Sunday, September 11, 2005

Hey Michigan.. Notre Dame 0wnz j00!

Weekend time, so here we go to weigh in what has been going down. I’m going on a big TV rant in the next paragraph, so be ready for that action. Nothing happening over the next few days, but NFL season opens up today. Well, the opening game was on Thursday, but today is when the rest of the league starts, so it’s good times. My Bears go on the road to face the Redskins. Could be in for a long season, but I’m ready for it to begin.

Ok, here we go. I’m still mad as I type this, so I’m going to let it off. I was geared up all weekend for Saturday. I wake up at 11:30 to get ready for the Notre Dame game as they face Michigan. Michigan is probably my most hated sports team if I had to say. Anyways, noon rolls around and it’s kickoff time. I flip on ABC and it’s Penn State and Cincy. Are you kidding me? Then I turn to another channel and FOX is running the same exact thing. I figured in a bit it’d change over. I then call my boy Fortney and then my cousin Ozzie is there watching with him. Or so they planned anyways. Fortney is a big Michigan guy and Ozzie is a Notre Dame guy like me. Needless to say, we were all kinds of fired up. Let’s roll to 1:05 and then the Yanks and Sox are in a heated battle. FOX is showing this one. Or are they? Nope, doh! FOX is running another feed of the Penn State game from ESPN Plus, rough times. So my day is ruined.. Notre Dame did win though and that’s the one win I want to my Irish to get every year. So for this year at least I can say proudly, suck it Michigan. The Yanks got romped though.

At work on Friday, I watched The Pacifier. Going into it, I didn’t expect much from this one and didn’t think Vin Diesel would be able to pull off the role. It’s real good stuff and one you need to see if you already haven’t. A funny movie and even has some good fighting action in it as well. If you think it’s cheezy, take my word on it that it’s a nice flick. My kids were hooked on it. A movie any age would like.

I went to Wal-Mart and Arby’s on Saturday night. I do the shopping thing at Wal-Mart in Fairmont and nothing big goes down. I then head to Arby’s. I literally waited in the drive-thru line for a good 20 minutes, no joke. Some thug chick messed up the guy’s order in front of me and people were all fired up. Taco Bell is right beside it and their drive-thru line was insane. I’m not sure what the connection was, drug deal, drunks getting home from the WVU game, or whatever.. but people were running back and forth between each place, running up to other cars in the lines and yelling and screaming to their boys. Was strange. I just wanted my food. I get to the chick and she is all in a panic and has to ask me what I ordered. I did get all of my stuff with no problems though, so props to her for that. I tore up 3 junior roast beefs, doing it big. I like eating like a fat boy at times.

I’m not sure what this upcoming week holds. Nothing out of the ordinary that I know of. On Saturday though, I get to go to my boy Clark’s wedding reception. He was married in North Carolina, but is coming back home for the crew here to have a dinner deal. Should be some good eating I’d imagine. Then the week after that, my boy Fortney (same dude mentioned above) is getting married. All kinds of marriage action going down in my crew. I think I’ll wait for a long while and let them do that thing.

I loaded up on a bunch of CDs once again. Here we go in alphabetical order:

David Banner: Certified. I really liked this one. I’m a huge Banner guy to begin with. Tons of artists on this album. Who all? Lil Jon, Jadakiss, Three 6 Mafia, 8-Ball, MJG, Jagged Edge, Jazze Pha, Twista, Lil Boosie, Too $hort, Carl Thomas, Talib Kweli, Dead Prez, and others. He comes with some hard lyrics on this one. Can’t go wrong with this.

Lil Ty: I’m Bad. Yep, another one I didn’t have a clue on, but got decent reviews. Think of this guy as an Easy-E clone. He even uses some of his lines and beats as inspirations.

San Quinn: 457 Is The Code Part 2. Bay Area rap, sweet. My first San Quinn album. I have tons of stuff with him on other albums, but none that he’s the main feature of.

Paul Wall: The People’s Champ. This one really impressed me. Paul Wall improved a bunch on this one if you ask me. Some nice appearances on this beast too. I’m most excited that Freeway is here in the song State To State which is awesome. Others on the album include T.I., Lil Wayne, Bun B., and B.G. The second disc is chopped and screwed, which is garbage. I don’t download that junk, guess I’m not feeling it. The regular speed version though on the first disc is great, check it out.

Young Bleed: Rise Thru Da Ranks. This one I didn’t know either, but figured I’d download it. 18 tracks on this one and they all feature people on them. I don’t know a single one that is on the tracks with him. After doing research, I find he was with No Limit Records in the 90s. Didn’t have any idea. He also goes by Young Bleed Carleone.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Birthdays you want? It’s birthdays you get. Not many to give, one of the saddest excuses for celebrity birthdays. These guys aren’t even worth the time, so here’s a link:

2. For the big internet junkies like we all are, download Internet Goin Nuts from Paul Wall. It’s a funny one.

3. Saturday night as I type this and I’m going to bed before 1:30. I know, sad.


Kristen said...

Sorry bout the Sat being ruined for them idiots not showing your game. Got to watch it down here..and your Irish did a good job. Tell em to tighten up in the 4th quarter though. ;) You're right..the b-day list was sad. Anyway..hope you have fun at all the weddings. Who might catch the fever..Haha ;)

Anonymous said...

Gerald Wilkins! That's BIG TIME!

Yvonne said...

hey! I'm finally leaving you a message. lol. Sorry that you didn't get to see the game on Saturday, but we kept up with the score. Tennis and video games can always be fun. :) Hope school is going good for you and your college courses too. We need to have some more fun again!! ;) GOOD TIMES! I'm still scared of your lil' man. ahh Don't catch the wedding fever. hah :P I hope to catch you soon. Take care and have fun out there! later, your girl