Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Triple Whopper Anyone?

Middle of September in West Virginia and we're still hitting 90 degrees. Something isn't right with this picture. The hot weather fans have had their fun, let's bring on the cool weather, I've had enough. I am in a good mood though as usual, so I'll see what I can whip up for you all in this piece of work.

This from my boy Walz that I have to post. Dude just did some SEROIUS eating. I’m impressed with this one. I’ll post what he said about the adventure:

Today...I did it...I ordered and finished the Triple Whopper.

I just got off work at stopped at the Burger King right beside Target, but I ordered a Triple Whopper Value Meal, King Sized, with a Sweet Iced Tea.

I ate the entire meal, including the king size fry, not wasting one single bite of fry or burger. It was indeed a beast.

I had to drink 2 entire King size glasses of sweet tea to wash that bad boy down!

To make matters worse, that bad boy set me back $7.19.

The Triple is enough to surprise me, that’ll do a person in. But add on the King fries and 2 King teas and you’re looking at something that’d have me on the ground. Some of my buddies could tear stuff up in an eating contest I’m sure.

In a rare feat, I got to watch my Bears on Sunday. My crew is hardly ever on TV, let alone to open the season up. It was against the Redskins. The offense, ugh. Nothing there. But the defense is hardcore. We lost, 9-7, but put up a valiant fight. Next week they do battle against #basketball’s own Kris3’s Lions. This one is at Soldier Field, so hopefully my guys can get to the .500 mark. In video game news, I have one game left in my regular season of Madden 2006 with the Bears. I’m 12-3 and Urlacher has a ricockulous 43 sacks with one game left! In one game I had a crazy 9 sacks.

Real World last night was a good one I thought. First the crew goes to stay at this ranch. Most of them don’t like it since there’s nothing to do, but it seemed pretty laid back. Danny and Melinda are rumbling though. Danny thinks they are going way too fast, but Melinda just wants to keep going and let things happen. Next week’s preview has them screaming at each other and Danny saying the first month has been a waste. Should be some nice drama there. Also, Wes’ chick Wren caught him kissing another chick, so she told him to beat the trail.

RAW this week in Little Rock? It's the show before this weekend's WWE Unforgiven, so they had to deliver. We actually had some long matches on this show, which I'm always a fan of rather than talking segments that go on forever. A team I think I'm going to like and I've said it before is Cade and Murdoch. Murdoch's character is classic. He's out there with a big chew in his mouth as he's wrestling and his facial expressions are dead on. HBK and Flair together on the mic? It didn't get drawn out, so I liked that. These two fed off of each other so well. Flair's match with Masters was a bit short, but it did set up for Masters to face HBK on Sunday and Flair to go against Carlito. HBK has always made good matches out of the huge guys, so we'll see on this one. Flair and Carlito should have no problem having a good match. The main event had Angle and Tomko beating up on Cena. Cena has no buddies to help or what? They messed him up good at the end of the show and Angle was being a maniac. He’s playing this character very well. Maybe I’ll be back before the week is up to give a preview of Unforgiven?

How about this CDs this time around? The first on the list is from a group of Alabama rappers named Dirty. They've been in the game for a while and I have one of their older albums called The Pimp And Da Gangsta. These guys bring the southern type rap and I'm into this one a lot. They remind me of a bit like Field Mob, Nappy Roots, and some of Luda if you're up on that stuff. Their new one is Hood Stories. Another I got is a dude named Jay Tee and his CD is The Thousandaire. I didn't know this guy, but what the heck. He's a Latino rapper from the Bay Area who used to be the main man in the group N2DEEP, which supposedly went platinum? Who knows. Speaking of Bay Area, I got yet one more JT The Bigga Figga joint. This one also is from 2005, called Who Grind Like Us? I told you this guy releases stuff every 5 minutes. I haven't heard it yet, but The Game, San Quinn, and Young Buck are on it.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. One peanut butter cracker has over 80 grams of sodium in it. Loaded up with the salt.

2. I’m 98% a rap guy, but can listen to other things. Download the theme to Dog The Bounty Hunter that Ozzy does. Good times. It jams.

3. A 3-day sore throat is bad times. This thing better get better soon.


Kristen said...

Triple Whopper? Wow. I feel like a pig if I can get a regular one down. Sorry bout the Bears lose. They'll pick it up I'm sure. Be careful though, the Lions put down the Pack suprisingly. It'll be a game, that's for sure. Well..have fun up there.

ME said...

I like the blog!! but don't i always. Sorry 'bout your sore throat. Those crazy kids gave it to you, i already know. Be safe