Tuesday, December 09, 2008

"Scut Farkus! What a Rotten Name!"

All credit to the blog title this week goes to none other than Corndog. He's repping a quote from A Christmas Story. Yep, the Ralphie Movie if you know it as that. Kari, you'll be proud that Ralphie is in the blog this week too. "There he stood, between us and the alley. Scut Farkus staring out at us with his yellow eyes. He had yellow eyes! So, help me, God! Yellow eyes!"

We're into the second week of December. I haven't done much Christmas shopping at all, but I never stress that one bit. I've done the Christmas Eve deal many of times where I'd be out there the day before. It'll get done, no biggies. I don't have a zillion people to buy for either, so maybe that makes things easier. As a dude, I do get into shopping, which I might be in the minority with, but it has to be on my terms. I'm the type that can't stand still in a place, I'm always on the move. That's especially true at work. If I sat behind my desk all day, I'd be miserable like no other. Forget that. I'm on my feet walking around, checking out what action is going on in the building, whatever, but no bum time. I'm a bum enough online so that's enough to even things out. I went to bed on Sunday afternoon at 12:30 PM after being up all night and morning, stupid.. On this blog you'll get cage fighting, arguing if ring girls even have a point, the greatest album of all time, more pullups, movies, college football bowl pools, and much much more!

It's time for a mini road trip. This one wasn't far away and we wrote about a trip to the same area recently. Cage fighting was what this one was all about and we rolled to Marietta, Ohio. In attendance for the trip was Spank who did the driving, Big Austin, and myself. We're becoming hooked on going to MMA shows and if you've never been, you must. You get your money's worth within the first half hour of being there and then some.

We left town around 1:30 and by that time, the snow had started to come in. That's nothing major around my area, we're not going to let some snow stop our trip. Less than 10 miles into our trip, we see a SUV laying on its side. The crazy thing about it is that when we drove by, the driver was just chillin' in his seat, talking on his cell phone. Get out of there man. On our trek through Route 50, we saw another good 6 or 7 wrecks. It was probably the most fire trucks and cops I've seen on that stretch in my life. People were wrecking like it was a demolition derby. The roads were brutal by the time we got on Route 50 and that's close to home. This was in the afternoon and we had a show to get to. After the show was over, it was apparently really bad back home and we were about 90 minutes away. People in Marietta that we knew thought we were crazy for even driving home and offered us free hotel rooms to stay. We just wanted to get home and with as cold as it was, it wasn't like the roads would've been much better by morning. We rode down in Spank's Mitsubishi Lancer, no four wheel drive, while riding on thin racing tires. It's a pimp ride, decked out, but probably not that smart we decided to drive that. We were laughing about that, but didn't run into any big problems on the drive down and up. It was bad, but it's the idiots who can't drive on snow that screw it up for everyone else.

A food update for anyone that goes through Parkersburg, West Virginia. We were deciding what to eat and Spank threw out Italian and I'm always down for that. He said Olive Garden since it was close and I nixed that out for something that wasn't a chain. Again, on a little trip, for the most part, you can get chain stuff at home. We weren't far from home and it happens every now and then, but I was wanting another route. We see a place called Jimmie Columbo's. Clark, now that you're in town, if you haven't hit this place up, go take the family to it as soon as possible, I'm serious. If I'm in town there again, I'll be hitting it up again for sure. I loaded up on manicotti, my #1 meal. I had to see how it'd compare to homemade stuff from Mom. That's one reason while I'm still at home when I'm pushing 30 and don't think anything of it, is that the parents rock it out like no other with cooking. I said if the home stuff was a 10, this was a 9.5 for me. This place also had a ton of celebs that have been through over the years with signed framed photos throughout. From a look standpoint, it reminds me of a cross between Minard's (my favorite local Italian joint) and Sunset. And as the old WV joke goes, what lies beyond the sunset? Tate's Fruit Market. If you're not in the area, then that one went completely over your head. That's why I always say there's a little bit of something in here for everyone.

The place we went to this time around was across the street from our last "arena". The previous show was promoted by Wolfe Cage Fighting. This one on Saturday was done by local guy Jerry Thomas (Tommy's bro) through the Hard Knocks Cage Fights promotion (http://http://www.hardknockscagefights.com). We're hooked, but we also go to support Kenny knock someone's block off. Kenny was the opening match this night instead of the main event. We thought that was weird, but he was glad to have an early match and not be waiting all night long. He was dominant in this one, taking it early in the 1st Round with a guillotine choke. The dude didn't have a chance, but Kenny was somewhat mad that the guy broke his full guard at one point. If that's all he has to get mad at after doing everything else right, he'll do fine. We joke that we're groupies for Kenny and he appreciates us going and supporting. Team Outlaw of Fairmont, where Kenny fights out of and we know some of the other members, they were on their A-game. They had about six of seven fighters on the show and none of them got beat. In fact, they all won convincingly. North Central WV had a bunch of fighters at this show. I was talking to Tommy about how far off MMA is to being regulated in our state since he's updated through his bro. It'll probably be a while, but he says at least the people are trying to explain the details to our legislature. WV, stop living in the 1950s and bring some MMA to the area, it's blowing up.

Most of the fights on the night were really lopsided for some reason. Some of these guys had no business being there. There was only one decision match of the night as well. The weird thing is that there was no blood in any match, which I would've put money down as happening. The last show we went, a few matches had blood spilling all over the place. The production of this show wasn't nearly as good as the Wolfe show recently. I was a bit disappointed that they didn't have the big screens like they had at the last few shows I've been to. The good was that we didn't have to hear the annoying redneck/auctioneer announcer as well as the DJ who would play things so loud that you couldn't hear much. The crowd at this show was top notch though, it gets pretty rowdy in there. When a fight starts to get slow or someone is a bum in the ring, the crowd won't mess around in bashing them like no other. Not for the faint at heart.

Time to rant on the cage girls. If you remember the St. Clairsvile show, the quality of their cage girls were rough, to be nice about it. The trio at Marietta last weekend? Nothing we were impressed with at all, fair at best. I really don't get the point of the ring girls if they're going to do the same thing all night long. I'm not expecting them to do something crazy, honestly I'm not. They're out there in the ring between rounds, walking on these goofy high heels that they look like stumbling drunks in, and hold the round number card up. At the end of the night, the crowd votes with cheers on which girl they think was the best. Coming from a guy's mentality, if I'm in a contest to win something, I'm usually competitive. These girls didn't seem to have that in them. It's not hard, you're dealing with a mostly male crowd with raging hormones, we're a bunch of idiots basically. All you'd have to do is shake or jiggle and the guys would eat that up, do something different each round. Instead, they just walked around and looked goofy with no talent, while their ribs stick out as they're in need of a cheeseburger, not much of a body to any. The whole anorexic look I've gave my opinion on before, so I won't rant too much on a negative side, but just stating what I personally think. The main chick won $500, 2nd received $300, and 3rd took home $200, so basically everyone was a winner. Why not give $1000 to the winner with the losers packing their bags and going home? That'd show who really wants it. Wouldn't that be more exciting for the fans? But then again, what do I know? For what it's worth to the people keeping track at home, the best chick in the place was this 40-year old MILF. Outside of that, not too much going on, but then again, it's mostly males at the show. The fights delivered though, that's all that matters.

The Marines were back in action for the event. They brought along the pullup bar to anyone who could show their stuff. The same rules as the last time I posted in the blog. You'd get something for 10, 15, and 20. Last time we were able to do it easy and got our shirt for doing 20. This time, they were somewhat punks about the ordeal. It was to the point that the crowd watching the pullup contest, they'd boo the Marines for not counting legitimate reps, that was pretty funny. People counted me off for doing 32 and I was going down and locking out as you should, but since we did ours without too much problem, they gave me credit for only 18. That's ok if it was like that for everyone, but it wasn't. The people who could do say 10 or so, they'd give them credit for giving all they had and still gave them a shirt. That didn't bother me much either way, but I got a kick out of the crowd getting pissed for the rules not being the same for everyone. I did get a nice toboggan this time, so that works, since I already have the shirt. My guess is that this crowd seemed to have more athletic people in it than the last one and they were short on shirts to hand out? The armed forces get my utmost respect and I've always said I'd never have the balls to even consider doing that, but why do some of these guys constantly have to act all hard? Are the other armed forces branches like that? I don't see it as much, and not making a quick judgement, but you're hard enough just for manning up and doing our country a favor. That gets my respect, not when you have to act like you can whip the world 24/7. Could it just be these Marines? It could be just people in general are like that, who knows. Also, as a side note, I saw something I've never seen in my life. This chick gets on the pullup bar and she did these like it was nothing and I thought I was seeing things, as did the rest of the crowd. Maybe I'm sexist, but usually girls can't do many pullups, if any at all. Heck, very few guys in our area can do more than just a few, it's true try it yourself, so it's not just chicks, a tough exercise to do. Anyways, to end this paragraph, this one chick gets up there and rips 10 legitimate pullups off and I didn't know what to think. The crowd gave her a big hand and rightfully so Maybe we should test her for roids.

Here's one to put age into perspective. In a month, I'll be hitting the big 3-0. As I always say, I definitely don't feel that age yet, but that's just how it goes. Maybe once my body starts breaking down to where I can't have my speed and flexibility, I'll cave into being "old". Only a number. I did have some people from the state evaluate our school and came into each room. One woman when I introduced myself said I looked like one of the students. I said that I hope that keeps up for a few more years because I'm sure the hair turns gray soon or balding happens, just part of life, no biggie. In the car, we had some rap going as I can't go too long without my rap going on Sirius or I might foam out of the mouth. I'm pretty good on road trips in limiting the rap since I know most people can't stand it, but I have to get a bit in. A song from the greatest album of all time came on and it was from Dr. Dre's The Chronic. Like the 1986 Celtics in the last blog, I won't even begin to argue The Chronic album. Spank asked Big Austin if he knew who it was as a general question. Austin didn't have a clue and Spank was totally surpised. I got to thinking, I was like, "Spank, the dude was 2 years old when that came out, he doesn't know that." 1992 and it seems like ages ago. I didn't expect Austin to know it, but it cracked me up how shocked Spank was that he didn't know, like it ruined his day. Most of my kids at work weren't even born when this one came out, wow.

The readers are beating down the door and have demanded another movie review. With all of that pressure, I had to deliver. As I've said in some of the recent blogs, I really wanted to see Transporter 3 in the theater. I couldn't get a good schedule with my crew that worked for everyone, so the theater didn't happen. Never fear though, that's what the good of the internet is for. I was able to watch this one Friday night. I know I'm biased towards this series, but if you haven't seen any of the Transporter movies, you truly are missing out. Jason Statham plays his role so well. Natalya Rudakova, maybe it's the Russian accent and she sorta comes off as being dirty in this movie, she's a cute one. She loses points for short hair, but as far as the connection with her and Statham and not having the romance get into the way of the movie too much, it works out. I dig this storyline and if you're all about action and something that will keep you interested, go watch this one. Oh, you want the rank, I'm getting there. We're going to give this one 8.2 Russian bottles of vodka out of 10, it's that good.

This is to the college football fans out there. Even if you're not a fan, a lot of people participate in the bowl pools in your area. Throw in a few bucks and you're guaranteed a good time. If you don't want to throw in a few bucks, why not try for free and join the best league on Yahoo? See, you can't even think of a reason not to want in on that. The_Freak created this one and it features a collection of our message board crew from Lobstah (http://theballsempire.com), so you'll be in with good company. The Yahoo ID for our league is 18254. The password is balls. It's as simple as that, get in there. Make you picks, it takes no time to do. It's your civil duty. Go to Yahoo, Sports, Fantasy, then College Bowl Pick Em and you'll find your way into paradise. Confidence points though in that game, a huge thumbs down in my book, but I'm in regardless.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: After a short absence, Arizona Jas is back to provide us with this week's dirty. I asked her what the deal was with the girl since as I type this section, I'm at work and can't check till I get home. Here's the report: "shes got... pretty much 77 pictures of her barely clothed.. posing.. she's actually pretty... theres one pic of her just smiling.. and yeah.. but shes skanky lol". Sounds like a winner to me, so we'll roll with it. www.myspace.com/rrangel18

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: I'm going to use a submission that ManDingo put up on our message board this past weekend. This one is a vid from Andy Samberg, a Saturday Night Live player and along with him in this video is his crew as well as Timberlake, Molly Sims, and Meadow Soprano. Creative and funny, or so I think anyways, but what do I know..

3 Quick Thangs:

1. The birthdays over the next few days are pitiful. Due to that, they won't get the mention. I will recommend some potato chips in this spot then. Kettle Cooked Mesquite BBQ Lay's. You won't be disappointed with these things. I eat entire bags at once, I can tear that stuff up for a little dude. By getting these, you also support The Dave Posey Fund, so you can't go wrong either way.

2. A few weird facts for this week.. #1, Horses can't puke. #2, Wearing headphones for just an hour will increase the bacteria in your ear by 700 times.

3. Last call for Christmas cards. If you want on the annual tradition list that has been going worldwide for years and haven't sent the address to me, then this is your last chance. Where else are you going to get a card from WV with random stuff written inside? This is the place. The going plan is to send this out next week sometime, unless you're from far out of the country, then those will be sent this week.

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Wow..it's a few days old and no comment yet? Hmm. Quality as always, and looking forward to the Christmas card..you know you'll get one from Germany with random stuff all over it too. :)
and 30's not old...until you start talking about album(who says "album" anymore???) that's older than the kids you teach. Ouch. :)
Have fun up there.