Saturday, October 16, 2004

Don Vito

The weekend is upon us. I can feel the tension upon everyone’s heads right now. I better Cowboy Up, or as The_Freak says I should call it, Bird Up and fill you in on all the happening moments since the last post. I like the ring of Bird Up already, maybe it’ll catch on. I have a 3-day weekend here, so it’s nice to get a long one every so often. The hot weather is just about over and I’m glad of that. Today it got up to 55 degrees and that’s perfect for me. Tonight it’ll be good times with it getting around 40 or so. I can definitely handle that.

I’ll start off with another movie I watched this week. Earlier in the week, I watched The Animal. This time, I load up on Soul Plane. No, I didn’t watch Soul Plane with my kids. This one was for my own personal enjoyment. Going in, I figured it’d be a really cheezy movie. I’m sure it is, but I actually had a good time watching this movie. You can’t go wrong having Snoop Dogg in a prominent role as he just cracks me up without saying a word. On a tangent, check out his latest video, Drop It Like It’s Hot, featuring Pharrell. He busts out his dance moves in this one and it’s funny stuff. A nice beat too. Anyways, Soul Plane had a nice cast of characters other than Snoop such as Method Man, Tom Arnold, Karl Malone (yes, that Karl Malone), DL Hughley, Ying Yang Twins, Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys, Mo’Nique, and John Witherspoon. If you’re not into funny thug movies, you probably wouldn’t like this one, but it’ll have you laughing good. Laughing out loud if you will.

Another topic that some of you know about is Rice Krispies Squares. These I compare to Doritos. You can’t just eat a little bit of these and be satisfied. You turn into a pig and end up eating the whole batch. Anyways, Mom makes me a big pan on Thursday night. Wiped out by myself in one night. Her and Dad are away this weekend, so she made me another pan for the weekend. I told her don’t be doing that because I know that I’ll just go crazy and eat it all up. Yep, that’s just what I did. In less than two days, I ate two big pans of Rice Krispies Squares. Sad, I know, but it’s something I couldn’t pass up. Good thing I have a high metabolism or I’d be in some serious trouble.

As far as baseball goes, the Yanks game got postponed tonight, so that screwed up my Friday. Not like I had anything else planned, but the TV situation was pretty critical without that game. Outside of some scrub college football game they had on, that was about all there was to look at. I won’t be saying I’m bored again on a Friday now that NBA season is right around the corner. Yanks up 2-0, so I feel good about that, but it’s a 7-game series with 3 in a row possibly at Boston. I like our chances, but you can’t get too confident.

Football news? My high school got their 5th win in a row after starting the year out 0-3. We beat ManDingo High this week on the road, so that was a nice win. My team in the playoffs? Playoffs?! As Jim Mora would say. In college news, my Irish (at the time of typing this) play Navy tomorrow at noon. That’s too early for me, so I may miss a bit of that one. The military teams always play us tough for some reason. On Sunday, my hapless Bears play the Skins. We’re actually even up with the Skins in the betting circuit.

Short Blog here, but I’ve been pretty steady, so I’ll be talking to you guys soon.


Susie said...

You and your rice krispie squares! :) You weren`t kidding when you said you had a short blog going on.. Oh well as always good reading! Take care!

yoni cohen :: said...


Came across your blog today. Great stuff.

Noticed you were a (huge) sports fan. Hoping you could add a Blogroll link to my "College Basketball Blog," I'd very much appreciate a link on your site.

And would gladly return the favor, adding you to my blogroll.


Yoni Cohen,
College Basketball Blog

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