Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thoughts From The Internet Junkie

It's been a minute, but I'm back. I figured after Spring Break and the CD List, that'd give me some energy to get back to a regular post in here. And I look to bring the goodies this time for the millions and millions of loyal fans (well, maybe just a handful) wanting to read along. Nothing big happens, but I'll give you my theory to combat that. I'll ramble on about various topics to make you think I actually do something productive with my time.

For the American Idol fans, what kind of crack is Paula Abdul on? Seriously man. On Tuesday night's show she broke down and cried after Elliott's performance. While it was really good, she made a fool of herself the rest of the night by bouncing around and looking like she drank about a case of Red Bull. Still hot for a MILF, even if she probably doesn't have kids, you know what I mean. But now she has the crazy factor going, not cool. Pickler got kicked off. She can't sing at all and finally she got exposed. She did play her character up great though, I'll give her that and she's hot.

Real World the past few weeks has been interesting. The Key West crew got in the middle of a hurricane, so they spent a few days out of town. Paula Walnuts is a total mess. She met a buddy when they went to another town and started flipping out like she usually does, telling stories about her man who put her in the hospital and then she says that she misses him too. Johnny Bananas and her have a sit-down when they get back to Key West (house wasn't torn up) and he pretty much tells her she's a freak and that it's time for her to start a new life in Key West. The hug. Of course, she called her ex on the phone.

On Saturday, it's off to the mean streets of Cleveland. What for? Me and Cork are hitting up our first baseball game of the year and we're due. We're going to see the Indians take on the Rangers for Grady Sizemore Bobblehead Night. I've talked about that before in posts though, nothing really new to admit, but that's just to refresh anyone wondering what's going on in my daily life. It'll be a sellout as almost all Bobblehead Nights get rock solid attendances. I'm doing the driving for the festivities, so that should be interesting enough by itself. My driving skills aren't the best to say the least (I'm the worst backing up person there is if that makes sense), but I've done the Cleveland drive before, so all "should" be fine. I'll report on that sometime next week. It's a 4-hour drive there, not bad.

Between Paula on Idol and Paula on Real World, I'm beginning not to feel weird at all that I'm such a wrestling fan. I think that's much more sane than these pieces of work. Speaking of wrestling, this Sunday has a big one and that is WWE Backlash. I like the buildup of the Three Way of Triple H, Edge, and Cena. Finally a nice storyline instead of screwing it up. We also have Vince and Shane McMahon taking on HBK and God. Yeah, you read that right. They have a situation where it's a Handicapped Match, but the idea of God is placed inside. Strange. I'm looking forward to RVD and Benjamin going at it and I hope they let them just go all out instead of holding them back WWE style. Kane versus Big Show, bathroom break time. Still, Mickie James and Trish is a great feud and both have acted their parts out almost perfectly. Flair is going to put over Umaga. I'm not sure where they have Umaga going, but I'm not feeling it so far.

Also in the wrestling news, I finished a great book, especially for the ECW fans. It's called Hardcore History: The Extremely Unauthorized Story of ECW. As much of a ECW diehard I am or was, this book has stories that even the biggest fans don't know about. It's also very well researched by author Scott Williams. Pick this one up. On the ECW newsfront, Vince is wanting to start it up again this fall. Paul Heyman (maybe he's playing God and teaming with HBK) and Tommy Dreamer are supposed to be the creative minds backstage if they go through with it. I'm leery though. First, ECW shut up shop 5 years ago. A lot of their wrestlers are beaten up and mangled, but the fans' want is still there. It will never be the same ECW as back in the day as it was totally uncensored, but I hope they run small venues and let them have their own style both in the ring and on the mic.

I don't know how to conduct myself now that the NBA season is over with. It's playoff time and I love that, but I'm talking fantasy basketball. The EDDFL season is over and Chad Fleece ended up taking the $400 prize. Mudcat came in 2nd and got $150, while Spank was 3rd out of 12 in the league, picking up a cool $50. I ended up in 7th Place, 4 points out of 6th. Not where I wanted to be, but don't cry over spilled milk. You can never prepare too early for the next season to begin and I'm already looking forward to next year's draft. October 2006, here we come.

A few new CDs to mention and those are:

Avant: Director. A very good pimpin' album. Avant does it big if you're not too familiar with his work. JD, Lil Wayne, the Pussycat Dolls out of nowhere, and Lloyd Banks are part of this one. 4 Minutes is the song released so far out of this one. And one song is called Grown Ass Man, that title alone is enough to crack me up.

Da Backwudz: Wood Work. This is a new duo from the ATL that has been getting a lot of hype. On first listen, I'll admit I wasn't that big on what I heard. Some names on this though and that is Killer Mike, Bohagen, Big Gipp, Sleepy Brown, George Clinton, Slim Thug, and a true legend himself in Nas. Maybe I'll like it better on second listen.

Movie day tomorrow at school. I'm not sure what I'll roll with as of yet. I know that one class brought in Friday Night Lights and can't wait to watch it. I've seen it before and most of them have too, but they still want to see it again. That works with me. I'm not sure what I'll get for my other classes if they don't want to watch that one. Speaking of movies, for the locals, I still haven't been to the new theaters in either the Meadowbrook Mall or Morgantown. Hit me if up if you're wanting to check out a movie one day. I'll have to knock the chicks off me with a stick since the waiting list will be so long, hah. I can only wish. I kid.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I'm sitting here on my lunch as I type this section up. In today's lunchbag I have a ham and provolone sandwich on wheat with mustard. I also have a pack of crackers, 2 Hostess cupcakes, and 2 packs of fruit snacks. I do it big.

2. I went to bed last night by 10:00. I've been in a coma all week from being an internet junkie till 1:00 or 1:30 each night. So I finally tapped out early. You all should be proud.

3. Blood drive yesterday and I rocked it out. I've always given mine for the past 6 or 7 years at least probably on a regular basis. I don't get why some people get all scared for it or won't give. It's easy and it can really help someone out. Give it a try.


Kristen said...

Welcome back to the blog's been awhile(cause the cds didnt count). You're right about Paula..I think she's seriously taking some good stuff. I'm SOO glad Kellie is off. Sorry, her body does nothing for me, and her voice just aint cutting it. I'm a huge football fan, and havent seen Friday Nights Lights yet. Ouch. Maybe one day..hope your kids enjoy it. Enjoy that monster lunch..that's big time.

yvonne said...

hey, it has been a long time since i have left a comment. i have been busy with school and now a wedding to plan. well on to the blog. what a guy! if i ever need something to brighten my day up i can read your blog and it will do the job. now thats what i'm talkin about, you are doin it big with that lunch. take care up there. hope you are having fun. giving blood ain't that bad. everybody else does it, why can't you!

Bird33 said...

Great comments there girls. Long stuff too, not bad at all. Good to know that I can brighten up your day Yvonne. :) I always try to be in a real good mood because it's never fun to be in a bad mood. Maybe that's why I can get along with just about anyone.

Anonymous said...

good luck at the game, i cant wait to get to a Cards game, but who knows when that will be.

DirtyKash said...

a MILF who doesn't have children...heh.

TigerDragonGrrl said...
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TigerDragonGrrl said...

You da man. I enjoy reading your blog. Always entertaining.

Smoke said...

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