Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Cheesesticks & Pancakes

This is officially our first post of 2009. I'll try to break in the year right with a solid blog as I have a lot of random topics to touch base on. In this edition, you'll get the action (if any) that went down during New Years Eve, the unveiling of my 2009 Celebrity Deathpool picks, late night food gourging, Pringles, new CDs, the usual words of wisdom from Corndog and The_Freak, birthday thanks, snow chat, and much much more. If that doesn't get the blood pumping, I'm not sure what will. I actually have a few topics that I'm pushing till next week's blog since I'll have too much to ramble on this time, but I do hope to keep most of you interested..

Most know that I'm not a party guy, so I didn't have any huge plans on New Years Eve. Some of my buddies planned things, but we all somewhat scattered about in our own directions. I decided to just kick it at the house for the night and chill, but that didn't stop me from having a good time of it. Spank didn't want to get into any mess either, so he came over for the extravaganza. To start New Years Eve out, that morning, I ended up going to bed at 10:00 AM. Yep, I never learn, I always say that. At 4:00 PM, I hear Dad yelling upstairs, wondering if I was still alive. I could've slept till dark I'm sure. We had a big food spread for the night and video games were the plan. Simple and easy to please, that's me. We rocked out some homemade chicken and dumplings and after that, ordered up some pizza and hoagies from Shawna's grandma, great food as usual.

You know the funny? Midnight was getting near, but neither of us really bothered to worry about watching the ball drop. I figured once the rednecks fired off their shotguns, we'd know that 2009 had arrived anyways. Plus, once you've seen a celebration on TV, you've seen them all. So instead, we played Call of Duty: World At War on the 360 for 8 hours straight till our eyes bugged out. We're putting in the time on that game, it's that good as I've said many times before. Most of my crew have become so ate up with this game and it'd blow your mind if I told you the total amount of real time days we've put into this since it came out. I won't scare you too much, I'll keep it to myself.

It's sick and demented time. As I talked about last week, it's year 5 for the Celebrity Deathpool. Regular contributor of the blog, the one and only Kasher, he's back as The Commish of this league, as he is for many of our other leagues as well. I realize it's probably not one bit the moral thing to do, but it still is competition and I'm always down for that. Plus, you'd be surprised how many of these are out there. You might even have one going in your own office. Enough of the small talk, I'll jump right to who my selections are this year. Again, the quick rules are that if you have a celebrity pass away during the year, you take their age at death and subtract it from 100. For example, if you have a guy die at 60, he'd be worth 40 points and so on. I know, you probably think it's messed up, but deep down you're somewhat intrigued by the process and will want updates. Ladies and gentlemennnn, here are my selections through deep thinking and research, we will unveil, with a short description:

Scott Hall (Razor Ramon). Wrestling fans will know him as a guy that is definitely a loose cannon. How he's still alive now, it's a total mystery. This guy is regularly seen as a mess and it's the reason he's not in big time wrestling at the moment. If he could get his head on straight, which he can't, he'd still be a talent that fans would pay to hear speak or perform.

Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. One of wrestling's legends, former wrestler and one of the best mangers ever. Heenan has had a rough past year or so as he's been in and out of comas due to reconstructive surgery of his jaw. As of now, he's able to speak a bit without getting tired, so he should be on the rise a bit with his health.

Patrick Swayze. The most popular pick of our entire group this year. I think everyone and their brother had Swayze on the list.

Raven (Scott Levy). You can't ever have too many wrestlers on the list. Overall, these guys are pieces of work. Raven has done it all and is still functioning somehow. He's actually a very smart dude, but he definitely has his personal demons.

Charlie Weis. Notre Dame football coach. My buddies and I always wonder on the legit weight of Charlie. I say 425 anyways. He looks so unhealthy. I can understand if you're overweight, but if you're as big as Charlie and don't really want to do much about it? That's rough. He's even had surgeries for it, but no luck.

Steven Adler. Former Guns N Roses drummer. If you haven't seen him recently, you're in for a treat. Not in a good way either. His speech is so bad after being through a stroke and comas due to heavy drug use. He was fired from GNR back in the day. If you get fired from that crew, then you must really be in bad shape. If you've never seen VH1's GNR Behind The Music, you're missing out. Search for it online, it's quite the story.

Amy Winehouse. Self explanatory. Most people have Amy on their lists as well. Upon sight, she literally scares me.

Bob Feller. One of baseball's greatest pitchers ever. He's 90 years old at the moment, his mind is sharp, and he's still in good enough shape. Still, you can't ever have too many crazy old people on the list, just in case.

Nancy Reagan. Hey, she's old and that's the reason I'm going this route. 87 years old.

Artie Lange. One of Howard Stern's sidekicks. He's great on that show for those who check it out on Sirius. He's had problems with heroin, coke, pills, and alcohol. I just don't get it, I know I'm in the minority, but why do that stuff ever to begin with? A ticking time bomb if you will if he doesn't straighten himself up. A funny dude though. His recent book, Too Fat To Fish, went on the New York Times best-seller list. 41 years old.

It's time for a quick break to hear some wise words from Corndog and The_Freak. You better take some notes.

Corndog: cereal is an excellent meal
Corndog: ya know the milk after ya eat fruity pebbles.....the fruity pebbles flavored milk......they should bottle that up and sell it

The_Freak (3:14:50 AM): Why does every broad with a boyfriend feel the need to remind you 67 times she's got one? Why doesn't she have him just wizz on her and make his territory properly?

Props to everyone and their brother for sending me the birthday wishes on Tuesday, much appreciated. Yep, the big 3-0. I've been telling everyone that I don't feel it at least. I still base on saying that I'll officially consider myself old when I can no longer run with the youngsters in basketball. Now I'm not saying I'm the most talented on the court by any means, but when it comes to running on the court without getting tired, I'm still rocking that. I'm also not fat and bald yet, so I hope the high metabolism keeps working, but I'm sure it'll turn the other way soon enough. Let's just hope it doesn't get to Charlie Weis levels. Also at 30, I think I'm in some of the best shape of my life as far as feeling and being as steady as ever with the working out part of things. It's nothing crazy, but I've been within the same weight range now for about 12 years if not more, it rarely changes, so I'll take it.

Then again, on the other side, I may never grow up. I'm still playing video games as much as ever. I say that there's never "too old" for video games. Back in the day, we'd be dorks as video game players. Today we still are, but it's just a lot more common I guess. I'm also watching wrestling as much as ever and still living at home. Also not married, totally single at the moment, and no kids to the collection thus far. My buddies would tell you that it'd probably be a scary thought with me having a kid. I'd be able to do it since some total idiots have ended up being decent fathers, but that's not even a thought anytime soon that shows up on the radar. I'll let my buddies take care of the marriages and babies for now. Obviously I do my own thing and never get bothered much by negative opinions of others, not falling into peer pressure. Sure, I could be a whiner like a lot of people, but what's the point? Nobody wants to hear that junk. Maybe the main thing I always talk about in here, regardless of topic, I just always try to stay positive, laid back, and be happy as often as possible. So far so good through 30 years, I don't think I'd change many things at all.

Late night food action on Friday. I was bored, sitting around the house and figured why not go out and eat? I knew that I could call Cork and he'd be in at almost anytime. We ended up, along with Kristin, to Nutter Fort at the FOP at 1:00 in the morning. It's 24 hours and outside of the usual Denny's and Eat 'N Park, it's about all we have around here in my area. Luckily, we stumbled into a pretty nice spot. The prices are great and you can order breakfast or dinner anytime you want. I recommend it for the locals, give it a try. Somehow I felt like I was crazy hungry that night. One of my late night staples is a different combo that I've written about before. That'd be pancakes and cheesesticks. Don't knock it till you have tried it. Also, I ordered an antipasto salad (you're not going all out until you have a quality Italian antipasto, a regular salad won't compare) and they put it in this huge bowl that would've been a meal in and of itself. Inside they threw in hard boiled eggs cut up, doh. One that might be hard to believe is that I've never had a hard boiled egg in my life up till that point. I'm serious. Cork and Kristin didn't know what to think when I told them that, so they said they wanted to see me try it then and there for the first time. A few days before my 30th, I tried a bite of a hard boiled egg. I wish I hadn't, brutal to me and I don't mind omelettes and things of that nature, but not a egg of that style. For as big of a Chinese food fan as I am now, I didn't try it till I was around 22. I didn't try sushi till I was 29. Just some food for thought. Of course I didn't finish all of that food either.

One last rant before we jump to the new CDs and the usual ending goodies. It's about snow. For those who know me, I'm a huge fan of snow and the winter time in general. As I type this section up now, we're getting a bit of snow. No big deal right? You'd think not. Somehow, people in my area act like we're in Florida or something. They think it's the end of the world when snow starts to fall and they think go into a panic. You kidding me people? We get snow in our area. No, not the snow that Uncle Wilbur, a friend of the blog and #basketball legend, has recently been getting out in Washington. Still, we get a bit. I'm talking to Spank now and we're getting worked up bashing these bums who think it's a must to go to the store before it snows. He's saying when was the last time you were actually stuck inside your house and ran out of food? It doesn't happen. Ever. Besides, it's not like we're 2 hours away from a store. I'm a terrible driver, but at least I'm adept at not driving around scared to death at the fall of a snowflake. Those people need to get off the road in a hurry and stay bundled up in their blankets as they shake in fear of the next blizzard coming through. With that said, bring on some snow. Also, bring along the new CDs to my collection..

Common: Universal Mind Control. Common, I hate to do it to ya man, but I'm giving you the big thumbs down of shame. You're a talented guy and I like a lot of your older things, but this one wasn't on that level. I was very disappointed. It's a quick listen as it's only 10 tracks, but still I wouldn't bother. There's only a few that I think are decent. That'd be Gladiator, Punch Drunk Love with Kanye, and Announcement featuring Pharrell.

Coolio: Steal Hear. This is the only one of the new bunch I've yet to listen to. I saw it and figured it'd be a good laugh if nothing else. Coolio had his moment, but time has passed him by and he hasn't been relevant for a while. That's what surprised me when I saw him still putting out music. Maybe he'll prove us wrong and have something decent here. I'm sure if you liked the old Coolio, this one will be fine enough, but no review on my end as of yet.

EPMD: We Mean Business. If you're an old school rap fan, chances are you are into EPMD material. That'd be Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith, Making Dollars. Their last album together was all the way back in 1999. I put this in and it took me way back. This is one of the better setups I've heard in a while, it's rap how it should be. Along for the ride on some tracks are KRS-One, Keith Murray, Redman, Method Man, Raekwon The Chef, and Havoc of Mobb Deep. This comes with high recommendations.

John Legend: Evolver - Deluxe Edition. Seriously, go pick this up as soon as possible. I know, it's not the usual rap that I'm accustomed to. This is some pimpin R&B and Legend is about as smooth as all gets. It's scary how good this guy is. If he keeps up on this pace for a few more CDs, he really is going to be a stud on the baby making music map. I can't pick out just one for you to jam to, but give him a try if you're in the dark and haven't before, you'll be impressed.

Ludacris: Theater Of The Mind. I'm not sure Luda puts out too much that would be bad. His last few CDs haven't been up to his standards if you ask me though. This one, I think he's back with it. Sure, he has a few club songs that are weak, but overall, he has enough harder stuff to make it worthy of owning. My favorites on this CD? Call Up The Homies with The Game (very good), Nasty Girl, MVP, and I Do It For Hip Hop featuring Nas and Jay-Z. As far as coming up with creative lines, Luda is one of the best in that aspect.

Royce Da 5'9": The Album. We go to the first of two Detroit rappers that are added to the collection. He used to be Eminem's boy, then they had a little beef, and now they're buddies again? Rap "beef" always cracks me up because half the time it's just something to gain publicity. Either way, Royce brings a banger here he's a talented dude. Go check out the songs Give Up Your Guns with Talib Kweli, We Deep with Trick Trick, and Angel just to name a few. Kristen, see, I'm not the only one anymore who still calls it an "album", hah.

Trick Trick: The Villain. We go to our second Detroit rapper. Easily the most vicious lyrics out of these guys featured today. If you're a gangsta rap fan, you'll enjoy this one highly. It has a dose of the old style feel to it. This CD is also loaded up with guest appearances. Big time people such as two of my favorite ever in Dr. Dre and Ice Cube, Eminem, Royce Da 5'9", Kid Rock, and Proof. He keeps the grimey level going strong on this one. The whole CD is good, so go get a listen.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: We go to another vote of confidence from Arizona Jas. This one brings some good unintentional comedy to the table. Not a zillion pics, but you have to check out the taglines on her own pics. I can't figure out if she's really that dumb overall or if her ego is about 20 times that of a normal person.

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: Due to the recent birthday, this is the reason of this video. I'm not 40 yet, but a few of my buddies have been joking with me to go around screaming that "I'm a man! I'm 30!". If you've never seen this all time great coaching press conference from last year, you're in for a treat. Even if you have, like me, you've seen it countless times and it never gets old. I present to you, Mike Gundy, head football coach of Oklahoma State:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Speaking of birthdays.. let's ring in the weekend a bit early. Friday, January 9th. MVP of the very first Super Bowls, Green Bay Packer Bart Starr, he turns 75. Sportscaster Dick Enberg, 74. Jimmy Page, co-founder of Led Zeppelin, 65. Golfer Tom Kite, 60. Sharon Osbourne, 57. Ok, I'll say it. At 57, she doesn't look bad at all. Bobby Flay the cook, 45. Basketball midget man, Muggsy Bogues, 44. Dave Matthews, 42. Nick Lachey, 36. Kim Mathers, Eminem's off an off again chick, 34. That's a decent list there if you ask me.

2. Pringles. We all love them, but does nobody else hate the can like I do? The first fourth of the can is ok, you can get them out easily. Then when you get deep into the can, you have to start tipping the rest of them out. That's fine, but then all the crumbs go everywhere and you have a mess on yourself and the floor. I'm a neat freak usually, so this somewhat bugs me. I guess you could pour them into a bowl or something, but that's too much hassle when you can just use the can. But.. how about a little bag or even a box style instead of the tube?

3. A few topics I'm pushing into next week's version to get people in anticipation? That'd be my experience at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). You see some straight up characters at the DMV and I'll certainly get into that. Also we'll talk about the new season of Real World, originating from Brooklyn. I've been a Real World freak since the beginning, so I'll be sure to give a good review. That's just a few things, I'll have more in the holster for sure. Hope you made it through the read, now you can relax and breathe again. Have a great 2009 everybody!

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Kristen said...

First comment of 09! :)

Quality man, if you keep em like this, you'll have fan pouring in all year long.

30? Dang...didnt realize you were that old. ;) But ya know, you're throwing down the pullups, and running like a kenyan, so you're not old yet.
Anyway...good stuff as always.