Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm On A Boat With Aussie Rap & Anoop Dogg

Here we are again. The blog will send the Valentine's Day wishes out a few days early to everyone who is worthy of that. To me? This weekend is much more important than that. It's the NBA All Star Weekend! I could write an entire blog on this, with my predictions of each event, and what all I will be doing, but I'll spare the thought this time around. Something that the rest of you will be more inclined to hear about might be in the blog, so it's time to give a quick preview before jumping in head first. In this edition you get some Idol talk, Rob is back, Chris Brown is a waste of space, Australian rap, what bugs me about screen names, Facebook chat is brutal, and much more. Here we go..

TV time and I might as well break out some American Idol. Yeah, I'm hooked as most that know me will tell you. After Wednesday night's show, we're down to the final 36 contestants. Things will change as the season goes, but people are asking who the people that I will root for this year are going to be. Wait no longer, I'm about to unveil it. There's a handful of people that I'll be on their side until they prove me wrong. That'd be Anoop Dogg, Emo Adam, Blind Dude, Jasmine, Texas Redneck Girl, Widow Boy, Ju'Not, and Redneck Michael. Duce of Lobstah fame directed us to some Anoop Dogg videos on YouTube and this guy is really good I think. His group is called the ClefHangers. Search for his Boyz II Men stuff (I'll Make Love To You) where he takes the lead and is pretty impressive. Emo Adam has a weird look, but he's himself it seems and I like what he's done so far. Blind Dude not only has the great story on his side, but he brings some talent on the stage as well, especially when he busts out his keyboard. There's not a lot of girls that have jumped out yet to me, but Mississippi Jasmine, not to be confused with Arizona Jas and Cali Jas, is one of those kids who seems to be on the right path. Texas Redneck Girl is cute and can sing it seems, but she still needs to be introduced to some triple cheeseburgers. You'd snap this girl's arms just by touching them. Widow Boy's story is one of the main topics people are talking about. He lost his wife just not long before he did his auditions in the first round of bums. Not to mention that, but he's real good too, so keep an eye out for him. Ju'Not, we'll add him to the list, and I'm not sure what's up with that name, but creative enough for me. How Tatiana and Nate Dizzle made it through, ouch. I say due to their drama, they got pushed through. I was telling my buddies, Tat is probably one of those girls you'd have that your buddies hate in 2.2 seconds, but when quiet, she's a little freak, so who knows. I still don't care for her though, but she sorta cracks me up by putting on this show. Nate though, ugh.

A new TV show update. I watch more TV than the average person I'm sure, but I usually stay within the same schedule. I'll rotate around several shows I can't miss and then it's basketball games other than that usually the rest of the week. MTV is saving me again. I haven't been big on too many of their shows lately, aside from being still hooked to Real World. Sunday night broke things open though. This past Sunday, Rob (of Rob & Big fame) returned! Yep, at 9:00 Eastern time, you get to see Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory. If you enjoyed his last show, you'll like this one just as much it seems, at least from the first episode. Big isn't back on this one, but DJ Drama and Meaty are both still around. It seems that Rob just goofs off all day and that's his life, he has it made. He's 5 years older than me, so I don't have to grow up anytime soon either, hah. The first episode has an appearance from NBA stud Lamar Odom.

Chris Brown, really now? I used to sort of like the dude and feel he might be the best dancer out there, but hitting a chick? And Rihanna? Geez. Come on man, you can't whip anyone if you really tried and you're out there acting all hard hitting girls. Get out of here with that garbage. I don't care what your excuse is, you can't be busting up some girl. I thought that was a written in stone rule anyways, but apparently not for too many people. Even if a girl is a 7'2" giant beastly amazon woman, it's still a no in my book. Chris Brown, no excuse you can give me at all. You get this week's finger of shame pointed at you.

Since I'm on the music kick, I'll flip it to a positive manner now. Everyone knows I'm a big rap fan. Most in my area aren't rap fans one bit and I can respect that, but I'm going to branch it out another step. Australian rap. What, you never knew of such a thing? For as big of a rap guy as I am, I'm new to this genre as well. Due to that, I had to have the Aussies on my lists give me some help, mainly Phoebe. I might as well recommend some things now that I have your ears geared up to jam. Drapht has songs such as Falling, Jimmy Recard, and Inspiration Island. Now we move to Funkoars and go with Kidney Shifters, And Now For Something Completely Different, and The Greatest Hit. How about the Hilltop Hoods with The Hard Road, Breathe, and The Nosebleed Section. Last but not least, we'll try out some Bliss N Eso. They have Bullet And A Target, The Sea Is Rising, and Eye Of The Storm. These songs should keep you busy for a while and you can thank me later. Oh, you want a quick American rap song before I leave ya on this topic? Ok, go get Dead And Gone if you haven't heard yet from T.I. and Timberlake, a real good setup.

Here's one for the video game fans and even if you're not, I'll bring the topic to your level. I play a lot of Xbox 360 Live (online), mainly Call of Duty 5. It's a game that I've had since it came out in November and I haven't even been tempted to buy another game since. That's how much it has me consumed. Anyways, when you sign up for a Live account, you obviously need a screen name to get it under way. The same can be said for chat messengers online, the same formula basically. I like seeing some creative things or something different. What bugs me is that so many of these names, and I'm probably old fashioned in my thought here, but tons of them have 420 as their clan tags or anything of weed reference. Now that's fine and dandy if you do that stuff I guess, just not a choice I've never made, but it must be cool to have that reference in your online names? I'm missing the boat on that one, but you'd be floored if you've never played games online and how much of this is out there. I have no clue at all on drug related stuff and am very naive on it, so I can't give much of an opinion than what I have already said. It's sad (for them, not me) that today's kiddies know more about the drug culture than they do about stuff they can actually do to make their lives better. I'll never understand that, but just wanted to get a comment out there dealing with the nicknames. At least be original with it. I don't care what kind of screen name you have, but why make it the same like everyone else?

With everyone and their brother on MySpace and Facebook, this little section will appeal to a lot. For as big as Facebook is, they can't get some little things right. What's up with their chat boxes on there? It's straight up brutal if you ask me. First off, and I've heard others complain about it too, you often find yourself clicking out of the main page accidentally. What happens then? You lose the chat of course. Maybe I'm just always used to chatting nonstop on AIM, MSN, and Yahoo, but it's about time that Facebook upped their game on this side of things. You'd think by now they could have a little update to make it where you could exit out of the page and still have your little chats up, but I guess not. Plus, it's so generic. It gets the job done, but just barely. Maybe I'm spoiled on the chat end of things and demand a lot more, but who knows.

I'm not a person that can sit around all day and watch the news. I know what's going on for the most part, but it's not my cup of tea. One thing that puzzles me is the late night news shows. It's the SAME story over and over and over. I watch SportsCenter everyday and they do a lot of the same, but in a few days, it'll switch over to something else. There's always something new going on. Tot Mom though? This has been going on for 6 months or whatever and this dirty murdering girl is still the lead story on these shows. My parents get all into that, but that would drive me crazy, no matter what the story was, if I had to hear about it every single night. Even Favre and A-Rod don't get this much coverage.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: Arizona Jas with yet another. You guys keep making these blogs easier and easier to write. As Jas says on this week's girl, "She's not a fattie either! Some of the ones I send you are... huge!" Fair enough for me, so we'll use it:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: This was submitted to me by the great DerekHood. We've put up Andy Samberg stuff before and he's back with another gem. This one features T-Pain (despite him being annoying with that synthesizer junk) and is called I'm On A Boat. Hilarious, at least to me. Plus, even the famous Kevin Garnett line gets mentioned in this one, so anythinnggggg is posssssibblleee!

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Today's weird fact that you could probably care less about? The oldest pig in the world lived till the age of 68 supposedly. I figure there's a pig out there somewhere, running around wild, that is older, but 68 is getting it done for sure.

2. I just saw a commercial for IHOP. A deal they have going is that they have all you can eat pancakes. Now I'm not a huge eater when it comes to that stuff, and I love my pancakes, but who can really eat a whole bunch of those? Like is someone gonna sit down and eat like 15 pancakes? I guess it's possible, but IHOP still makes out money wise. Besides, what's it cost to make a pancake? A penny?

3. Ok, we're going to double up on videos this week. Dentist Boy has been the craze of the internet the past few weeks. You've all seen him by now, but time to give him some dap right here in the blog. Also, some of the remixes are really good too. My favorite is when he tries to get out of his seat and goes with that crazy primal scream around 56 seconds. I bet I've watched that segment of the video 40 times already, showing how much time I waste. Here he is:

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