Sunday, September 18, 2005

Urlacher: 55 Sacks

We’re due for a weekend update. Not Norm McDonald style, but I’ll try my best to compare to his old pieces of work. So what’s been going on since the middle of last week? I’ve had a sore throat now for about 4 days. On Saturday, I wake up and roll to the doctor at 9:00 as soon as they open. They load me up on some medicine and I’m out of there in no time. So far, the medicine seems to be doing decent. Had a cough and headache to go along with it, but I’ll survive.

On Friday at “work” I watched Hitch for the movie of the week. First time I’ve seen it and it was really good I thought. I thought it’d be too much of a love story, but I was wrong. That’s in there, sure, but there’s a lot of funny parts too. Eva Mendes is one quality chick. And so isn’t Amber Valletta, the same girl who is in The Transporter 2.

My boy Riley’s wedding reception was on Saturday night and it was a big turnout. Basically everyone in our crew showed up, some I haven’t seen for a long time. We had guys coming in from Florida, South Carolina, Ohio, you name it. The food rocked as well. Zitis, chicken, green beans, salad, and some cake that was good times. I was one of few, at least in my crew, who wasn’t drinking. My buddies always give me a hard time on not drinking, but hey, I do my own thing, always been that way. I always crack up at that. So there I was drinking my Coke, hah. I’m a rebel.

My Irish suffered their first loss of the year. They can’t seem to get Michigan State off their backs. Michigan State owns us, especially in Notre Dame. They’ve beaten us there 5 times in a row, ouch. Yesterday it was 44-41 in OT. I can’t complain with how my boys’ season has went so far though, they’re off to a real good start. On the road for the next two weeks and that’s Washington who sucks bad and then Purdue, a year after Kyle “The Legend Killer” Orton leaves for the Bears. Then we get a week off to prepare for USC to mangle us on October 15th.

Tonight is the next pay per view action. WWE Unforgiven. Here’s my quick predictions and hopefully I do well enough to brag about it during the next post, but if I do horrible, I’ll be the first to admit. The main event is Cena defending the WWE Title against Angle. Great buildup to this one and I’m loving Angle’s character. I’m picking Cena to retain though. Carlito has his IC Title up against Flair in what I’m hoping is a good match. I’m picking Flair to win, to be his first time holding that title. HBK taking on Masters in an actual match. HBK is usually great against big guys, so we’ll see how good he can make Masters. I’m picking HBK to win by DQ. Edge and Hardy in a cage? I think this one has big potential if they get to beat on each other good. I’m going with Hardy to get his first win in this series. Big Show against Snitsky, ugh. I guess I’ll take Snitsky in this one for some reason I’m feeling. The Tag Titles should change hands as Cade and Murdoch look to be the new champs there against Hurricane and Rosey. In the chicks bout, I have Trish and Ashley defeating Torrie and Victoria. The last announced match at the time I type this is Benjamin against Kerwin White. I can’t see White losing in his new character, but I’m mad since Benjamin isn’t getting pushed. Toughie here, but I’m picking Benjamin. Back during the next post to see how I did.

One last wrestling thing to mention. On the DVD scene, here’s a link you have to see if you’re an Ultimate Warrior fan or not. This is the trailer for his DVD and the WWE totally buries him, which kind of surprised me. They should make some money off of this one. Here it is, you need to see the comments that the WWE guys make about the Warrior: mms://

New CDs this time around? It’s a big collection of Bay Area stuff. My boy Dom sent me the information on where to get these at and so far I’m liking them. I haven’t listened to them all though. The series is titled Dopegame and features most of the big Bay Area names you can think of, plus a lot of guys you haven’t heard of. Dopegame, Dopegame 2, Dopegame 3, and Dopegame: Da Mix Tape are all part of my new collection for whatever that is worth to you, probably nothing.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Today’s birthdays? Old school singer Frankie Avalon is 65. Cubbies Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg is 46. Sopranos headbuster James Gandolfini is 45. Ricky Bell of Bell Biv Devoe fame turns 38. Basketballer Toni Kukoc goes for 37. Lance Armstrong is 34. Seems older than that. Jada Pinkett Smith is also 34.

2. As I type this, my Bears are up on the Lions 10-6. Hopefully in the next Blog I can hype that one up as a win, but it’s way early.

3. I ended my Madden season last night. Urlacher had 55 sacks, crazy stuff. Only in video games.


Kristen said...

Wow..55 sacks. You all up on that D on the games. Hey..glad I'm not the only one who like old Norm's style. Hitch sounds good..not for the chicks, but maybe it'll be good anyway. Well, like always, have fun up there.

yvonne said...

THE BEARS WON!! woo hoo. ND lost this game but its okay. they will prevail next game. glad to hear that your sore throat is healing. i told you to stop yelling at the kids at work. hah. take it easy, continue to be a rebel!!