Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Slumdogs, Monopoly, & Cell Phone Lady!

We have a few movies to review this time around. Yep, I've been a busy movie watcher, if that's what you want to call me. First up to bat.. The Wrestler. This one stars Mickey Rourke as he's given a second chance to get back into the big time after falling off the face of the earth for years. This one has also been getting some solid reviews, both from the average movie fan to the "expert" critics. Rourke won Best Actor at the recent Golden Globe Awards for whatever that's worth to anyone. You probably already know that, but just in case not, that's what I'm here for. Wrestling fan or not, that doesn't matter one bit, the story here is going to compel you to watch. Wrestling movies in the past have tended to be pretty bad overall, but this one is different. It shows the ups and downs that a star wrestler can have and how low things can go. Marisa Tomei is the lead chick in this movie as she plays a dirty stripper. Her character is similar to Rourke's in that they are both going downhill in their professions. As an added bonus, Tomei gets naked in this one, multiple times. She's listed as being 44 years old, but some places dispute her being a few years older. Either way, she still gets it done. I know, you want my ranking. I wasn't as wild about this movie as the review say, but the movie is good however. It gets 7.3 dropkicks out of 10 in my book.

I do have a second movie to get to. Can we keep the streak going? As Obama would say, yes we can. Next up will be to talk about Slumdog Millionaire. If you haven't heard any of the hype on this one, you are straight up missing out. I don't watch any of the movie award shows, but this one also loaded up at the Golden Globes. It won four awards there, the most notable being Best Motion Picture. That's some high praise there. Before I grade things, I may have to put this in my top 10 movies of all time list. If not, it's definitely a contender. I'm serious on that too, it's a must see movie. Out of 34,000+ votes on IMDB, it is currently #34 in their Top 250 and has a rank of 8.7 as I type this paragraph up on Tuesday night. I'm going higher actually. It's time to step up and give this one a 9.3. We don't venture in the 9 range much at all, so keep that in mind. It tracks an 18-year old orphan and his life story as well as following him around with his brother and the girl of his dreams. They all go their separate ways and the orphan, for years has been trying to get back together with the girl that got away. She was taken by gangs as they tried to escape. Also, he tries to win 20 million rupees on India's version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?. The people in this movie were all unknown to the movie world, but they picked a perfect cast. Bonus points to Freida Pinto, the lead female in this movie, very quality on my end, gorgeous. But what do I know? The moral here? Go see this movie immediately, you will not be disappointed one bit, trust me.

Apparently I need to mix things up living here in the middle of nowhere in West Virginia, imagine that. Most knew that about me anyways, but I'm fairly content, just not up on the whole "big city" mentality. Cali Jas says that I'm definitely old school and I had some funny comments on the last blog from people, that's always good times. Remember the Real World breakdown last week? The chick I called a transvestite was actually not. She's actually transgendered, something I even know much less about. I don't think I've ever seen a transvestite in person before (I wouldn't know anyways), let alone someone that is transgendered. I'm always willing to learn new things though for sure. If that's what they want to do and it makes their life more comfortable, go for it I say. As far as trying to explain that, I'm the last guy that would know, oblivious to a lot of things on that level I guess, hah. So to you big city people, keep busting out that knowledge to me. One day I may understand it all. Also, as a side not for no reason other than it makes me laugh, it's TO crying in that pic. That never ever gets old. "It's really unfair. It's really unfair. That's my teammate! That's my quaaaateerrback! If you guys do that man, it's unfair!

Saturday was a pretty good time with the crew. I'll have several topics from that night. No, it's nothing over the top that is going to have me turning into a crazed alcoholic and druglord. It started out with me rolling to church with Ozzie and Maria. I like their church a lot. I've been before, but I won't ever try to preach in my blog, most people don't want to hear that, I understand. That's not my style anyways. One thing I didn't like and it really doesn't have to do much with church, but the action itself. This old lady was sitting beside us and her phone goes off like four times. It was pretty loud. Normally, if you were an idiot and didn't turn it off before you came in to begin with, you'd at least shut it off quick, right? No, this woman didn't do that. She picks the phone up, answers it and starts talking IN church on it. You serious? It would've been out of place, but I was wanting to grab that phone so bad and stomp it into little pieces and then dance around as the rest of the congregation cheered me on. Well, maybe not the dancing around part, but you get what I mean. I've stated that problem before. She's the same person who is on TV at a baseball game and is just wanting people to notice her using that phone. Get out of here. Use your phone all you want, that's fine, but there's a time and a place. Maybe that's me being old school, but I can't be the only one who wanted to bash that woman's phone in.

After church, we got the crew rounded up for some Shogun action, hibachi style. Who all went? That'd be Kari, Matty Cakes, Ozzie, Maria, Mudcat, Sweet Pea, and myself. Usually our Japanese bunch is bigger, but we were well overdue. We had the seven of us at our table as well as 3 "random bums". I was next to these other three people and it ended up working fine. Most of the time, when people sit by randoms at a hibachi, they won't bother them at all or even talk. What fun would that be? I like to get any kind of conversation going, so I was talking to these people and they were probably sick of me, but that's the experience you get at Japanese if you ask me. I order my usual of filet (medium rare, closer to rare, yum) and scallops that are huge as my main meal. By the time I get my main meal, I'm half stuffed. Not to mention I was roasting in there when I was eating and that's never good for someone like me who has a weak stomach. That's what my crew is there for, they can cleanup on my extras for free.

Since I'm an old man, what do we do to get the night started with after we put food into our bellies? That'd be another trip to Ozzie's place and all seven agreed to hit up the festivities. I've been a Monopoly fan for a long time, but not many others seem to ever be too interested. Posey, Spank, and myself are always trying to get a game going, but we rarely ever find more than three people to jump in. We switched it up this time though. Kari and Sweet Pea jammed on Guitar Hero, while the rest of us battled it out. 3½ hours in total the game was, but there was a change of pace. How so? It wasn't your average Monopoly game. This was the Electronic Banking version. I was skeptical of it at first, but it turned out to be real nice. You don't use any bills at all for money. It's all based on cards that you slide into a machine and it calculates the losses and gains you make on the spot. Matty Cakes was the host as he got a kick out of running it and towards the end of the night, Mudcat took over reigns. I always say it is one of those games that ends up as a fun time, whether you win or lose. First to be eliminated was The Mudder, followed by Cakes, then Maria finishing 3rd. After a fight till the death that ended in my defeat at 2:30 AM, Ozzie finally runs through the snowy streets hoisting the gold Monopoly trophy for a well deserved win. I am a fan of this version of Monopoly though, no complaints here.

I'm not a huge fast food guy on a regular basis. Give me good home cooked meals any day of that grease. Every now and then though, we need to hit it up. I'm also not much of a McDonald's fan, but from time to time like anyone else, you get something from there. I will give them credit on their fries. Maybe it's because they're so unhealthy, but they taste good, that they hit the spot. Another thing I'll recommend would be their chicken snack wraps. These, as far as McD's go, are on the healthier side of their foods. Also, if you get a grilled version, it's pretty good indeed. I've tried all flavors, the BBQ, honey mustard, and ranch. You really can't go wrong with either for a quick snack. It's not a monster meal, but grab a couple and put em together with a big sweet tea and it makes for a decent enough lunch. While McD's has nothing on Arby's as far as fast food goes, I figure I'd mention that just because. I'd also guess that half the people reading this right now are hungry. Even if you're not, you can get a snack wrap down at the very least. If you don't like it, blame me. Plus, they're cheap.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: We have Cali Jas and Arizona Jas in the same blog. That's when you know business is about to pick up. This week's submission works at Hooters if that helps the dirty factor and it's a "friend of a friend" is what Arizona Jas says. In her interests it says that she's selfish, impatient, and at times hard to handle. That sounds like a mess. Jas says she's legal though and has worthy pics, so we'll see what the fans think.

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: Due to our Monopoly theme earlier, I might as well go with a Monopoly video. Mr. Monopoly goes broke, his chick leaves him and he ends up going to the slums, eating out of the garbage. I thought it was creative. Not overly funny, but well done. Don't sleep on Baltic Avenue though, that and Mediterranean are my favorite properties for whatever it's worth.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Some of the birthdays were listed wrong the last time. We'll see if we can nail them this time around. We'll go with Thursday, January 22nd. Steve Perry, the lead vocalist for Journey, he's 60. I'm not sure he's much of a celebrity to me as I wouldn't know him if he walked in my room, but most people know Journey songs at least. Steven Adler, who was in the blog recently as he's on my Celebrity Deathpool list, he's somehow made it to 44. He was the Guns N Roses drummer who is a complete mess. Say no to drugs kids, look at Adler. DJ Jazzy Jeff, he's also 44. For the Japanese wrestling fans, Manabu Nakanishi of New Japan Pro Wrestling, 42. That's not too impressive of a list, but I'm not the one who picks the birthdays. I just write about them.

2. Back to the movie front.. When I wrote about Gran Torino in the last blog, a few of the blog readers have also jumped in and watched since that. Corndog said it was excellent and not the ending he expected, while Spank and Alicia both gave it a big thumbs up as well. Give me some ideas of movies to check out and I may get around to it some day. If so, they'll get my opinion in here for sure.

3. Today's weird law fact? It's apparently illegal to drink beer out of a bucket while you're sitting on a curb in St. Louis. For real now? And people think I live in the old days.. Until next time.. thanks for wasting part of your day to read this.


Susan said...

I guess if you did know Steve Perry, you would know that he's not the lead vocalist for Journey anymore... that'd be Arnel Pineda... wow... guess that makes me a nerd... MY BAD. :o]

Ms. Jazzie said...

Awesome blog like usual my friend!

Dude old lady has gotz to go! Now im not all religious(brainwashed) yet so I have stopped my weekly reunions at church but you gotta respects God's house. I dont care if you are Obama, nukkah in God's house you show respect. If not you get slapped in the face like you owe them money. I would have sang to you crushing that lady's phone.

So I skimmed through the whole movie reviews because you and I do not look eye to eye on movies and therefore will not read what you have to say. But I will watch Slumdog millionaire. but not because you said so. Okay maybe I did not skim but I was tempted to! :]

Monopoly is old thanks..too long! GUITAR HERO BABY! *DOES AIR GUITAR ACT* THANK YOU CALI!!!

And where the heck did this trailer trash chick come from? I LIKE! A true dirty dirty chika... over here we call em skanks..what do you call them?

Enough of my rambling...I hope i covered all bases.