Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Year Of The Dog, Again

It's been a minute since I left you. What's on tap for this issue? I got a lot of new CDs that nobody will care about, but I'll write about anyways towards the end. Also, I see that maybe the religion thing in my last post might've scared some people away from leaving comments (0 comments last time, doh!), but I did get a lot of offline comments about that which were nice, so take that however you want. Third week of August and we're officially in the middle of the month already, it's going fast.

The past few days I've been awake at 9:00 AM on a summer day. I know, that's not like me at all. I gotta try to get on a decent sleep schedule since work will be here before I know it. Sure, I'll still stay up all night some, but I can't do that right up till the first day of work. Every year when I start back up, I'm in a few week coma anyways, but I'll adjust. The kids start here on August 28th, not bad. That's also my Dad's birthday for those who like to know little tidbits like that. He'll be 57, getting up there. He still thinks he's 15 though, nothing wrong with that.

Yesterday, it was off to Morgantown. The kids don't start school there at WVU until Monday, so I didn't have to put up with the madness of that crew yet. The dirty chick scene will be rockin' by that time (always a good thing), but this trip there wasn't any traffic, so all was good. I went with Spank and we rolled up to hang with Cork. We meet Cork at his work place, Chili's. We laughed that Cork was here on a day off, but it was to eat, not work, so all is fair. This was my first time eating at a Chili's and it wasn't bad. I got a 12 ounce ribeye cooked medium rare, loaded mashed potatoes or whatever they're called, a salad, mango tea which was something different but I didn't mind, and we snacked on some appetizers of chips and salsa and also cheesesticks. The chips had a crazy amount of salt on them, we could barely eat them. It's kind of a weird place, but my food was fine. They don't have many dressings for salads to pick from (no Italian, dang) nor do they make baked potatoes. You gotta have a baked potato with steak. The first impression I have is that it was fine, but it didn't set itself away from other restaurants to make me want to go on a regular basis. Spank said they'll be out of business soon, hah. I don't see that happening with the kiddies coming to WVU next week as it should be booming.

Then we roll to Cork's crib for some action. Nah, not porn action and unfortunately no chick action, but you can't get that all the time. Instead, we settled on busting out the XBox for some NCAA 2007 battles. I very rarely play XBox, so the controller setup is always confusing to me. Then again, people say the same thing when they come to my place and pick up the GameCube controller. The gameplay is very nice though and this season's version is worth getting. Spank can't be contained in this game, he's mean at it. After playing that for a while, we then settled on a night of watching RAW. It doesn't get much better than that.

This Sunday it's one of the bigger pay per views of the year. Yep, SummerSlam, hailing from Boston. The card isn't finalized, but I'm still going to give my quick predictions at this point. I look for Cena to win the WWE Title from Edge. Edge is really playing his role up and has been a credible champ in my opinion. I have King Booker retaining over Batista for the World Title as I feel that they need to build this feud up a little longer before giving the belt to the injury prone Batista. DX against the McMahons? It's what it is, but it should be entertaining, with DX getting the win. Hogan and Orton, this is a toughie. For some reason, I'm going to take Orton in this one with Hogan getting a win in a rematch. Even though Flair and Foley are past their primes, they still know how to tell a story and hype up this I Quit Match. I have Foley winning this one as blood will be all over the place like none other. Rey Mysterio beats Chavo.

I went a little wild on getting new CDs on Monday. You know me, I go in big streaks like that, but it's fun. Here's my latest rap and R&B albums..

B.G.: Play It How It Go Collection. My guess on this one is that B.G. is trying to get his lesser named boys some recognition. B Gizzle is still featured big on this CD, so I was interested of course.

C-Bo: Money To Burn. This is a story of rising from basically nothing. C-Bo started out as an underground rapper in Cali and then started gaining some big respect. In 1998, he was actually put in jail for his lyrical content, true story. He's a big controversial rapper and tells it like it is. He's not out to be like anyone else and has been in the game for a long time.

DMX: Year of the Dog, Again. You can't go wrong with anything from the self-proclaimed X Da Beast. That gets me everytime. Plus, for those who have BET, make sure you check out his show, it's high quality laughs. Especially when DMX goes golfing or grocery shopping, pure entertainment. Lord Give Me A Sign is the single released from this one so far and it's good. This is good timing to hype up Spank's karaoke performance a few weekends ago doing some DMX.

Inspectah Deck: The Resident Patient. For those in a coma, Deck is a member of Wu Tang. That alone is worth getting the CD for. A lot of the crew is on this one and it doesn't disappoint.

Jin: 100 Grand Jin. Most people that aren't rap fans know this guy as Jimmy from 2 Fast 2 Furious. But that's not what he does best. He saw his claim to fame being the best freestyle rapper in the history of 106 & Park's Freestyle Friday show a few years back. If you can find clips of that, it's pure skill. Anyways, the kid can spit some lyrics. He's someone I recommend.

Lyfe Jennings: The Phoenix. Want a little pimpin' music in your life? Here you go then. S.E.X. is the single released from this one so far. Three 6 Mafia and Young Buck are on this CD. Laid back flow here, destined to get the chicks feeling this music. Lyfe is good.

M.O.P.: Ghetto Warfare. You like mean rap? This is definitely for you. One of New York's finest right here. Their last few CDs have been bad, I admit, but now that they're away from the mainstream G-Unit backing, they straight rip it on this CD. These guys have been around and do it big. If you're into a lot of cussing in your songs, these guys have more than enough for your liking and a style to their own.

Pharrell: In My Mind. Yep, the skateboard freak. A lot of people on this one and you never know what direction Pharrell is going in. I still like him overall though, even if he's definitely a weird cat. Who is on this CD? Snoop of course, Pusha T of Clipse, Jay-Z, Gwen Stefani, Slim Thug, Nelly, and Kanye. Number One is the song released currently with Kanye.

Talib Kweli: Confidential. This is a best of edition here. This is one of the better lyricists out there and he's labeled as a conscious rapper. If you want pure rhymes and what hip hop is all about, Talib is your guy. He's not trying to make fake beef stories with other rappers or talk about him shooting people up. He just goes at it. http://www.myspace.com/talibkweli.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: http://www.myspace.com/killakate908

3 Quick Thangs:

1. 8 things that are overrated: makeup on a chick, expensive jewelry, Notorious B.I.G., laying in the sun, Blu-Ray Discs, big goofy sunglasses, Texas Roadhouse, Propel water.

2. Birthday time.. We'll go with Wednesday, August 16th: Frank Gifford, former NFL baller and sportscaster, turns 76. His wife Kathie Lee apparently has the same birthday, hmmm.. She's 53. Madonna goes for 48. To me, she's always been one of those chicks that you know is filthy dirty, but even when she's old, she can sometimes look decent, while other times she looks brutal. Angela Bassett is also 48, dang. No youngsters for this day.

3. By the time most of you read this, my first fantasy fooball league of the year will have been drafted. Yep, the esteemed A#FL, #basketball's big keeper league with 18 members. I'll report on that in the next post. We draft tonight at 7:00 in mIRC, nice.


Chrissy said...

Likein the blog it was a good one. Sounds like ya had a good day in motown with the boys :-p. Should of hit up CiCI's for some good pizza, instead of Chillis :-p

Shell said...

There's no CiCi around where I live but I heard a couple of people mention it, makes me wanna go there, lol but ya it sounds like ya have fun, wow 9 in the mornin crazy lol but I'm gettin a job soon so I have to get up early too :fear, I went to bed like 11pm the other night, woke up a couple times forced myself back to sleep till 1 but didn't realize it so I got some sleep, finally lol, I'm on here late again cause my bro didn't kick me off, jus wait till I get my comp back up in my room, OH NO!!! trouble there lol have fun Hott Stuff!!!


Mandingo said...

I'm a big Kweli fan, I'll have to check that out for sure. Not much else for me to say on this one. Haven't made it to Chili's yet.

mandingo said...

how about chili's for a potential eddfl draft spot? maybe cork could hook us up.