Friday, April 14, 2006

Saturday Night Beaver

Today's topic is courtesy of a find by The_Freak from one of the greatest movies of all time, Boogie Nights:

"Let's get some of that Saturday night beaver."- Chest Rockwell

Spring Break! Sweet. It's finally here. Yeah, I know what a lot of you guys are thinking. It's really late in the year to be having it, but that's how it goes. You take it when they schedule it. I'll be taking the annual family trip to the mountains. My parents have a place in the mean streets of Harman, West Virginia and it'll be nice to get away for 4 or 5 days to be a bum, do some trout fishing, and whatever action is there.

I'd like to wish a Happy 27th Birthday to my cousin Angie, who turns that on Easter Sunday. We're getting closer to 30, crazy stuff. Have a good one down there!

The only downfall to the trip is no internet. By the time I come back I'll literally be freaking out that I haven't been online for a few days. I know, it eats me up. I'm a total junkie and have been that way on here for about half my life. But I'll survive. I may post up my CD list when I'm gone since a lot haven't seen that in a while. 95% of it is rap or pimpin' R&B, but there's a few other things in there too.

We're down to 7 on American Idol as this week good ol' Bucky got sent home. Bucky wasn't great, but he was improving and you couldn't help but root for the dude. He's just a regular redneck bum that you'd see walking the streets of WV. I thought Elliot would be gone and some of my boys thought Ace would get the shaft (no homo). Well, both of those dudes were in the bottom 3, so we were close. They did Queen songs, but I haven't heard what this upcoming week's action is.

Kasher posted up pics of my girl that were supposedly not to look that good in the last comment section. She's still the hottest chick on the planet in my opinion and that's Mariah Carey. Check her new video if you don't believe me. It's called Say Somethin' and features Snoop in it. She knows how to work it. One thing bugs me though and it's about Snoop. When will the mean Snoop return or will he ever? Give me the 1992 Snoop who straight brought it. Now he's all about the pimpin' stuff. That's fine and dandy every now and then, step up Snoop. Ice Cube has a new CD coming out in June and he'll bring it for sure.

What's going on in Real World? Many of you out there watching this season from Key West? The theme this week circled around Paula Walnuts (the name given to her by John, ode to The Sopranos), the anorexic chick. She talks about how her ex beat her down all the time and now she wants to hook back up with him. I don't get it, maybe I'm weird, but I can't feel sorry for this bum. Your dude literally beat you half to death and put her in the hospital. A guy shouldn't touch a chick, let alone beat her. But it's even more stupid when that dirty girl wants to go back with that guy. She's just going to get the ol' Chin Music to the face again. It's bad when Slutlana is giving her advice and usually it's Slutlana that is breaking down and crying like a little girl. This drama rocks though, you know you tune in for the same reason I do.

A real nice crew of CDs I loaded up on this week. Something for everyone in this set:

Do Or Die: Get That Paper. These guys used to be a lot more mean back in the day, but they're some of the best pimpin' rap guys out there. Still a very good CD I thought from these legends.

LL Cool J: Todd Smith. Speaking of legends, here you go. He's been doing it for over 20 years and still is on top of his game. Juelz, J-Lo, Mary J, Lyfe, Jamie Foxx, Teairra Mari, Ginuwine, 112, and to top things off, we even get Freeway on this CD. He was on 106 & Park the other night and locked down a performance of the year candidate. Dude is all jacked out too.

Messy Marv & San Quinn: Explosive Mode 2 - Back In Business. Yep, my dose of Bay Area rap. I haven't heard this one yet, but I'm excited to hear this madness.

Pastor Troy: Stay Tru. PT Cruiser has a style all to his own. This ATL rapper has been in the game for a while and brings crazy energy and raps with authority. I liked this CD.

Trill Of The Trill: Welcome Home Pimp C. This one is a dedication to Pimp C getting out of jail. Pimp C is one half of the group, UGK with Bun-B. An awesome duo with those two and tons of people have a song on this collection. It's a 2-CD set as one CD is screwed and chopped garbage. I just deleted that one.

Time for the wrestling paragraph. I'll start things off by saying I really am into the new Triple H theme, Bow Down To The King. I thought it sounded weird at first, but now it jams. American Idol needs to sing wrestling songs one week, hah. The Trish and Mickie James saga keeps getting better. Mickie is now blonde and dresses and tries to look like Trish. Trish came out on RAW with brown hair which I thought she looked great in. Dark hair rocks, go back to it Mickie. A good ending to the HHH/Edge/Cena match that will set up their 3-Way at the new PPV. Real cool to see Ring of Honor wrestler Colt Cabana on RAW too.

The new season of UFC The Ultimate Fighter has started on Spike TV. The coaches are Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz. There's a deaf guy on this season too, it's been interesting. Also on Spike TV, TNA has changed their nights to Thursday instead of Saturday. Same time though, 11:00 PM.

It's time for some lyrics to post. It's been a while. This one comes courtesy of The_Freak. It's by Royce Da 5'9" and the song is King of Kings. We all know that title belongs to Triple H, but here's a sample:

Who knows what's finna happen next?
Cousin of death, with predictions that I can promise
Gave it to Nostradamus and now he touchin the rest
The heart caller, balancing birds on my finger
Nerves of a cheetah, birthed with the urge to walk water
Foul searchin, bi-weekly, all-purpose
Talk verses in dashikis and fly turbans
Enter the scheme of things, all love
All thugs get judged by me, the king of the kings..

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Ugh, I wish I could stop biting my nails. It's been a habit forever. I guess I could be addicted to crack or something, so this isn't too bad.

2. Celtics season is about over. I'm not sure how I'll manage.

3. "Winner winner, chicken dinner."


Kristen said...

I disappear for a month, then I'm first comment...yay me. Not too late to have spring break, at least you have warmer weather. About American Idol..other than his hair, I really liked Bucky. Just couldnt help but like it. That show did tick me off though. I'm sure you've said something about it..just aint read your other blogs. About Mandisa, that is. Only reason why she's gone is cause she was THICK. Kellie is dumb as dirt, and getting worse every week, but hey, she puts on a push up bra, and people vote for her. Oh well, guess it's life I reckon. Well, have fun in the mountains. Later,

Bird33 said...

I'm with ya on Mandisa too. I still think she was far and away the best "singer" of the group and got robbed of getting booted early. On the Kellie thing, she plays her character great, whether that's how she really is or not. Acting dumb and being a hot redneck with that accent is going to get some votes.

Shell said...

They said that next week they will b workin wit Rod Stewart not sure if they r doin his songs or jus workin wit him!
Have Fun out there!

Kristen said...

Hey..Kellie's thing is working. Simon said on Jay Leno that she'd win. He's just a freakin perv..haha.

Jodi said...

i know i dont comment on your blog much anymore, but i do read it usually. as for the nail biting, i do too, but oh well. cards, well Pujols did waesome today!!! good luck on vactaion, wish i could get away from everything for a week.