Tuesday, September 20, 2005

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So I'm sitting here on a Tuesday and going on about 4 hours of sleep. I went to bed at 1:30 and wake up at 6:00. I never learn, so I just keep being an internet junkie. I'm not tired at all though, but I'm sure towards the afternoon, I'll be a mess and I have to workout when I get home. Should be interesting.

I have a lot to talk about in this one. I might have to make short comments on each topic. We know I could ramble on and on with some huge post, but we'll see how it goes. The action last left off in here on Sunday, so I'm popping out a quicker than usual post for the millions and millions of fans. Or maybe it's just a number I can count on my hands instead. Either way, I'm out to do it big.

I'll start with a new food creation, at least for me anyways. My parents got some bigger banana wax hot peppers. They used the red ones for this. They cut the top off and hull out the middle and leave a good bit of seeds still there for flavor and hotness. Then inside, they stuffed hot Italian sausage grounded up into the pepper, filling it up. Throw it in the oven, no idea how long or anything. But it's some quality stuff. Crazy hot and it'll mess you up, but it's worth that. I knew what'd happen before I ate it, but I must want punishment on myself.

My Irish with the loss on Saturday as mentioned, but Sunday my Bears helped my football mood a lot. They put the smack on the Lions to the score of 38-6. My boys scored 31 in the first half. What's up with that?? No idea, but that's nice to see. Our defense is straight up for real. I'm still not hoping for a huge season, but maybe it'll end up a lot better than I expected. Go Thomas Jones.

Gear up for two paragraphs of wrestling. First, Sunday was WWE Unforgiven. I really liked this show and it delivered. I also delivered on my predictions, just missing one, when I picked Snitsky to beat Big Show. Not undefeated, but I'm proud of it either way. The best match in my opinion was easily the Cage Match. Matt Hardy finally got his win out of this series and these guys took a beating and put on a clinic. Maybe the best thing of the night was Flair winning the IC Title in classic fashion. He even hit a move off the top rope, something he never is able to do, and the crowd went wild. Then afterwards through the night, they showed segments of him in a limo with 4 chicks. Funny when he downed the bottle of Viagra before getting his swerve on. Say what you want about him being old, but he's still the man. And to be the man, you gotta beat the man as he always says. He can't be beat, at least historically speaking. There weren't many bum moments and it was fun to watch.

We move onto RAW the next night. The show opens up with Bischoff presenting Angle with the WWE Title since he feels it was deserved since Angle beat Cena the night before. He won by DQ though, so the title can't change hands. Vinnie Mac then comes down and does his thing. The strut is great first off, but he was in his yelling and evil tone when he brought Bischoff down to another level and said the title belongs to Cena. Then he hyped up WWE Homecoming, which is 2 weeks away, as RAW returns to the USA Network. On that night, RAW starts a bit before 8:00 and goes for 3 hours. Did I die and go into wrestling heaven? Must be. On that night, Vince is making Bischoff face Cena. There's also a Ladder Match in a Loser Leaves RAW stipulation between Edge and Hardy. Are you kidding me? I'm pumped crazy for that one. Then we get returns of many legends and guys who haven't been on TV for a bit such as Triple H, Hogan, Foley, and even Stone Cold. Then we'll have old school guys appear as well. Anyways, this is getting long, but Flair and Carlito had an IC Title Rematch that went on for a good half hour. Flair gets to carry one forth of RAW and then some? Great to see. Flair's eye got swelled shut and it was mangled. Crazy chopfest here. The main event was an 8-Way Tag Match. I mark out for big tag matches. This one had HBK, Cena, Big Show, and Hardy beat Masters, Angle, Snitsky, and Edge. Very good stuff.

My fantasy football team is off to a nice 2-0 start. I squeaked by in a close one this week and hopefully can continue to roll. 18-man league and just 4 of us start the year out undefeated. For those holding onto their seats wanting to know who else is undefeated, it's fellow Lincoln grad Walz, one of Houston's finest in Bono, and the pride of Maine, Blahah. I face a good buddy of mine in Week 3, the infamous DerekHood. He got romped this week in his matchup, so I'm sure he's ready to come swinging.

TV time? Tonight it's Real World action and I hope it's a good one. It seems to be a dramafest and that's always good TV. They have to be getting fairly close to the end of this season or am I wrong? Usually late in every season, one episode gets pre-empted out of nowhere with no warning. Also, I'll be watching Dog The Bounty Hunter on A&E before that. Great show for those who haven't caught onto this craze yet. Other than that, I figure I'll fit in some baseball or whatever else seems to be on other than BET and my usual.

Ooh, almost time to seriously start planning for the EDDFL, the fantasy NBA league that I run with the help of a big crew of my boys. We're drafting on Saturday this year on October 29th, more than likely in the evening. Of course we'll have the big draft board again and plenty of pics if all goes right. Much much more on that towards next month though, as it's the one thing I look forward to all year long.

I have a lot of time to kill at work right now and could write and write and write. But I'll spare you all this time. Hopefully you were able to follow along and there was at least one thing you enjoyed in The Madhouse. Until next time..

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Ever sit around and wonder what it'd be like to randomly walk up to someone at Wal-Mart and do a spin kick to their face? Maybe it's just me and my buddies, hah.

2. Today is a rough time for celebrity birthdays, so we'll turn the corner and get a cheap shot in on some D-List celebs. Drumroll since it's the Nelson Twins' 38th birthday. I can't be the only one to remember these bums can I? I know you're secretely jamming to one of their CDs right now.

3. Leave comments. Much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

those peppers sound awesome! we need a big batch of those for the eddfl draft!- mandingo

yvonne said...

hey, the blog is awesome. RAW was good last night. you got me hooked now. ahhh. we can go kick somebody together. lol. recipe sounds good. gonna have to make them tonight and let you know how they turn out. woo hoo. OMGosh, the hurricane is coming to hit me. I'M SCARED!! oh well, life goes on with or without me!! peace out K-TOWN

Anonymous said...

3 Quick Thangs is better than ever. - DK