Thursday, August 10, 2006

Shake And Bake!

It's time for a random topic out of nowhere from my budides. This one comes to us from my girl Jenn Jenn. She wants it known that she's single now and to come and get it. Well, that sounded porned out, but you know what I mean. It seems like everyone is on a kick after seeing Talladega Nights, good stuff. Also, download the new Yahoo Messenger 8. It's pimped out.

Any national anthem fans out there? Even if you're not, you'll appreciate this paragraph. While reading one of the Boston Sports Guy's latest columns on ESPN's Page 2, this made me think. He rated Marvin Gaye's 1983 NBA All Star Game performance as the best anthem ever. Of course this is on YouTube as anything you can think of has a video on there to search. Anyways, I'm going to pick #2 on his list for my all time favorite. The Lobstah crew has talked about this before, but a lot of you people haven't seen this one. No, it's not the Carl Lewis one, although that's the first one I think of when someone talks about the anthem as it's so horrendous that it's funny and Charley Steiner's reaction on SportsCenter that night was gold. But I digress. This one comes to us from our friends of north in Canada. It was at an Edmonton Oilers NHL playoff game this year. Just straight up NUTS. If this doesn't give you goosebumps, "you better check yo self and chickety-check yo self before you wreck yo self" as Ice Cube and Das EFX said back in the day on the classic song Check Yo Self. Anyways.. The guy begins the anthem on the mic and then lets the fans finish. It gets rowdy. Check out the reaction from the Anaheim goalie. He's just amazed. Canada has about 10 times the national respect for their country than what our country can ever say. This makes us look like losers, which we probably are. Here's the link, it's a must watch, trust me:

For anyone not into the whole religion scene, you might as well skip this paragraph. I'm not the type of guy to preach about what people should believe in or not, but since this is my space, I can talk about something I've been wanting to accomplish for a long time. Last night, after about 3½ years of working on it, I completed reading the Bible and every word in it. I know what you're thinking, why so long? I didn't just go through it fast to say I did it. Every night before bed, I'd read a certain amount and then highlighted important parts of each section. By doing it that way, I wanted to let it soak in and understand everything and now I'm in business.

I got a great story from a workout the other day. I was lifting with Matt and he was cracking me up good. We get on the subject of chicks with tattoos and we both aren't fans of it. Anyways, I see him standing in the mirror with his back to it and making jokes. That was funny enough already. We got to talking about dirties who put the tats on their lower back, the tramp stamp or whatever you want to call it. Now I wouldn't mind these things if people got original, but they're all the same. That and little kids are getting them nowadays, it's messed up. He's looking in the mirror and pretending he has a tat back there. He's like, "Hey! I can't even see it! I don't know what that tattoo looks like! How do people even know what's there if they can't see it and what's the point?" I couldn't have said it any better. Not that some tats can't look good on people, but I couldn't agree more on these back tats. It makes the girl look dirty in my opinion. And if I offended you, so be it, I wasn't pointing out any one person. Cuss me all you want. I'm just here to state my opinion. He also asked another interesting one. Ever seen a tennis player with tats? That's rare stuff.

Anyone in the mood for some dirty greasy fast food? It's usually not my thing, but I'm going to recommend some McDonald's. You all have seen the new commercials for things that are called Snack Wraps. What you get is chicken wrapped in a tortilla, with cheese, lettuce, and ranch. You can get one for $1.29 (almost Toll Booth Willie style from Sandler for $1.25). They're small, so load up on more than one. I just got done having 3 for lunch as well as a small fry and that filled me up. Go check 'em out, you may just like these.

As of now, it looks like all of my fantasy football leagues have set a draft date. Sunday, August 20th we have the A#FL. This is a #basketball league and is ran by none other than Uncle Wilbur. 18 teams, a keeper league, it's good stuff. Then on Sunday, August 27th, it's ManDingo's NCAA league. I don't know anyone else around here who runs a college league, so we have one up on everyone there. It's also a keeper league and I'm excited about this one. Dingo does a great job running this one. Then lastly, on Sunday, September 3rd, it's the Shinnston Fantasy League, ran by Sweet Pea and we'll draft that one at 9:00 PM. 10 guys in the league, a money league, and it should be some fierce action. Sweet Pea already is claiming to be champ as he's NEVAARRR lost in a fantasy league he's ran before. Hmm.. Maybe he knows, but that's pretty big odds to talk up in preseason, we'll see if he can handle the bullseye on his back all season.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: (Bonus points for her rocking out the Celtics gear in one of her pics.)

3 Quick Thangs:

1. It's Yer Birfday. This time we'll go with Friday, August 11th: Crazy evangelist Jerry Falwell turns 73 if he's still living. Don't you like how I never check if these people are still alive or not? The immortal Hulk Hogan goes for 53. Former NBA whitey baller Craig Ehlo is 45. Melky Cabrera of the Yankees hits 22 and he's going to be a quality player in a few years. My girl Rachel of Point Pleasant, now in Florida, hits 19, have a good one down there in the mean streets. Bonus points to her for liking 80s hair bands.

2. Maurice Clarett, what a fool. You know what gets me on that whole story? The assault rifle. That thing is straight gangsta, what was he going to do with it? It looked like a video game gun.

3. Madden 2007 comes out on Tuesday, August 22nd. For the locals, there's a tourney on Saturday at Eastpointe's GameStop at 1:00 PM. If Spank enters this one, a word to the wise out there, don't even bother showing up. You'll just get waxed. Don't say I didn't warn ya. I hope to be there on Monday night on the 21st to get it early. That's the plan anyways.

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Shell said...

wow, congrats on reading the whole bible, I been a lil behind on reading your blogs. I'm a slacker!!!!! If I knew more about the bible I'd ask questions jus for fun to c if ya remember the answers, but I don't know too much on it :-D