Friday, October 08, 2004

CT The Legend

While jumping on Yahoo Messenger, I got a message from a buddy. One of those stupid forwarded messages that are pointless. In related news, forwarded emails are the worst. What’s the point? They’re just more spam, even if they’re from your buddies, sorry. The offline message I got the other day had me laughing pretty good though. The hardd cracked me up good. Does that make it more gangsta? Like slapping a gangsta chick? Anyways, it went exactly as this and I’ll paste it:

“Tomorrow Is Ass Slappin Thursday .. Don't Be Afraid To Slap Someones Ass .. And If It Is Someone You Like Slap It Twice As Hardd ! Pass This To Everyone On Your List .. And Have Fun Slapping !!!”

Another episode of The Bachelor is in the book. After the show ended, we’re now down to eight sluts, errr.. ladies for next week. I take that back, there’s a few chicks in this bunch that appear you could bring home, but probably not many. One would be Jayne. So far I’m favoring her to win for whatever that’s worth. She’s not playing the dirty game like some of the others are as she’s more respectful and there seems to be really big chemistry here. She was however busting out when they were laying on the bed this week, something she never showed before, so I have to give her a thumbs up for that. Something about the innocent chick who never shows her body and then you see it once and it’s like bam. That gets to me. Then again, I know I’m weird.

The other big date he had this week was with Andrea, the dental hygienist girl. Their date was in this private pimped out plane. Of course, the chick ate it up. They could’ve rode pigs in a pile of slop with this dude and these girls would act like The Bachelor is Big Pimpin. That’s what is great about this show. Why not put a toothless redneck on here? You know they’d be all over him too in order to get some fame. The thing this week was that there was a “mystery date” that Big Byron would go on. Instead of one girl, it was two girls from past seasons, Heather from the 2nd Season and Mary from the 4th. Heather is a 32 year old Texas girl with a country accent. That’s another thing that gets me is accents. So if you’re taking notes at home, work on your accent as I’m big on that. Mary is 36 and I don’t know much about her to be honest. The purpose of this was for the girls already in the house to just go buckwild since we can’t get enough drama. So now it’s on, as the porn level rises a notch as these chicks try to one up another.

You can’t tell I’m into this show can you? Sad, I know, but oh well. Well, it’s time for four chicks to beat the trail. To begin this episode, there were twelve girls (counting the two new dirties) and we go to eight. Who gets the Tally Slap to get sent home this week? Susie, Heather, Amanda, and Kristie. I think our own Susie from Blog comment fame could show this one up anyways. Next week, two more are asked what the five fingers said to the face.. SLAP!

Ugh, Real World Philly is a pile of garbage so far. I’m usually a big fan of this show and if I’m bashing it, something must be bad about it. I just don’t get any flow from this season at all yet. I’ll definitely give it time and even though it’s been rough to get through, I’m watching religiously of course. The past few shows, especially Paris, I could write for days on. How I miss the days of the legendary CT, the greatest Real World character evarrr and I won’t argue that. And does it honestly get any better than two of the rowdiest characters evarrr in the same pic? It sure doesn’t as CT here is seen with Big Bad Brad.

This week revolved around the “drama” between MJ and Karamo. Not much drama here, but MTV makes it out to be that way. Karamo is still crying like a little boy about the race issue last week. So this week MJ is getting his chill on at the bar and some regular bum tosses a stool at him since he’s jealous of him being on Real World. Karamo said he wished the guy would’ve thrown more stools at him. Yet when MJ goes to talk to Karamo man to man, Karamo runs away and think he’s tough guy, when he’s just a wuss. As the first episode showed, I guessed Karamo to be this gangsta thug from the streets, but he’s not at all. I know he’s gay, but still basing first impressions, I expected him to get all up in MJ’s grill and go off like Milton Bradley. If you don’t know who Milton Bradley is, you don’t follow baseball, but he’s a headcase. Lastly, they show their job with the Philly Soul, the Bon Jovi owned arena football team. They’re the PR people who toss shirts, run around town to get interest in the team, and so on. Yay. That was the hardest Real World summary I’ve ever done. Throw me a bone MTV! Just get some crazy drama in here like all the past episodes. Next week MJ and Landon will admit they’re gay probably.

Here’s a good story from “work” yesterday. I was playing Shop teacher and it’s really laid back there anyways. Being West Virginia, I think it’s a rule that all Shop classes let the kids rub snuff as much as they want. Many of the regular classes don’t care either, just as long as they don’t make a mess. For those not in the area or not in a hick region, you probably think that’s wild, but it’s just part of life around here with the kids. Anyways, after the kids did what little work they had assigned, they all jumped on the computers. They weren’t allowed online because the school system is strict on what they can view during the day. I wouldn’t care, but if they’re going to check it, I’d rather not get the kids in trouble. But they found a way around that somewhat. Some kid installed Unreal Tournament all over the school’s network. They have it hidden in certain folders so they can keep it on. A lot of teachers don’t care, but some would go nuts over this I guess. They had all kinds of action going on with their tourneys and it made for a good day of trash talk and killing raids. A few of their character names? John Wayne, Rising Penis, and TheRapist. It was funny when a character would hit a hot streak and a message would pop up on everyone’s monitor saying, “Rising Penis is on a killing spree!” The teacher I subbed for, he played with them one day and they had him rolling when that came on his screen. Yep, this is what I do for work all day long.

I’m not going to run down RAW since it happened on Monday and this is already getting to be a bigger post. But I will do the tradition and let JR end the show for us:

It’s breaking down in New York City! Chaos is right! Randy Orton! Orton! Orton is back! Orton is back! The 24-year old Orton is back! RKO! RKO on Batista! The young stud from St Louis now being hammered by Christian! RKO on Grenier! RKO on Christian! Randy Orton! RKO to the 400 Pounder! Oh Coach! RKO! My God! It’s an RKO Marathon! RKO Mania! Randy Orton who has electrified this crowd here tonight! Orton came back and made one helluva impact! Randy Orton RKO’ing the world! Oh what a night! Good night ladies and gentlemen from Madison Square Garden!

I won’t talk about this much, but the Yanks and Twins are knotted up at one game a piece as I type this up. Johan “Cy Young” Santana got us in Game 1 and he didn’t even have a masterpiece of a game like he normally does. Still, a win is a win and it’s been a good one so far. Then in Game 2, a game that began at 7:00 my time, but didn’t end till nearly midnight, it was madness. Torii Hunter hits a bomb in the Top of the 12th to lead 6-5. A big blow to the Yanks there, but we got one chance to get them back. A-Rod steps up and almost hits one out, but it becomes a double. This scores one run, as a few guys before him got on. This brings up Godzilla himself, Hideki Matsui. Jetahhhhh! Yep, Matsui flies out to short right-centerfield and Jeter tags up from 3rd Base in a close play at the plate, jumping up and doing the Tiger Woods Fist Pump. Say what you want about Jeter, and I hear it all the time, but you couldn’t give me another player in the entire league over him if I were staring a team from scratch. Fantasy wise he’s not going to rock the world, but he’s been our glue for the past decade, a reliable captain, and is all about the intangibles. When it comes to big games, he delivers. I’m not saying he’s the best individual player out there, but when I weigh everything else out, I want him to lead my club over anyone else, bar none. Maybe I’m weird.

I’ll end with some rap talk. Last night I was talking to my girl Jenn Jenn ( and she brought up Mike Jones of all people. It took me by surprise at first. I’ve always known Jenn was a big rap fan, but to know Mike Jones? That just doesn’t exist in my area. Is there one single girl in my area who is a true rap fan? Sadly, no. Move up here Jenn, heh. I’m not talking about a fad. Don’t be liking rap for a year like you’ve been part of the game all your life, only to change loyalty the next year to whatever else is hot. Not only does she know Mike Jones, she’s listened to a lot of his stuff. What? No disrespect to the chicks (I guess when you have to say no disrespect, there is disrespect?), but guys around here don’t even know who Mike Jones is. Who? Mike Joooooones!

Since I posted the updated CD List yesterday, I’ve added four new ones to the collection. What are they?

Bizzy Bone: Alpha & Omega

I-20: Self Explanatory

Mobb Deep: The Mixtape Before 9/11

Trick Daddy: Thug Matrimony

Since yesterday, I’ve had a chance to listen to two of these. Mobb Deep’s mixtape features a lot of 2Pac sampled beats. Nate Dogg is also part of this CD, as that is when you know you’ve made it. Some good New York rap here, but I need to get more of their older stuff. The other one I’ve listened to so far was from none other than T Double D, Trick Daddy. He’s been due for a new album and this one delivers as usual. It’s not a masterpiece, but you can’t go wrong putting Trick stuff out there. He’s original and does his own thing.


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Such a sweetie you are! Keep smiling!;)

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Ed, you're such a sweet lil guy! Keep em coming!

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