Sunday, April 09, 2006

Jesse Camp

Today's topic is from The_Freak. Props goes out to him for providing this one. It's been a while since I've heard about this goofball, but here's a link for those who may not know him:

Here we are again to bring you more goodies. It's weekend time around the mean streets of Shinnston. This is going to be the busiest time of the year for me for the next month at least. Finishing up on my grad courses, setting up meetings at school with my kids' parents, and just waiting for the school year to be over so I can just uh.. do nothing? That sounds good to me.

A corny new show that I'm big on is Yo Momma. This is a new MTV show on trash talking battles and it's great. Some of these guys (and chicks) can really bring it. I suggest you check it out as it's worth the mention. You know that Yo Momma jokes never ever get old.

One reason why I like winter better than summer? Mowing grass. Ugh. It's not like I live on this huge area either, but it still isn't fun mowing grass. Today started that madness and I'm not happy about it. I'll survive though, fear my grass cutting skills. Me and Cork always joke that we should just concrete our yards and be done with it. That'd take care of things for sure.

8 people left on American Idol. My girl Mandisa got the boot last week. No, she's not hot or anything, but I still think she's the best "singer" of the group. I picked Elliot to get knocked off, but he's hanging in there. The country week really helped Pickler and Bucky get it done. This week it's Queen week as they all have to sing.. you guessed it, Queen songs. That should be interesting.

What has been going down with Real World action? There's a lot of drama with their job. They're putting together a place to sell spray-on tan and things of that nature. Slutlana, while one of the hottest Real World chicks ever, is nothing but a big baby when she doesn't get her way. She's still crying because she wasn't voted manager of the group and then tried to change the store's look without permission. Next week we get to see Anorexic Paula flip out and she says how her old dude used to beat her. So far not an awesome season, but we're getting drama at least and that's all that matters.

A while back I commented in my CD section on a guy called Thug Chuc. I was impressed with his CD and he apparently got back to me via email this weekend. Always good to get a random email from a rapper you listen to. He gave the props for me giving him props (make sense?) and is interested in an interview one day. Could be interesting if it's the real deal, so stay tuned.

I still haven't commented on WrestleMania 22 from last week. Overall, I thought it was a great show, much better than last year. My predictions weren't so hot though, but that means it surprised me some, which is good. The only bad parts of the show were the Undertaker/Mark Henry match and the Playboy junk. Sure, any guy likes seeing half naked chicks, but don't have them wrestle and call it like an actual wrestling match. Just have them bounce around naked instead of embarrassing the wrestling product if that's the plan. I'm weird.

Anyone ever need to get me a cheap gift that could go a long way? You can't ever go wrong by bringing me some Cadbury Eggs. They're only the greatest candy ever and they get hyped up enough in here. I should get some loyalties from the makers since I like my chances of eating more of them than anyone I know. So if you need a favor or something, I'm sure you could bring me with a slew of Cadburys.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Haagen-Dazs ice cream, Strawberry. It's rockin' good stuff.

2. A week on the No-Xplode supplement I was talking about before, it's some potent stuff. Load up on it, it's worth the price.

3. We're nearing 2 years of this Blog. May 21st and it'll be here. Does that cause for celebrations in the streets of Shinnston?


DirtyKash said...

Yo momma so fat, she goes to the restaurant, looks at the menu, and says "Okay!"

Bird33 said...

Yo momma so nasty that I called to say hello and she ended up giving me an ear infection.

DirtyKash said...

Yo mama so ugly when she walks down the street in September, people say "Wow, is it Halloween already?"

The_Freak said...

A true pimp would not cut his own grass.

Be like The_Freak, plan to buy FieldTurf.

DirtyKash said...


Bird33 said...

Freak, you got it made. You don't ever have to move a finger. You never have a job and just get to live the great college schedule and be a bumonline . I'm a bum enough myself, but that schedule you're on sounds like good times. How are you not 400 pounds? I guess you're not a freak of nature for nothing then. Good posts guys.

The_Freak said...

Because that's how I roll. Sadly there's not much of a future in working in clubs as a bouncer. It's a tough life. In a year I'll either be going and getting a 'real job', or I'll be off to grad school.

My schedule, for those of you not in the know, is this:

Monday: 10:10-11:00, Intro to Sociological Research Methods, 2:30-3:20 Spanish

Tuesday: Spanish 2-250, Criminology 3:30-4:45

Wednesday: add a lab from 11:15-12:05, and a class from 6-8pm at night (Intro to Theatre and Drama)

Thursday: Same as Tuesday.

Friday: Same as Monday.

Summer session I'll be going 11:30-1pm for Social Deviance, then 1:15-2:45 for British Lit, then in the second session, 9:45-11:15 Intro to Performance and 11:30-1:00 Approaches to Literature.

DirtyKash said...

Dang. You guys have 50 minute classes? That's awesome. Back at university, all of our classes were 3 hours long, though every class was once a week.

DirtyKash said...

Yo momma so stupid it takes her 2 hours to watch "60 Minutes"!

The_Freak said...


Here on MWF, the classes are 50 minutes.

On TR (Tuesday/Thursday) they're 75 minutes.

And they have night classes that run for 3 hours a night, once a week. The one I have only meets for about 2 hours each Wednesday.

Spanish, sadly, meets everyday, for 50 minutes.

Summer and winter sessions are M-F, 90 minutes per class.

DirtyKash said...

H O T ?