Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blast From The Past, Yogurt, & Busted Waterbeds

Weekend time and we're due for a new post. What kind of stories will get their due? We'll start off going with an injury blast from the past after a recommendation to write on it from someone who was there at the time, giving up candy and more for a bit, my idea on yogurt that wasn't agreed upon, waterbeds busting, and hand sanitizer on shoes. That's kind of a weird mix and I know some of them sound a bit strange, but that's the direction we're moving to. We hit all emotions and now it's time to get down to business and crack thing open.. On we go!

You want the latest injury report? Everyone wanted updates and it wasn't like I was dead or something, but still, much appreciated. My eye was black and blue for a good while, but we're back in action now. I went back last Friday to get my stitches out and the same doc that put them in, he takes them out. Again, he knew what he was doing. Obviously they all should, but you know what I mean. He said he was glad to finally see someone who he didn't have to pick crust out of their stitches when he took them out. He said he gets a lot of dirty people, not good times. I'm a neat freak, you can't roll up in there all filthy. Get with it people. I did that enough after I went in sweaty the week before with blood gushing out of my face. He also told me to take a week or so off of ball, even though I wanted to play really bad a few days after. I couldn't play half speed like he suggested and he said even if I bumped it, it'd bust open a lot more, so I had to take the week off. Speaking of injuries, my boy Wes wrote me on Facebook with a comment to the blog, so I have to give him props for that. I don't think he'll mind if I paste what he wrote for those who didn't see on there, it had me cracking up. That will lead us to the next topic, taking us with a blast from the past:

Wes said:
Beegis! Another battle scar! I never catch your blog on the first day you put it out but i always find myself readin it at some point. The point bein, 5 stitches is a big deal and i know how it is when we play sports. NOT the same in SC! I get told i'm too competitive all the time. Back to the point, 5 stitches is a big deal, but nothin compared to... the day of the collision heard round the world! I just think you should've went into a little more detail in your blog because that day was somethin else! Hammer has never been the same since! I think, for those who weren't there to see it, that you really can't compare the two. The infamous day at Nolan Field will forever be a battle scar for the ages. Hands Down!

Let's hit the rewind button and go back to 8th grade for me. Yes, that was ages ago, I know, just a little guy. The infamous Nolan Field was the site of the action. For those not in my section of town, Nolan Field was named after our buddy Nolan Ryan (nickname derived from the baseball player) since he lived across the road from the field. It's not even a "field" so to speak, but more of a lot of land to play sandlot football on. I feel like I'm ancient that nobody in my town plays sandlot ball anymore. If I could go back to any time in my life, it'd be a little kid back in the day. Don't get me wrong, I love life how it is now, but those days it didn't get any better.

We're doing our thing as we play, of course with no helmets and pads. Who plays sandlot with that junk anyways? Me and my buddy Hammer were on the same team. We both are lined up on offense and take off on deep routes. The ball is in the air and you're awaiting the outcome. A perfect spiral is floating high above (it was probably a terrible throw by whoever threw it, but it sounds good 16 years later) and we both attempt to catch it. An instant later, our heads collide and we drop like a ton of bricks. After that, I didn't remember a single thing until 6 hours later, major concussion time. We'll get to that point though. Apparently, blood was everywhere and Kippie takes off running down the road to get my parents. My top teeth went through my bottom lip and my bottom teeth went through my top lip. I had braces on at the time and they got all jacked up. That had me wearing braces a little longer than predicted.

I guess someone went to give me a cup of water, or so my buddies say. They give it to me and I try to take a drink of it (?) and blood starts going everywhere in it, filling it up. Then I get asked where I was at. My answer? Behind Pittsburgh. No clue what that would even mean, but that's what I said at the time. They fix me up at the ER and I wake up for a brief period later that night to say hey and was in a coma (not literally, but you know how I like to say that anyways) and then crashed the rest of the night. I still have the battle scars from that one too. Dad comes off as a pretty tough guy who doesn't care what people think, but during that whole scene at the ER he was a nervous wreck I heard. Ever since that day, I never played sandlot tackle football again. I was tiny for that game anyways, it was bound to happen, but always a good story to tell. I hope I did it some justice Wes, we'll find out.

Easter time is approaching. I'm not the type to get all into preacher boy mode because this isn't the place for it. I'm Catholic, but won't lead this into much of a religious discussion. To me if you're any type of christian, you somewhat have the same general beliefs as the other religions, just a different presentation of it. Well, lent started up this past Wednesday and a tradition is for someone to give up something that is true to them, be kind to someone on a regular basis, etc, during that time period to show the suffering. This year I went for the triple. I'm giving up pop, tea, and candy over that time. For those who know me, I know exactly what you're thinking. How can I go 40 days without candy? That's impossible, right? It seems that way, but I'm going to prove people wrong. So far so good though. And Friday night I did my good samaritan deed of the week by fixing up a neighbor's computer for about 3 hours. Nothing you really ever "want" to do, but try being the nice guy for once, some people don't know the concept of that. No point of being a mean grump, but back to the three things. I've also heard people joke around that I went overboard in giving up 3 big things there, although I don't have much pop nowadays compared to what I used to go through. Besides, all of those things are bad on the abs, which leads to the next quick paragraph..

I've never dieted before or to that major of a level, but I've always been really into the exercise scene. I have a crazy high metabolism, but I'm sure one day that will change, hopefully not soon though. However, I'll tie that in to a quick ramble on supplements. In random conversations, especially around other people that workout, the topic of supplements come up and what everyone prefers. I go through cycles. Sometimes I will be on a mixture of things and other times, take some time off and be on nothing. Some work, some are garbage. I've written about my favorite supplement ever in NO-Xplode before in this space, but on Friday I switched the scene up. The latest I'm going to experiment with. First would be Taraxatone from Cytogenix. It's marketed as an "extreme muscle definition agent that sheds excess body water". The other new one? Aplodan from Muscletech. In basic terms, it wakes up dormant muscle fibers and gives more strength and mass. And I feel like a baseball player since it "triggers untapped human growth potential". Maybe both will be garbage, we'll find out and maybe give a review in due time. And I wrote that section because I always say there's a part in the blog for everyone. You might not be into the exercise scene one bit, but someone out there knows what's up on that, so there ya go with a side ramble.

I'm going to end this top section with my thoughts on yogurt. Why yogurt? You're reading along and thinking, no way can he make the topic of yogurt interesting. Here's my deal with yogurt. I like it a lot, especially the ones with the fruit inside that you get to mix up, yet I have a problem. Why can't they make big people sized cups of yogurt? Come on now, that little cup is going to do something? Sure, you can keep getting more cups, but that's a bigger process and it should be easier. Why can't they have pints or quarts, Ben & Jerry's style? Instead, I was at Wal-Mart putting all of these little cups of yogurt in the buggy. Arizona Jas and Jodine both disagree with my theory, they think it'd be too much, doh. Someone out there has to think we need bigger yogurt cups.

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: This comes to us from Manda in Virginia and it's a short one. Something about it though has me going good. I guess it's the weird dad's little dance he does out of nowhere when he walks in on the kid doing his soccer tricks. Here we go:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. This youngster was telling me a story the other day. He was saying how he busted his waterbed. I asked how he did that. His answer? His buddy had a pencil in his back pocket and jumped on the bed and water was all over the place. Corndog upon hearing this, he was amazed that waterbeds still exist. I haven't heard many people using them lately either come to think of it. Stuff like this I can't make up at all, that's why it's easy at times to write some of the blog up once I get going.

2. I needed a quick fix the other day. A part of one of my shoes had some dirt all over it. That's nothing out of the ordinary, but it was time to clean them up. I do the impatient thing and start looking around my room. I see hand sanitizer and put some of that on my shoes and wipe it down with a paper towel. Surprisingly, the shoes cleaned up nice and were shiny afterwards. I bet you've never tried that one. I'm a dork for doing so, but I bet someone tries that now after reading it, just because it sounds so silly.

3. Today's fact to think on? I've never heard it before, but I'm sure some of you geniuses out there have tried it? Chewing gum while peeling onions will keep you from crying. No idea if it works, I just write about it.


Brian said...

Gum, or a piece of bread with onions. Or, refridgerate the onions THEN cut them, no more tears!

c-note said...

did Barnes throw it? Well, if it was a duck then it was Wes