up to 80 percent of their lives sleeping.. The Basenji is the only dog which does not bark. I've never even heard of such a thing.. Beavers can hold their breathe for 45 minutes under water.


Ms. Jazzie said...

So there I was.. random Saturday night.. trojans lost and I had company over... wanted to watch some quality tv and what do I see? the TO show... dude u were right.. its good!

Besides that im not too big on the primetime television like everyone else in america seems to be and its pretty annoying how everyone has a new favorite show. Well no more I have a favorite and Its Modern Family. ABC Wed nights 9pm! I think you mentioned it and for that reason I came home early just to watch it... lol!

Anyways movig on... iphone appl? sleaze detector... tells u ppls backgrouns and record and stuff... check it out.

Awesome blog :)

Bird33 said...

Great comment there.. Yeah, the TO stuff is awesome.. I have the Al Bundy show on DVR from last night and heard it's great, but haven't had a chance to see yet.. and I'll look up your app, sounds like a nice one.

Matt Barkley Era returns on Saturday for ya. :)

Kristen said...

Awesome that you throw in a free "invitation" to anyone that wants to rub you down in the middle of an otherwise innocuous blog. :)
And about the TV...I'm not much into TV, but I love me some NCIS and some LL Cool J...so they got their act together and combined it! Sweet :) Dude...take a video of it next time you're all cussing and throwing stuff...that'd be the next week's Youtube spot for sure!

Anonymous said...

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