Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hilary Duff Is Legal

Here we go for a mid week report. What’s been going on lately? Just waiting for the weekend, we all know how that goes. Other than that, things have been going pretty good except for the occasional lack of sleep. But that’s my own fault that I’m an internet junkie and stay on here way too late when I wake up at 6:00 in the morning. I’ll manage. My schedule is weird, but I’m used to it for the most part.

Stay tuned for my story on my “criminal class” shortly in this Blog. First though, baseball is coming to a close this week. As I write this now, the Yanks and Sox are tied for the AL East lead. They’re both losing as I’m typing this, so that won’t change much. Still early though, so you never know. Also, both of those teams are tied with the Indians for the AL Wild Card slot. How good does it get that most division races aren’t clinched yet and the season ends on Sunday? Now that’s what I’m talking about. Sox have all of their games at home and my Yanks are on the road the rest of the way out. Last 3 games of the season, Yanks at Sox. Hopefully it’s some good drama.

Here’s a story on one of my classes at work. In one of my classes, I like to call it the “criminal class”. I have one dude who is on home arrest and has to wear an ankle detector thing. When he gets home at night, starting at 4:00, he can’t go over 100 feet past his home. He has 16 charges on his personal record too. Also in this class, I have a girl who is bipolar, tried to kill herself before, has been in 4 or 5 detentional homes, and that’s just a few mentions. Surprisingly, the chick is on a pretty good learning level and does well with her work. Another guy in the same class has an array of tats and he’s also been in several behavioral homes. I work well with these type of kids, but it isn’t for everyone. When teachers near my room hear another teacher complain about a student’s behavior problems, they tell them to step foot in my 3rd Period class to see how well they’d like it. It’s another world in there. I should put bars up in my room for this group. It’s definitely interesting though. Funny (sad too) thing is that these kids have done every drug in the book and can tell you everything about them. I have no clue at all about drugs, maybe that’s why it surprises me.

I loaded up on some new CDs, some released and some not released yet. Thanks to my boy Dom in Germany, who is even better than me at getting the latest rap music collection. You’d be surprised how big rap is over there. All of these guys are known names and I’ll weigh in on a few..

Lloyd Banks: The Big Withdraw. This one isn’t even being mentioned on most big sites of existing, so it’ll be a while before stores have this action. Nice album here with all of the G-Unit featured. Only listened to it through one time, so can’t give a huge opinion on it.

Mack 10: Hustla’s Handbook. One of few guys who doesn’t sell out to do clubbin’ music as he prefers to keeps it real. B-Real and Chingy on this piece. Oh yeah, none other than the legendary Nate Dogg is on this thing. I’ve talked enough about Nate Dogg in this space, so you know my theory on him being on a CD.

Spice 1: The Truth. I’m staying West Coast with this one to follow Mack 10. Bay Area rap here, sweet. An underrated guy is Spice 1. If you’ve never heard Spice 1, I highly recommend any of his stuff.

Warren G: In The Mid-Nite Hour. This hits the stores on October 11th. This one is loaded up with talent. Mike Jones. Who? B-Real also on this one too. Raphael Saadiq. 213 on this beast? Who is 213? It’s the trio of Warren G, Snoop Dogg, and Nate Dogg. I don’t have to put into too many words how good G-Funk rap is. Warren G has been in the game for a long time, pick this up.

Ok, I can’t resist to say it as usual.. It ain’t a hit until Nate Dogg spit. That’s why you need both the Mack 10 and Warren G new joints, enough said.

How’d RAW look on Monday? This was the last RAW on Spike TV. Next week is WWE Homecoming, when they go back to the USA Network. Spike wasn’t going to let WWE get away with even mentioning the change on air, so during the first segment, Spike would bleep out any mention of WWE being on USA again. Later in the show, the Spike guys couldn’t hit the censor buttons fast enough. WWE shoved it to them by saying USA over and over to where Spike just gave up since they couldn’t control it. Why does Shelton Benjamin keep getting buried? I know he can’t talk, but he has skill inside the squared circle. Our main event was a Tag Team Tables Match with HBK and Cena taking on Carlito and Masters. Angle came down to help Carlito and Masters. HBK was about to hit an elbow off the top, but Angle pushes him off the top to the outside, through a table. Nice spot for sure.

Anyways, WWE Homecoming is Monday! 7:55 PM EST, be there! 3 hour show too. Even if you’re not a big wrestling fan, you know you want to watch this. Hogan, Foley, Stone Cold, and Triple H all make their returns? Piper’s Pit features Foley. Many other old school legends to be there as well. Plus as far as matches we have some great stuff to mention. How about a 30-Minute Ironman Match with HBK facing Angle? This fans, will be a clinic. If you don’t like that, how about a Loser Leaves RAW Ladder Match with Edge going toe-to-toe with Hardy. Third, we have Bischoff fighting Cena for the WWE Title. I can’t wait, it has potential to be a huge show.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. It’s yer birfday: Sweet Lou Pinella is 62. Footballer and politician Steve Largent is 51. Another former man of the pigskin, Irving Fryar, turns 42. Janeane Garofalo goes for 41. Actress Mira Sorvina is worth 35. Swimming legend Janet Evans is 34. Hey everybody, Hilary Duff is legal. Turns 18 today, nice.

2. I just ate an orange, Original Flavor Starburst.

3. The Boston Sports Guy will be in DC on Tuesday night to sign his book and I can’t go, doh!


yvonne said...

hey i'm the first to comment on this blog. i like it. interesting all over. your class seems fun. i would love to be in there. oh well, guess i can't. take care out there. gotta watch homecoming next week, i missed monday RAW. peace out K-TOWN

Anonymous said...

wow, it sounds like an interesting class yu have there. Yeah that is getting pretty close with the Red Sox and Yankees. Does the ROCK still wrestle?

Bird33 said...

Nope Jodi, he doesn't wrestle anymore. He's focusing more on acting. He left on good terms with the WWE, but as far as him being a regular wrestler ever again, those days are over. He'll make a few appearances a year, but that's about it.

Anonymous said...

Oh that's cool. I didn't like him when he wrestled, but now that he acts, i love the movies that he is in.