Saturday, August 05, 2006

Good Ol' Ricky Bobby

Hey there. So what's on tap for us to talk about in this latest edition of my ramblings? It's a new month since our last post for whatever that's worth and time is flying by. Baseball season is getting into full force, fantasy football leagues are forming, hopefully this hot weather ends very soon, and each passing day is closer to NBA Opening Night. I'll let all of that sink into your heads for a few seconds and then you can digest the rest of my random words as I tell the tales of my crew and our happenings..

I've posted this to the Lobstah crew, but it's worthy of putting in here too. The other day I went to Fairmont and strolled into Wal-Mart. After handling my business, I went across the street to Dragon Buffet to load up on Chinese. I walk in and there's this Chinese kid that is about 10 years old or so. He asks where I want to sit and after figuring it out, he's helping his family run the joint today. I was by myself, so I took along a college football magazine so I'd have something to look at while in there. Anyways, the kid peeks over my shoulder and gets all excited and wonders if that's a new college mag. We get to talking and turns out this kid knows his football for that age and is a big Ohio State fan. After talking for a few with him as I ate, he actually sits down at the table and starts looking through the mag. This was cracking me up. He did get my respect when he started bashing WVU for having such a girlie schedule that it's pathetic. Suck it with that cupcake schedule. And this kid was like 10 and knew that. I go to pay and he's the one that handles the money. Kid is a mini Donald Trump. Then he thanks me for letting him look at mag and I go about my way. As Trick Daddy would say, "Trick luuuuuu da kiiiiiids." So that's your heartfelt story today since I'm a nice guy like that.

Friday night was big action in Fairmont. A crew of 7 of us (Spank, Fortney, Abbey, Darren, his chick, Mudcat, and myself) rolled to Muriale's for some quality food. Spank puts the food away like no other. I don't care who you are reading this, you can't hang with him in an eating contest, zero chance. I got the veal parmigiana and it was great. After that, we had 2 hours to kill before it was movie time. That's when we rolled to Valley Worlds of Fun. I haven't been there in like 7 or 8 years probably and they added a crazy amount of stuff. I started out the front 9 on fire, but fell apart in the back 9. I ended up with a 53. Mudcat wins the festivities with a solid 49. Darren's chick (who I don't even know a name of since I wasn't introduced) went off for 2 hole-in-ones. She shot bad, but when you get two hole-in-ones, that cancels out the bad total score and shuts everyone else up. Mudcat, nice job man. I'm up for mini golf anytime.

Ricky Bobby time. Yep, Talladega Nights. The theater was jam packed and it's a very funny movie. It's not "great", but if you're into funny movies, you'll like this one a lot and be rolling. I'll rate it a 7 out of 10. You also can't go wrong with Ali G playing the main "bad" dude here named Jean Girard in the movie. The accent cracks me up good. Along with the 7 that went to Muriale's and mini golf, we were joined at the theater by none other than the Mills Boys (Paul and Jimmy), Paul's chick, as well as Sweet Pea and Aubrey. Speaking of Sweet Pea, I'm along for the ride for Shinnston Fantasy Football that he's running and getting excited for the melee that is about to ensue.

Tuesday night with the crew it was night volleyball action. It's been a while since we've played and we were due. I'm not any good, but it's still fun to go out there and make a fool out of myself and get some nice laughs in while building up a sweat. I do like my serve as I'm pretty consistent with that, but I can't say much about the rest my game. I'm not like a cripple out there, but I'm not talented in that sport either if that makes sense. One game my team got beat 15-1, it was bad times, but fun nonetheless. Who all was in attendance? I'm sure I'll forget someone, but I'll go off the top of my head here: Fortney, Abbey, Buck, Bowers, Barron, Critchfield, Jimmy Mills, Pimpin' Money Mike, Sweet Pea, Aubrey (I probably mangled her spelling, but I do what I can), Darren, Critchfield's girl Laura, and myself.

I'm getting hooked on baseball cards again. I'm not sure what the deal is, but it's enjoyable. I'm working on the Topps Opening Day 2006 set and so is Walz (Happy 26th to him on Saturday!). It's not an expensive set, but I've put a decent bit of money already into buying boxes to complete this one. I'm not doing bad, but it's going to take a while. So far I've bought 5 boxes of this set and several random packs. Walz has bought a good bit too and eventually we'll go old school style and trade our doubles and dreaded triples. I'll update you guys (not that anyone cares) on how the set is progressing.

I had a bunch of other things to type in this one, but I'm not going to ramble on for 85 pages. I'll start to wrap it up. First, let's go with CDs that I recently got for those interested..

Luni Coleone & Hollow Tip: Still Wanted. Hey, I got another Bay Area CD, imagine that. These guys do it big.

Messy Marv: Hustlan.A.I.R.E. Bay Area's King of the Streets is at it again. On this CD you get Birdman, E-40, Keak Da Sneak, and B-Legit. I love the name of this CD first off, but this guy has some talent if you've never heard his stuff.

Oh No: Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms. This was recommended to me by #basketball hip hop guru Don-G. Think of Oh No as someone similar to Talib Kweli. He's one of those lyrical assassins, can't hate on that.

Pastor Troy: By Choice Or By Force. PT Cruiser's 2nd album this year. If you're in the mood for some grimey, mean, and yelling rap, he's your man. He definitely has his own style and voice and I've always liked it. Hop on board.

P-Dot: My Life Pictures. More Bay Area rap here. I can't get enough of it.

Rick Ross: Port Of Miami. Trick Daddy's protege. We have Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Mario Winans, Young Jeezy, and Lyfe Jennings on this CD. I'm into his stuff and he has a mean edge to him and even looks like a dirty Trick.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Normally you wouldn't catch me watching X-Games type stuff during the year. But when it's time for the X-Games, I somehow get sucked in and watch this madness every year. The BMX stuff is my favorite for sure. And Travis Pastrana did the first ever double backflip on a dirtbike in competition for whatever that's worth.

2. "No sugar? Damn. Y'all ain't never got two things that match. Either ya got Kool-aid, no sugar. Peanut butter, no jelly. Ham, no burger. Daaamn."- Smokey from Friday.

3. A low budget WV MySpace, but you might just like it. Something different. Also, on my page there, check out Papoose's Faces of Death in my song box. Easily one of the most powerful chorus sections in a song I've ever heard.

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Shell said...

hey Ed! I do bad at mini golf but I hit Holes in ones like ya were talkin bout so ya wouldn't b talkin stuff bout all the other bad moves lol but its fun, haven't done it for a long time, I got a bunch of football cards I think they r football cards not sure jus know they r cards cause I haven't looked at them,they are my ex's that I don't even talk to anymore so hes not gettin them back, but dunno what to do wit them. I felt like leavin a long comment. Have Fun Hott Stuff!!