Sunday, September 25, 2005

Are We There Yet?

Hey, I’ve been busy. Cut me a break. For those who waited all week for a post, hopefully this one turns out decent enough to hold you down for a bit. I got a variety of topics to touch on, so I should have some different ways to go with this one. My mood today? Happy as usual. I always say it’s no fun being in a bad mood and I try to live by that one as much as possible.

I’ll bounce all over the place on my days here, but I’ll start off on Saturday. This made back-to-back weeks that I’ve had wedding action. Last week, my boy Riley came in from the hallowed grounds of Chapel Hill, North Carolina to have his reception back home for our crew. This week, another member of the E-Town Junkies Diaper Dandies Fantasy League (EDDFL) ties the knot. Fortney’s turn this time around as him and Abbey have been an item for 6 years now, impressive. We rolled to Fairmont for this action and Cork did the driving and we picked up Abby (Riley’s sister) for the ride. Not to be confused with Abbey. What a small world.

Well, the wedding itself was in this pimpin’ old school church on Fairmont Avenue. I love a huge church with big ceilings and a balcony. It didn’t take any time either, another plus. For the locals that weren’t there, and this may surprise you, AJ Salerno did some solo work. I know what you’re thinking, AJ sings? We thought the same, but he brought it and impressed us by singing Beautiful In My Eyes. Then towards the end of the wedding, him and his wife Josie did a duet and it was very good. Their duet was Endless Love. Yep, it gave us all memories of the Happy Gilmore scene where Happy takes his chick to the hockey rink for some romantic action. Happy, a definite Top 10 movie for me.

Movie and DVD time. Friday is movie day for the job I’m at right now and this week a bunch of them wanted to see The Longest Yard. Good movie, but my local video place was out of all the copies on Thursday. So I had to go to option #2. That was Are We There Yet? This one features Ice Cube and I’ve heard some nice things about it, so of course I was interested. Funny stuff and good for all ages. Cube is underrated as an actor. Or is it because I’m just a big fan of his anyways? Nia Long is smoking in this movie. She turns 35 at the end of the month, I wouldn’t have guessed that. But I guess if you were in the first Friday movie in 1995, you’d be getting up there a little. Check her out in that too if you haven’t, yum.

Wrestling DVD time. I’ve talked about it recently and finally decided to buy as soon as possible. The Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior. I got this for about $15.95 at Wal-Mart and it’s well worth it. The WWE does a great job of building up his career to show how he was at certain points in his career, but they also hold nothing back on opinions about him. And I mean nothing. It’s worth checking out just for the 90 minute documentary section and people being honest about him. I haven’t checked the matches yet is all I’ve missed so far, but they’ll be brutal to sit through of course. What a strange person, but there for a short while, the fans loved the dude.

College football action? Yesterday my Irish beat Washington to the score of 36-17. It started out slow, but they poured it on later. Nothing that wasn’t expected though as Washington is horrible. Now my guys are 3-1 and have a trip to Purdue next weekend. After that, it’s a week off to prepare for our beating that USC will give us. On Sunday, my Bears got rocked by the Bungles though. That sets my crew to a 1-2 start with next week at the Dawg Pound in Cleveland. Kyle “The Legend Killer” Orton killed himself this week by throwing INTs left and right.

Last week of regular season baseball! I’m not sure it gets more intense than this stuff. I just got done watching my Yanks beat the Jays, 8-4. Going into Monday, the Yanks and Sox are tied. But the Yanks have 7 road games left, while the Sox have 7 home games left. I’m still confident my boys can do this. There’s also a good chance the AL Wild Card could go to an AL East team if the Indians lose a few in this final week. Almost brought a tear to my eye to see Bernie Williams’ last possible home game. The fans went wild in praise for him and deservedly so. One of the best role models in sports right there.

What’s new in the world of music to add to my collection? Three more get talked about this time around, so without further ado:

P$C (Pimp Squad Click): 25 To Life. This is T.I.’s boys and this CD is hot. They do a good job of bringing the gangsta feel, but can also slow it down and go pimpin’. A nice touch.

Slim Thug: Already Platinum. I’ve had an advance copy of this for a while now, but never got around to getting the full version until a few days ago. Very good stuff here. T.I., Bun B, Pusha of Clipse fame, Pharrell, and Jazze Pha on this beast. Go get this.

Charlie Wilson: Charlie, Last Name Wilson. Time to change it up here with some big time pimpin’ music. Twista, Timberlake, of Black Eyed Peas fame, and to top things off Snoop. Those guys are all featured. If you want some laid back music that sets the mood, here you go.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Actor Michael Douglas is 61, model Cheryl Tiegs turns 58, and NBA old school stud Bob McAdoo is 54. Superman Christopher Reeve goes for 53. Is he still living? I honestly don’t know and am too lazy to check. Michael Madsen, a.k.a. The Matador of ESPN’s Tilt or Mr. Blonde of Resevoir Dogs is 47. Heather Locklear is 44, dang. Still looking great. Another NBA star is Scottie Pippen and he’s 40. Will Smith is 37. Catherine Zeta Jones is 35, nice. Bridgette Wilson is either 32 or 33, I see results for both. Billy Madison chick there (also Pete Sampras’ wife). Chauncey Billups hits the big 29. Wow, big birthday list here, whew!

2. That #1 might’ve been the longest Quick Thangs ever, that was too much.

3. For old school fans, the latest version of ICQ is pimped out. I like it.


Debbie said...

Well I guess its time to leave a comment. Thanks for entertaining me with ur blog. I enjoyed it.

Yvonne said...

hey whats up. haven't had a blog to read and comment in a while. this is a good one. BTW christopher reeve is dead. sorry bud. interesting blog this time. i was missing them. well take care. talk to ya soon. take it easy. NO NAPS ALLOWED!! j/k peace out K-TOWN!

yvonne said...

oops...forgot to ask, did ya get tired of the blue background, time for a change. lol

Jodi said...

well good luck to the yankees for you, but i actually hope that the world series is between the Cards and the RedSox again and hopefully the Cards will win. Longest Yard was great and Are We there Yet was a good movie too.